John Chick
of Prince William Co., VA

John Chick, possibly a grandson of John Cheek, Jr., of Essex and King & Queen Co., VA (but this is not proven), was probably born around the 1740's and died 1789 in Prince William Co., VA. He married Ann "Nancy," last name unknown.

Children of John & Ann "Nancy" Chick:

  1. Nancy Chick, b. 1768-1770, m. __ POWELL. She was under age 18 when her father's will was written in Nov. 1786. On Oct. 10, 1794, Nancy CHEEK alias POWELL of Middlesex Co., VA, conveyed 34 ½ acres in Prince Wm. Co. to John KINCHELOE & Walter COE, being land which was purchased by John CHICK of William VICAS and given to said Nancy CHEAK alias POWELL by his will. (Pr. Wm. DB Z, pp.430-432.)
  2. Charles Chick, b. May 17, 1777; d. aft. 1850, Prince William Co., VA; m. Eleanor "Nelly", last name unk. On Feb. 7, 1791, Ann CHICK bound her son Charles CHICK as apprentice to Esme SMOCK of Dumfries, saddler, "until said Charles shall attain the age of Twenty one years which will be on 17th day of May 1798." (Pr. Wm. DB X, pp.481-482.) Sept. 13, 1798, Charles CHICK & wife Eleanor conveyed 33 1/3 acres to John LYNN, Sr., being part of a tract of land of 100 acres designed in the will of John CHICK, dec'd, by the name RIDDLES Tract, whereon Gavin ADAMS now lives. (Pr. Wm. DB Z, pp.397-398.)  July 26, 1799, Charles CHICK & wife Eleanor conveyed 29 acres to Hugh DAVIS, being the remainder of a tract of land devised by John CHICK, dec'd, known as RIDDLES Tract, and 80 acres allotted to Ann CHICK as her dower with reversion to Charles CHICK. (Pr. Wm. DB Z, pp.496-497.)  Oct. 16, 1799, Charles CHEAKE & wife Nelly leased 6 acres of land to Gowan ADAMS & his wife Susannah for their life. (Pr. Wm. DB Z, pp.548-549.) Charles CHICK is listed in the census of Prince William Co., VA, 1810 through 1850, inclusive. Age 78 in 1850, no wife or children in household. A daughter, Mary CHICK, m. William GOODWIN. Charles might be the father of Alexander CHICK, James CHICK and Willis CHICK who are listed on the VA Militia muster rolls 1813-1814 under the command of Col. Enoch RENNOE.
  3. William CHICK, b. abt 1785, Prince William Co., VA; d. bef. 1820? His wife was probably the Mrs. William CHICK (age 16-25) who is listed in the 1820 census of Prince William Co., VA. On Feb. 9, 1802, William CHICK of Prince William Co., VA, conveyed 91 acres to Tucker BAUGHAN, "…being part of that tract the said William CHICKS father John CHICK Decd in his last will and testament bequeathed to his two sons William CHICK and Reubin CHICK to be divided between them and to be put in their possession as they arive at the age of twenty one years whereas the said William CHICK is now of full age and Jeremiah DOWEL Guardian of Reuben CHICK has mutually agreed and with the consent of each other promised to lay off the said tract of land and make Devision between the two Brothers…" (Cumberland DB 9, p. 60; proved Mar. 22, 1802.)
  4. Reuben Chick, b. abt. 1786, Prince William Co., VA. He is listed in the 1810 census of Prince William Co., VA (age 16-25). He might be the Reuben CHEEK who was in Logan Co., KY, in 1820 (age 26-45), and then in Davidson Co., TN, in 1840 and 1850 (age 63, b. in VA; living with Catherine, age 65, and Hardy, age 21, presumably his wife and son). An interesting note: Reuben CHICK of Davidson Co., TN, was convicted in April 1845 of putting out the eye of a man named William MAXEY; however, the conviction was reversed on appeal. Chick v. State, 26 Tenn. 161 (1846).
  5. Mary Alice Chick, b. aft. 1768 (under age 18 in 1786); d. Aug. 28, 1828, Mason Co., KY; m. James CALVERT, son of Jesse CALVERT & Monica BROWN, Feb. 7, 1797, Prince William Co., VA. Children: John Calvert (1798), Caroline Calvert (1799), Pamela or Permelia Calvert (1801), Sanford Calvert (1803), Craven Calvert (1805), James Madison Calvert (1808), Redman Calvert (1810), Charles Calvert (1812), J.M. Calvert (1814), Mary Calvert (1819). (Sources: Calvert Bible from Kentucky Court and Other Records, Vol. 2, by Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery; Marriage and Birth Indexes of Prince William Co., VA, Bull Run Regional Library, Manassas, VA.)
  6. Susannah Chick, b. aft. 1768 (under age 18 in 1786).


