Cheeks and Chicks in
the Revolutionary War

This list compiles information on Revolutionary War veterans with the Cheek and Chick surnames who served in Southern states.

Name State Rank Record Source
CHEEK/CHICK, Frederick GA Lt. Lieutenant in the 2nd Georgia, 1779 Heitman, Hist. Reg. of Officers
CHEEK, James NC Sgt 1000 acres, Dec. 9, 1797 Bockstruck, Bounty Land Grants
CHEEK, James NC Pvt Received pension in Orange Co., NC 1835 Pension Roll; NARA File No. S8190
CHEEK, John NC Pvt 640 acres to heirs, Dec. 9, 1797 Bockstruck, Bounty Land Grants
CHEEK, John NC - NC Grant No. 3368 to John Cheek dated Dec. 16, 1800, for 640 acres, recorded Robertson Co., TN, Book D:288. Whitley, Red River Settlers
CHICK, John NC Capt. Affidavit of Jonathan THOMAS of Grayson Co., VA, dated Sept. 12, 1836, in support of a pension app. by James COX, states, "I was a solger under Capt. John CHICK in the revolution war in the light horse company of the North Carolina troops commanded by Col. Hugh TINNEN and Col. John TAYLOR of orrange county of North Carolina" NARA Pension File No. R2412
CHEEK, Richard NC - Gave a statement in Moore Co., NC, supporting a pension app. filed by James HARDIN; states they served together under Capt. William GOLDSTON for 5 months. NARA File No. R4592
CHEEK, William NC Pvt 640 acres to heirs, Dec. 10, 1788 Bockstruck, Bounty Land Grants
CHEEK, William NC - In 1800, John CHEEK files a petition requesting that an order be issued granting him, as heir-at-law, land due his brother William for Rev. War service. William CHEEK died as a solider in Capt. Jacob TURNER's Company. Petitioner states that a land grant cannot be issued for his brother's service because of his name not being on a muster roll, even though satisfactory proof of his service and death can be made. NCGSJ Vol. 1, No. 3, p.150.
CHEEK, William NC - Warrant issued by state of NC to heirs in 1800; filed TN Land Office. Whitley, Tenn. Gen. Records
CHEEK, Ellis SC Pvt. Received pension in Laurens Dist., SC 1835 Pension Roll; NARA File No. S8204
CHEEK, William SC Pvt Received pension in Franklin Co., GA, for service in SC 1835 Pension Roll; NARA File No. W1141
CHEEK, James VA Pvt Received pension in Frederick Co., VA NARA File No. S16708
CHEEK, Thomas VA Sgt. 1st VA Regt. Cont. Line, 10th VA Regt. Cont. Line Gwathmey, Historical Register
CHEEKE, Thomas L. VA Sgt. 14th VA Regt., Cont. Line; rec'd pension in 1793. Gwathmey, Historical Register; Clark, Pension Lists 1782-1795
CHEEK, William VA - On a list of men from Henry Co., VA, ordered to go to Hillsborough, NC, to assist Gen. Greene in 1781. Virginia Military Records
CHEEK, William VA - On a militia list in Dummore Co., VA, 1775 Brumbaugh, Rev. War Records
CHICK, James VA - Received pension in Knox Co., KY, for service in VA 1835 Pension Roll; NARA File No. S10440
CHICK, John VA - Gunner on the Brig Liberty in 1776. Stewart, History of VA's Navy; Brumbaugh, Rev. War Records
CHICK, John VA Sgt. On roll of Co. 8, 1st Artillery Reg't at Valley Forge, June 8, 1778, "Sick in Virginia". Roll of Mar.-Apr. 1779 states "Died in Virginia last winter." Gwathmey, Historical Register; Saffell, Records of the Rev. War; NARA Compiled Svc Records
CHICK, William VA Pvt Killed; entitled to land for 3 years Brumbaugh, Rev. War Records
CHICK/CHECK, William VA - Clark's Ill. Regt.; killed. Gwathmey, Historical Register


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James Cheek, North Carolina (NARA Pension File No. S8190). Applied for pension Aug. 31, 1832, in Orange Co., NC. He enlisted 1781 and served 2 tours of duty. Fought at Battle of Kirk's Plantation.

William Cheek, South Carolina (NARA Pension File No. W1141). Applied for pension Sept. 10, 1832, in Franklin Co., GA. He enlisted 1777 while residing in Laurens Dist., SC, and served alterate 3 month tours of duty on Indian border for 4 years.

Ellis Cheek, South Carolina (NARA Pension File No. S8204). Applied for pension in Laurens Dist., SC. He enlisted in 1781 while residing in Fair Forest River, SC. Was in the engagement at Thompson's Fort and the battle at Cowpens.

James Cheek, Virginia (NARA Pension File No. S16708). Applied for pension Sept. 20, 1834, in Frederick Co., VA. He was drafted in 1781 in Frederick Co. and served tours of duty in 1781 and 1782 in Williamsburg and the Potomac. Listed on the 1841 pension roll in Warren Co., VA.

James Chick, Virginia (NARA Pension File No. S10440). Applied for pension Aug. 27, 1832, in Knox Co., KY. He enlisted 1776 in King & Queen Co., VA, and served several tours of duty between 1776-1781.


NC Archives Index to Rev. War Army Accounts: James Cheek, John Cheek, Philip Cheek, R. Cheek, Randal Cheek, Randolph Cheek, Reuben Cheek, Robert Cheek, S. Cheek, W. Cheek, William Cheek, Wm. Cheek

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