Rev. Mark Andrews
& Elizabeth Bailey

Rev. Mark Andrews, son of William ANDREWS, Sr., & Mary LLOYD(?), was born bet. 1770-1775 in Orange Co., NC, and possibly died between 1850-1860 in Morgan Co., TN. He married Elizabeth Bailey, Sept. 5, 1796, in Orange Co., NC. She was born Feb. 10, 1774, in North Carolina, and died Feb. 12, 1856, in Morgan Co., TN.

Children of Rev. Mark Andrews & Elizabeth Bailey:

  1. Rev. Levi Andrews, b. abt. 1798, Orange Co., NC; d. 1868, Alamance Co., NC; m. (1) Elizabeth BREWER, daughter of Ezekiel BREWER & Biddy MORRIS, June 13, 1820, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1802; d. bef. 1832); m. (2) Susannah L. DURHAM, daughter of Lysias & Sarah DURHAM, June 24, 1832, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1808; d. 1896); bur. Mt. Olive Cemetery, Alamance Co., NC. Levi Andrews was a Baptist minister. Children: Manly Andrews (c.1822) m. Martha Jane CHEEK, Jackson Lee Andrews (c.1823), Frances Andrews (c.1827), Sarah Andrews (c.1834), Sophronia Andrews (c.1829), Marion Alvis Andrews (c.1840), Richard Freeman Andrews (1846), Tabitha Isabella Andrews (1847).
  2. George Andrews, b. abt. 1799, Orange Co., NC; d. 1870-1880, Orange Co., NC; m. Delilah (Delia) "Dilly" LLOYD, daughter of Stephen LLOYD & Mary EDWARDS, June 18, 1820, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1806; d. aft. 1880); bur. George Andrews Cemetery, near Carrboro, Orange Co., NC. Children: Wesley Andrews (c.1821), Elizabeth Esperan Andrews (1823), Henry Calvin Andrews (1825), Rufus Andrews (c.1831), Stephen A. (Kerney) Andrews (c.1835), Sorren (Sauren) Andrews (c.1844).
  3. +William Andrews, b. abt. 1804, Orange Co., NC; d. 1877, Alleghany Co., NC; m. (1) his 1st cousin, Sarah "Sally" CHEEK, daughter of Robert "Robin" CHEEK, Jr., & Martha ANDREWS, Aug. 23, 1823, Orange Co., NC (b. May 1801; d. abt. 1870); (2) Lydia CAUDILL, daughter of Rev. Daniel David "Jack" CAUDILL & Winifred SHUMATE, Aug. 12, 1870, in Alleghany Co., NC (b. Mar. 4, 1834; d. Jan. 12, 1903).  Lydia Caudill was the widow of Meredith D. HILL.
  4. +John Andrews (Anders), b. abt. 1809, Orange Co., NC; d. bef. 1870, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Cynthia, last name unknown, abt. 1829 (b. abt. 1809; d. June 30, 1882).
  5. Laban (Laborn) Andrews, b. abt. 1816, Orange Co., NC; d. aft 1888, Fannin Co., TX; m. Charlotte TAYLOR, Mar. 31, 1844, White Co., TN (b. abt. 1827; d. aft. 1867). Children: Alvin Newton Andrews (1845), Calvin B. Andrews (1847), John Burdon Andrews (1850), Levi Andrews (c.1852), Sarah Elizabeth Andrews (c.1854), David Andrews (1859), Charles P. Andrews (c.1859), James Monroe Andrews (1863), Mary Jane "Mollie" Andrews (c.1865).
  6. Martha Andrews, b. abt. 1816, Orange Co, NC; d. abt. 1900; m. Thomas STEPHENS (b. abt. 1804; d. ?) Children: Tamzaty Stephens (c.1835), Sarah Stephens (c.1837), Moses Stephens (c.1849), Monroe Stephens (c.1840), Shadrach Stephens (c.1841), John R. Stephens (c.1842), Nancy Stephens (c.1844), Martha Amanda Stephens (c.1846), Thomas Stephens (1850), Mary Stephens (c.1853).


The following information about Mark Andrews was kindly provided by Betty and Gerald Collins.  Mark Andrews was born about 1774 in Orange County, NC, based on an affidavit he filed in 1846 in support of Hannah Lloyd's application for a Revolutionary War widow's pension.  (NARA File No. S36049.)  This affidavit also states that Mark Andrews was raised by the father of Hannah's late husband William Lloyd.  William Lloyd was a son of John Lloyd, who lived on Collins Creek in Orange County, near the Andrews family who lived on Morgan Creek.  It isn't known why Mark Andrews was raised by the Lloyds.  However, the Andrews and Lloyd families did have a long association in Orange County.  It's possible that Mark's mother Mary was a Lloyd.  In fact, she is often identified as Mary Lloyd, but this hasn't been proven.

Specifically, Mark Andrews' affidavit reads as follows:

"On this 9th day of July 1846 personally appeared before the undersigned one of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for said County, MARK ANDREWS a resident of said County aged seventy two (72) years and made oath Viz.—that he well remembers of WILLIAM LOYD husband of HANNAH LOYD who is his widow, in time of the Revolutionary War serving a tour in said War and believing he served other tours in the Revolution and that he remembers where said WILLIAM and HANNAH LOYD were married, and was raised by said WILLIAM LOYD's father and mother where said WILLIAM and HANNAH returned home to their farm, and he feels very confident in saying he could not have been more than 12 or 13 years of age when said WILLIAM and HANNAH LOYD were married and believes their Eldest child to wit JOHN LOYD to be between fifty five and sixty years of age."