John Chick arrived in Prince William Co., VA, by 1787, when he first appears on a tax list.  He lived there for only two years before his death in 1789.  He was a tavern-keeper, according to a record concerning the allocation of his wife's dower property.  His will also refers to tracts of land in Cumberland County and Fauquier County.  He was probably the John Chick who was granted a license to keep an "ordinary" (inn) in Fauquier County in 1780.

John Chick of Prince William County was possibly a grandson of John Cheek, Jr., of Essex and King & Queen Counties, VA, but this is not proven.  Based on the ages of his chidren, John Chick of Prince William County was probably born in the 1740's or even around 1750, making him too young to be an actual son of John Cheek, Jr.  He would be the right age to be a grandson, however.  It is possible that he is the same individual as John Chick of Caroline Co., VA, who was the son of James Chick of Caroline Co., VA.  The dates are consistent, but unfortunately there is no other evidence. More research is needed.


May 7, 1770. Spotsylvania Co., VA. James WARE & wife Agnes of Caroline Co., VA, to John CHICK of Hanover Co., VA, 100 acres in Spotsylvania County for £1, 5s. Witnesses to the deed were Wm. CROW, Francis BABER, & Nichol. WARE. On this same date, John CHICK witnessed several other deeds from James & Agnes WARE to various individuals, for parcels of land in St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania Co. In all, James & Agnes WARE conveyed 8 parcels of land on May 7, 1770. Along with John CHICK, the grantees were Nathaniel HILL of Hanover Co., James RIDDLE of Caroline Co., Ezekiel MITCHELL of Caroline Co., Humphrey HALEY of Caroline Co., Thos. UPSHAW of Essex Co., Wm. CROW of King & Queen Co., and Francis BABER of Caroline Co. (Spots. Co., VA, Deed Book G, 1766-1771).

Note: the above deed states the John Chick was from Hanover Co., VA.  It isn't known whether this is the same John Chick later found in Prince William Co., VA.  The John Chick in this deed could be a different John Chick: possibly he was John, the son of John Cheek, Jr. of Essex and King & Queen Co., VA. There are no further records of anyone named John Chick in Spotyslvania Co., VA, that I am aware of.

1778. Cumberland Co., VA. John CHICK acquired 400 acres in Cumberland Co., VA, from John WYATT, Jr., then a resident of Prince William Co., VA. Sale from John WIATT & wife Mary to John CHICK was proved in the Cumberland County Court on Nov. 23, 1778. (Cumberland Court Order Books.)

Note: the above land is mentioned in John Chick's 1786 will.

Sept. 27, 1779. Fauquier Co., VA. John CHICK appointed administrator of the estate of John SIAS "during the dispute between the heirs and devisees of the said John SIAS". (Fauquier Minute Book 1773-1780, p.430.)

Mar. 27, 1780. Fauquier Co., VA. John CHICK granted a license to keep an ordinary for one year, he having acknowledged and executed bond as the law directs. (Fauquier Minute Book 1773-1780, p.445.)

July 24, 1780. Fauquier Co., VA. John CHICK appointed surveyor of the road in the room of [i.e., in place of or instead of?] Thomas HOGAN. (Fauquier Minute Book 1773-1780, p.461.)

Sept. 24, 1781. Fauquier Co., VA. John CHICK witnessed a deed from Charles TAYLOR & James TAYLOR to Daniel FLOWERTREE, 75 acres adj. BURGESS. Other wits: Evan GRIFFITH, Thomas HOGIN, John FEAGINS, John CORNWELL. Proved July 4, 1780. (Fauquier DB 7, p.292.

