The Cheek Family of Alleghany County, North Carolina


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Ancestors of the Cheek Family

John Cheek, Sr. (c.1650-c.1700) of Old Rapp./Essex Co., VA

John Cheek, Jr., (c.1680?-aft.1750) of Essex and King & Queen Co., VA

Robert Cheek (bef.1733-c.1820) of Orange Co., NC

The Cheek Family of Alleghany County

Richard Cheek (c.1780-1865) & Jane "Jennie" Andrews of Alleghany Co., NC, m. Jane "Jennie" Andrews

  1. Henderson Cheek & Lucy Bryan
  2. Wady Cheek & Benjamin Crouse
  3. Martha Cheek & Alexander Richardson
  4. Chesley Cheek & Phebe Woodruff
  5. Pinkey Cheek & John J. Blevins
  6. Richard M. Cheek & Frances "Franky" Crouse
  7. Gilley Cheek & Isaac Edwards
  8. Meredith Cheek & Sarah Andrews


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