The file also includes affidavits from Archibald ANDREWS, who testified that he was acquainted with William Lloyd and his children; Levi ANDREWS "a Minister of the Gospel," who testified that William Lloyd was known to be Revolutionary soldier; and Rebecca ANDREWS (probably Rebecca KING, the wife of Laban Andrews), who testified that she was present at the marriage of William and Hannah LLOYD in 1785 when she was 13 years old.

In 1808, Mark Andrews was an elder in the Sandy Creek Baptist Association of Orange County.  He was ordained a minister in 1813, according to the minutes of the Antioch Church (formerly the Haw River Mountain Church) of Orange County.  Mark is named in his father William Andrews' will dated Feb. 15, 1820 (Orange WB E, p.47).  Rev. Mark Andrews was forced to leave the church in 1820 as a result of an indiscretion with a woman named Annie Stone.  He moved to Chatham County in 1820-1821 and became a preacher at the Pleasant Grove Church.  In July 1822, he successfully petitioned the Haw River Mountain Church for restoration and he was granted a "letter of dismission," i.e., a letter stating that he was a member of the church in good standing.  However, in October of that same year he was exommunicated by the Sandy Creek Baptist Association for disorderly and improper conduct.  The Haw River Church was advised to recall its letter of dismission.  Mark attempted to defend himself at the Association's conference In January 1825, but the excommunication was upheld after he admitted that he had confessed the incident to four other church members, one of whom had come forward.

A doctrinal dispute may also have played a role in Mark Andrews' troubles with the Sandy Creek Association.  According to The Origin of the Church at Cane Creek by Edward S. Johnson [online publication], the Haw River Mountain (Antioch) Church and the Sandy Creek Association were at odds for many years over the question of predestination.

On Nov. 16, 1825, the Sandy Creek Association went so far as to publish the following notice in the Raleigh Star


"The Sandy Creek Baptist Association in session at Friendship Meeting House, Moore County, the 24th day of October, 1825, having learned that Mark ANDREWS, Randolph MABRY, Leonard PRATHER, and Elisha REVEL are pretending to preach the gospel in the regular Baptist churches in this state, deem it their duty to publish in these churches and to their brethren in general that said Andrews, Mabry, Prather, and Revel are excommunicants from churches within their body.

"By order: Nat. G. Smith, Clerk."

(Quoted by Edward Johnson, supra.)

Mark's whereabouts between 1825 and 1839 are unknown.  According to The Anders and Andrews Families of Orange, Ashe, and Alleghany Counties in NC and Grayson County, VA, by Clifford Rector, Mark Andrews lived in the Bledsoe Creek area of Ashe County, NC, from 1824 to 1828, but this is not confirmed.

In 1839, there is a Mark Andrews who entered a claim for 500 acres in Morgan County, TN, adjoining Laban Andrews and Thomas Stephens.  This was located in an area that later became Cumberland Co., TN.  Mark Andrews is last recorded in the 1850 Census of Morgan County, TN, living in the household Eldrige MYATT.  Mark's wife Elizabeth died Feb. 12, 1856, at the age of 82 years and 2 days, according to a descendant's Bible record.

Whether Mark Andrews in Morgan County, TN, is Rev. Mark Andrews from Orange County, NC, has not been proven; however, there are some interesting pieces of evidence.  Mark Andrews of Morgan County, KY, owned land adjoining a man named Laban Andrews.  This Laban Andrews was born in North Carolina according to census records, and he is the right age to be Mark's son.  The name "Laban" is signficant, as it was the name of Rev. Mark Andrews' brother.  Laban and Mark Andrews lived next door to Thomas Stephens, who was also born in NC, as was his wife, Martha, who is believed to be Mark Andrews' daughter.


Mar. 23, 1792. Mark ANDREWS & William STROUD witnessed a deed from William LLOYD to Ezekiel BREWER for 148 acres of land on Collins Creek. (Orange Co., NC, DB 4, p.590.)

Sept. 5, 1796. Mark ANDREW & Elisabeth BAILEY posted a marriage bond in Orange Co., NC, with bondsman Will ANDRUS.

1810 Census, Orange Co., NC, p.136: M. ANDREWS
2 w/m under 10 3 w/f under 10
2 w/m 10-15 1 w/f 10-15
1 w/m 26-45 1 w/f 26-45

1820 Census, Orange Co., NC, p.300: MARK ANDREWS
1 w/m under 10 2 w/f under 10
1 w/m 10-15 2 w/f 10-15
1 w/m 16-18 4 w/f 16-25
3 w/m 16-25 1 w/f over 45
1 w/m over 45  
5 slaves  

June 28, 1820. The Hillsborough Recorder contains a notice that on Sunday, June 18, 1820, "Mr. George ANDREWS, son of the Rev. Mark ANDREWS" married "Miss Delia LLOYD, daughter of Stephen LLOYD, Esq., all of this county."

July 4, 1821. Mark ANDRUS of Chatham Co., NC, sold to Levi ANDRUS of Orange Co., NC, 50 acres on Morgan's Creek adjoining John REEVES, Hasten POE, and the University of North Carolina.

1822. Orange Co., NC. Mark ANDREWS sold a slave to a Mr. MCDANIEL for $250.

Sept. 16, 1822. Chatham Co., NC. Mark ANDREWS purchased 130 acres of land from Mark SUGG, adj. White Oak Creek, James FEDDER, CARROLL and HOLLAND. On July 22, 1824, he sold this land to Mark MASON.

1839. Morgan Co., TN. Mark ANDREWS entered 500 acres adjoining Laban ANDREWS & Thomas STEPHENS.

1840 Census, Morgan Co., TN, p.17: MARK ANDREWS
1 w/m 60-69 1 w/f 30-39
  1 w/f 60-69

1850 Census, Morgan Co., TN, 19th Div., p.313 (Eldrige MYATT, HH#542):
MARK ANDREWS, 80, laborer, unknown birthplace