Laban Andrews
& Rebecca King

Laban Andrews, son of William ANDREWS, Sr., & Mary LLOYD(?), was born bet. 1770-1775 in Orange Co., NC, and died 1842 in Orange Co., NC. He married Rebecca King, daughter of John KING & Hannah DAVIS, abt. 1792. She was born Aug. 6, 1773, in Orange Co., NC, and died 1855 in Orange Co., NC. Laban & Rebecca Andrews were buried at the Laban Andrews Cemetery near Chapel Hill, Orange Co., NC, but no stones were found when the cemtery was surveyed in 2005.

Children of Laban Andrews & Rebecca King:

  1. David Andrews, b. abt. 1793, Orange Co., NC; d. bet. 1860-1870, Orange Co., NC; m. Joanna EDWARDS, daughter of Allen EDWARDS & Charity LAUGHLIN, Oct. 11, 1816, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1795; d. aft. 1870).
  2. John Andrews, b. abt. 1795, Orange Co., NC; d. 1854, Orange Co., NC; m. (1) Candice CARROLL, daughter of James CARROLL & Sarah BRUCE, Nov. 4, 1812, Orange Co., NC (d. 1849); (2) Hannah WILLIAMS, daughter of Alfred Green WILLIAMS & Rebecca LLOYD, Aug. 29, 1849, Orange Co., NC (b. Sept. 28, 1816; d. Mar. 16, 1893).  Hannah is buried at the Bethel Baptist Cemetery near Chapel Hill, Orange Co., NC.
  3. William Andrews, b. Feb. 2, 1797, Orange Co., NC; d. 1875, Batesville, Sharp Co., AR; m. Martha CARROLL, abt. 1829 (b. May 3, 1802; d. 1854). William Andrews is buried at the Mahan Cemetery, Sharp Co., AR.  Martha is buried at the Old Antioch Cemetery, Walker Co., GA.
  4. Henry Andrews, abt. 1799, Orange Co., NC; d. aft. 1880, Orange Co., NC; m. Nancy CATES, Aug. 23, 1821, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1796; d. 1870-1880). Children: Elizabeth Andrews (c.1824); Martha Andrews (c.1825); Berry M. Andrews (c.1827); Rebecca Andrews (c.1829); Abi Andrews (c.1831); Delia Andrews (c.1835); Mary Cornelia Andrews (1837) m. Charles JONES; William H. Andrews (c.1829).
  5. Nancy Andrews, b. Dec. 4, 1801, Orange Co., NC; d. Sept. 29, 1874, Orange Co. NC; m. Aaron CATES, son of Isaiah CATES & Jane O'DANIEL, Sept. 22, 1821, Orange Co., NC (b. Apr. 3, 1798; d. May 17, 1876); bur. Clover Garden Methodist Church near Chapel Hill, Orange Co., NC.  Children: William Aaron Cates (1822) m. Sarah Burns CHEEK; Isaiah Cates (c.1824); Elizabeth Cates (1825); Henry Cates (1829); Green B. Cates (1831); Eliza J. Cates (1832); Willie Cates (1834); Thomas C. Cates (c. 1836); Fairnton M. Cates (1838); Nancy Adeline Cates (1839); Sarah A. Cates (1844);
  6. Berry Andrews, b. abt. 1805, Orange Co., NC; m. Mary "Polly" BEAVER, Sept. 8, 1826, Orange Co., NC.  Children: Willie Andrews (c.1829); Julia Ann Andrews (1831) m. William Newton CHEEK; Esperan Andrews (c.1833); Laura Andrews (c. 1838); Mary Andrews (c.1846); Berry Andrews, Jr. (1850).
  7. Elizabeth Andrews, b. abt. 1805, Orange Co., NC; prob. died bet. 1870-1880 in Franklin Co., TN, or Scott Co., AR; m. Aaron TRIPP, son of Jonathan Houston TRIPP & Rebecca SNOW, Feb. 24, 1829 (b. abt. 1798; d. bet. 1860-1870 in TN).
  8. Willie Calvin Andrews, b. abt. 1806, Orange Co., NC; d. bet. 1860-1870, Orange or Chatham Co., NC; m. Jemima, last name unk., abt. 1830.
  9. Delia Andrews, b. 1810-1820, Orange Co., NC; m. William ROBERTS, Oct. 18, 1836, Orange Co., NC.
  10. Hannah Andrews, b. abt. 1813, Orange Co., NC; d. aft. 1850, Orange Co., NC; m. William WALKER, Jan. 29, 1840, Orange Co., NC (b. ?, d. bef. 1850).
  11. Green Andrews, b. abt. 1811, Orange Co., NC; d. bet. 1870-1880, Alamance Co., NC; m. Elizabeth HUNTER, daughter of Andrew HUNTER & Susannah HOGAN (b. June 18, 1807; d. Oct. 19, 1896).  Elizabeth is buried at the Providence Cemetery, Alamance Co., NC.


1800 Census, Orange Co., NC, p.499: LABOIN ANDREWS
1 w/m 16-251 w/f 10-15
3 w/f under 101 w/f 16-25
1 slave 

1810 Census, Orange Co., NC, p.137: L. ANDREWS
2 w/m under 102 w/f under 10
2 w/m 10-151 w/f 26-45
2 w/m 16-25 
1 w/m 26-45 
1 slave 

July 31, 1815. Laban ANDREWS and George SMITH were executors of the will of Thomas HATWOOD. (Orange Co., NC, WB D:501.)

Feb. 15, 1820. Laban is named in the will of his father William ANDREWS. (Orange Co., NC, WB E, p.47).

1820 Census, Orange Co., NC, p.298: LABON ANDREWS
1 w/m under 10 3 w/f under 10
2 w/m 10-15 1 w/f 16-25
1 w/m 16-25 1 w/f over 45
1 w/m over 45 

1830 Census, Orange Co., NC, p.265: LABAN ANDRES
1 w/m 15-19 1 w/f 10-14
1 w/m 60-691 w/f 15-19
 1 w/f 40-49

1840 Census, Orange Co., NC, So. Div., p.224: LANBAN ANDREWS
1 w/m 70-791 w/f 60-69

Oct. 5, 1837. The will of Laban Andrews dated Oct. 5, 1837, proved May term 1842, names wife Rebecca, son-in-law Aron TRIP, sons Green and John, daughter Hannah, other children David, William, Henry, Nancy CATES, Berry, Willie, Elizabeth TRIP, Green, & Delia ROBARDS. Executors: sons David and Berry. Wits: E. GRAVES, A. GRAVES, J. CARUTHERS, Ruffin ANDREWS. (Orange Co., NC, WB F, p.130)

Jan. 8, 1841. Laban ANDREWS to Aaron TRIPP, 90 acres on Hogpin Branch of Collins Creek, joining Thomas CATES, Thomas D. OLDHAM, and others, for $130. Wits: George W. PUREFY, Thomas D. OLDAM. (Orange Co., NC Deeds 1842-1844, p.310.)

1850 census of Orange Co., NC, 1st Dist., p.190:
BECCA ANDREWS, 77, b. in Orange Co., NC
-- Carmelia, 5, Orange Co., NC

1850 Agricultural Census, Orange Co., NC: LABON ANDREWS, 25 acres improved land, 51 acres unimproved land, cash value of farm $300, value of farm implements $15, value of livestock $94