Sept. 24, 1781. Fauquier Co., VA. John SIERS to John CHICK, for £2,500, a tract containing 150 acres in Fauquier Co. (was originally situated in Prince William Co.) it being the same property the late John SIERS the elder leased to his two sons said John SIERS & James SIERS, Jr., original lease on file in Prince William Co., said James Jr. conveyed his portion to his brother John. Signed: John (X) SIERS. Wits: W. ELLZEY, Joseph NELSON, J. MOFFETT. Proved May 1782. (Fauquier DB 7, p.435; see also Minute Book 1781-1784, pp. 24, 50.)

Note: the above land is mentioned in John Chick's 1786 will.

1782. Fauquier Co., VA. John CHICK appears on a tax list.

Dec. 6, 1782. Fauquier Co., VA. John CHICK purchased property from the estate of John HEATON in Fauquier Co., VA. The other purchasers were George GLASCOCK, Hezekiah BRADLEY, John OWENS, John HAWKINS, William PICKETT, Minor WINN, William OWENS, Thomas NELSON, and Capt. HATHAWAY. Signed: Jno. HAWKINS, ret. Mar. 24, 1783. (Fauquier WB 1, pp.454-455; John K. Gott, Abstracts of Fauquier County Virginia, Wills Inventories and Accounts 1759-1800.)

Feb. 9, 1783. Prince William Co., VA. John CHICK witnessed a deed from William CHAMPE & wife Mary of Culpepper Co., VA, to Bernard HOOE of Prince William Co., VA, 1,631 acres of land on Broad Run including a tract granted to John SAVAGE on Jan. 15, 1724, and part of one other tract granted George EAVES by patent on May 6, 1725, lying on the Broad Run adj. WINTERS, Rodger DAY, George EAVES & John SAVAGE. Other witnesses: Wm. GAINS, Jno. KINCHELOE, James HAMRICK. Proved Aug. 5, 1783. (Pr. Wm. DB U, pp.406-411.)

May 26, 1783. Fauquier Co., VA. William FLOURENCE is appointed surveyor of the road in the room of [i.e., instead of] John CHICK. (Fauquier Minute Book 1781-1784, p.109.)

Mar. 23, 1784. Fauquier Co., VA. On motion of John CHICK by his attorney, judgment is granted him against William MONDAY for 1,562 pounds crop tobacco with interest until paid, being the amount of a replevy bond for rent given by John BURDETT and said William MONDAY, his security. (Fauquier Minute Book 1781-1784, p.248.) (

May 17, 1785. Prince William Co., VA. William BAYLIS & wife Elizabeth, Henry BAYLIS, Thompson RANDOLPH, Aquilla DYSON & wife Lucy, & George RENO & wife Jane, to John CHICK, 385 acres in Prince William Co., VA, where said CHICK now lives, adj. BLAND's road, the road that leads to Dumfries, ASHE, CORNWELL, and RIDLEY, and crossing the North Run of Quantico. Includes 3 parcels of land in one survey which was purchased by Richard BLACKBURN, gent., one piece from William RIDLEY and the other 2 from Chas. CORNWELL, which land the said BLACKBURN gave his daughter Jane BAYLIS. To have and to hold the land hereby conveyed during the full term of one year paying the rent of one peppercorn on Lady Day next if demanded, for the purpose that John CHICK may be in actual possession of the presmises and be thereby enabled to accept a release of the inheritance thereof. Same date, the same parties execute a deed of sale to John CHICK of the same land now in his actual possession by virtue of the lease, for the price of £288 and 15 shillings. Wits: Thos. EDWARDS, William FARROW, John SHUTE, and John WATERS. Proved June 10, 1785. (Pr. Wm. DB W, pp.145-157).

Note: the grantors of the above deed were the heirs of Richard BLACKBURN who died in Prince William Co. in 1757. John Chick's 1786 will refers to a tract of land "where I now live" called "Riddle's Tract" also known as "Baylis's Tavern."

Sept. 6, 1785. Prince William County, VA. George CALVERT to John CHICK, for £6 current VA money, that parcel of land given by deed of gift by George CALVERT, dec'd, to his son George CALVERT, beg. on a white oak the beginning tree of a large tract of land divided by George CALVERT, dec'd between his sons George CALVERT and Humphrey CALVERT, continuing along the old line to the dividing line, containing 50 acres more or less. Signed: George CALVERT. Wits: Samuel BYRN, John FRENCH, John SHUTE. Proved Sept. 6, 1785 (ack'd). (Pr. Wm. DB W, pp.244-245.)

1787 Tax List, Prince William Co., VA. John CHICK appears on the 1787 personal property tax list with 2 blacks over age 16, 4 horses, and 18 cattle.

July 18, 1787. Prince William Co., VA. John DAVIS & wife Charlotte to John CHICK, for £25 VA currency, 69 ½ acres beg. on the Quantico Dreen [Drain], adj. ASH, BERRYMAN, north run of the Quantico. Signed: John DAVIS. Wits: Saml BRYAN, William CLARK, Thomas DAVIS, Lidda (X) DAVIS, Ann (X) DULANY. Proved Sept. 3, 1787. (Pr. Wm. DB X, pp.47-49.)

May 23, 1789. Prince William Co., VA. John Chick dies prior to this date when the Overseers of the Poor election for the District of Prince William County which lies below the Cedar Run and Occoquan was held at the house of the "late John CHICK." James GWATKIN and James GRINSTEAD were unanimously elected. (Pr. Wm. DB X, pp.244-245.)

Sept. 8, 1789. John CHICK's will, dated Nov. 15, 1786, recorded Sept. 8, 1789, names wife Ann, sons Charles, William, & Reuben (all under age 21), daughters Alis, Susannah, and Nancy POWELL (all under age 18); a tract of land "whereon I now live" called RIDDLE's Tract or BAYLES's [Baylis's] Tavern; a tract of land purchased from Col. John BAYLIS; a tract of land in Cumberland County purchased from Capt. John WYATT; tract of land purchased from George CALVERT; tract of land purchased from William VICKERS, now occupied by William GRIGSBY; tract of land in Fauquier County purchased from John SIRIS [SIERS, SIAS]. Execs: friend Charles HELTON of Fauquier and Charles BURROUGHS. Wits: John THORN, Charles (X) CORNWELL, Sr., Elizabeth (X) CORNWELL. (Prince William Co., VA, Will Book G, pp.434-438).

Sept. 3, 1798. Prince William Co., VA. On motion of Ann CHICK, widow of John CHICK, and Charles CHICK, the court ordered that William BROWN, John KINCHELOE, and Stephen HOWISON allot to Ann CHICK her dower of land which said John CHICK willed to his son Charles. The parcel was surveyed by William PEAKE on Dec. 3, 1798, who reported 378 acres lying on branches of Quantico and Powells Run, adj. BLAND's Road, ASHE, and RIDLEY. On Dec. 4, 1798, William BROWN and Stephen HOWISON returned their report alloting to Ann CHICK the 80 acres most convenient to the tavern with improvements thereto, with Charles CHICK to inherit and hold the remainder of the said two tracts of land known by the name RIDDLE and CORNWALL's tract together with the improvements on CORNWALL's tract. (Pr. Wm. DB Z, pp.367-368.)

1810. John's widow, Ann, is probably the Nancy CHICK who is listed in the 1810 census of Prince William Co., VA, p.284. Her household included 1 white female over 45, 2 white males 10-15, and 1 white male 16-25. "Nancy" is an old nickname for Ann.

Will of John Chick of Prince William Co., VA

Dated Nov. 15, 1786, Rec. Sept. 8, 1789
Prince William Co., VA, Will Book G, pp.434-438
Digital image

In the Name of God Amen this 15th November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty-Six I JOHN CHICK of the County of Prince William & State of Virginia being very weak & sick of Body but of perfect mind & memory thanks be given unto God. Therefor calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men one to Die do make Constitute & Ordain this my last will & Testament and principally and first of all I recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it me & my Body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a Christian Like & decent manner at the Discretion of my Exrs Whomb hereafter I shall appoint Nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath been please God to bless me with in this life after my Just Debts & Funeral Expenses are paid I give Devise & Dispose of the same in the following manner & form Viz -

Item I give & bequeath unto my beloved son CHARLES CHICK that tract or parcel of Land known by the name of RIDDLES Tract or BAYLES's Tavern the place whereon I now live & allso a certain tract or parcel Land known by the Name of Conl John BAYLES's tract and adjoining the said Land before mentioned to him and his heirs lawfully begotten of his Body & if he should die without leaving such heirs then the said Land shall be the Inheritance of my son WILLIAM CHICK

Item I give & Bequeath unto my beloved sons WILLIAM CHICK & REUBEN CHICK a tract or parcel of Land lying on & being in Cumberland County in the state af'd it being the land I purchased of Capt. JOHN WYATT -- the same to be equally divided between them and their heirs lawfully begotten of their bodies And if either of them Die leaving no such heirs then the said land will'd & bequeathed them shall then be the Inheritance of the other and if each of them should Die leaving no such heirs then the said land shall be equally divided between my three Daughters ALIS, SUSANAH and NANCY CHICK POWELL.

Item I give & bequeath unto my beloved Daughter NANCY CHICK POWELL that parcel or tract of Land I purchased of GEORGE CALVERT and Also that parcel or tract of Land I purchased of WILLIAM VICKERS the said purchased Land of CALVERT to be held & Occupied for the space of ten years by a certain WILLIAM GRIGSBY the said GRISBY yielding and paying yearly & every year the Just Sum of one thousand pounds of Crop Tobacco unto the said NANCY CHICK POWELL also one Feather Bed and Furniture –

Item give & bequeath unto my beloved wife ANN CHICK the tract or parcel of Land I purchased of JOHN SIRIS Lying & being In Fauquair County the same Containing One hundred & fifty acres during her widowhood & two Negro women one by the name of Mary the other by the name of Easter two feather Beds & furniture & two Cows & Calves two Chests and six Chairs six pewter plate two pewter basons & two pewter Dishes and after her marriage or Death the same shall be equally divided Between my two Daughters ALIS & SUSANAH CHICK

And further than all remaining part of my estate not mentioned shall be sold to the highest bidder at twelve month Credit & the money Accruing[?] therefrom together with monies Debts etc. Collected I let on Interest which said Interest shall before a support for my two mentioned Daughters ALIS & SUSANAH CHICK to school & board them therewith.

I further if my mentioned son CHARLES CHICK should die without heirs of his body & my son WILLIAM CHICK being in possession of the said Land known by the Name of Riddles tract & Bayless's Tavern then he shall Acquit & Relinquish his rite of the Land Will'd & bequeathed him unto his Brother REUBIN CHICK and that the rents of the said Lands by the name of Riddles Tract & Bayless's Tavern that is Will'd & bequeathed to my son CHARLES CHICK shall be equally divided between my three sons CHARLES, WILLIAM, and REUBIN CHICK untill my son CHARLES CHICK shall arrive to the age of twenty and One and that all and every Legacies Left my three Sons be delivered them when they shall Arrive to the age of twenty one years & the Legacies left my three Daughters be delivered them when they shall Arrive to the Age of Eighteen years and that the Legacies of my wife arising from her Mother's estate & not being in my possession is to be held by her during her natural life after which it shall be equally divided between my five Children CHARLES, WILLIAM & REUBIN CHICK and ALIS & SUSANAH CHICK.

I do hereby Constitute and Ordain my friends CHARLES HELTON of Fauquire and CHARLES BURROUGHS my whole & sole Exrs of this my Last Will & Testament utterly Revoking Disallowing & Disclaiming all and every other Wills, Legacies, Bequests, & Exrs before this time by me made Willed Bequeathed or named ratifying & Confirming this & no other to be my Last Will & Testament

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand & fixed my seal the day & year first written

Signed, sealed & acknowledged } JOHN CHICK {seal}
in presence of us }  


At a Court Continued & held for Prince William County the 8th day of September 1789. This Last Will and Testament of JOHN CHICK Deceased was presented to the Court & being proved by the Oaths of JOHN THORN & CHARLES CORNWELL was bound to be Recorded, and the Executors therein named were ordered to be summoned to take upon themselves the burthen of execution of the same And ANN CHICK widow & relict of the af'd JOHN CHICK Dec'd came into Court and renounced all benefits which she might Claim under the af'd will & Chose to take the provision made by Law in such cases & at a Court held for the said County the 5th day of October 1789 the Exrs named in the af'd will having refused to Qualify to the same Administration with the said will annexed is granted to ANN CHICK widow of the said JOHN, and JOHN STEWART they having performed what is usual in such cases.