John Cheek, Jr.,
of York District, SC

John Cheek, Jr., or "John No. 2," possibly a son of John Cheek, Sr., of Anson & Montgomery Co., NC, was probably born around 1740 or earlier in North Carolina, and possibly died between 1790-1800 in York District or Lancaster District, SC. The name of his wife may have been Agnes (Nancy), last name unknown.  She possibly died after 1810 in Lancaster District, SC.

Possible children of John Cheek:

  1. John Cheek ("John No. 3")?  Possibly b. around 1755, Anson Co., NC; d. aft. 1800.  Existence presumed from the 1790 census of Anson Co., NC, and the 1800 census of Montgomery Co., NC, then no further records.  Had 5 or 6 sons, based on the census.  None are currently accounted for.
  2. Silas Cheek, b.1755-1774, possibly in Anson Co., NC; d. aft. 1800.  He was in York Dist., SC, in 1790 (over age 16) and 1800 (age 26-45), then no further records.  Had at least 2 sons, based on census records.  Note there was a younger Silas Cheek (b. 1780-1790) who was in York Dist., SC, in 1820 and Lancaster Dist., SC, in 1830.  His relationship is unknown.
  3. Jeremiah Cheek, b. 1755-1765, possibly in Anson Co., NC; d. May 16, 1823, in Bedford Co., TN; m. Tabitha DOYLE. Listed on the 1790 census of York Dist., SC, the 1800 census of Lancaster Dist., SC (age 26-45), and the 1810 census of Lancaster Dist., SC (over age 45).  Jeremiah CHEEK leased 202 acres of land on the Catawba Indian Reservation on Apr. 30, 1811, adj. Thomas HUNTER & George HOSKETT.  Moved to Bedford Co., TN, sometime after 1810. Although he is missing from the 1820 census, he left a will dated July 4, 1823, in Bedford Co., TN.  The will names his wife Tabitha, unidentified children, exec'rs Benjamin R. CHEEK & Hugh HOUSTON.  Legal documents filed several years later identify some of Jeremiah's children and refer to 180 acres of land on the west fork of Rock Creek, in what was by that time (May 1834) part of Marshall Co., TN.  Children: Edmond R. Cheek (1788), Patty Cheek (1790), Nancy Cheek (1792), Elisha or Eli Cheek (1795), Mary Jane "Polly" Cheek (1797), Jeremiah Cheek (1799), Thomas Doyle Cheek (1801), Tabitha Cheek (1810), Benjamin R. Cheek (1812), James Cheek (1814).
  4. Jesse Cheek, b. 1765-1775, possibly in Anson Co., NC; d. 1829 in Maury Co., TN.  Possibly married Jenny HARKNESS daughter of George HARKNESS of Mecklenburg Co., NC (Jesse CHEEK & wife Jenny are named in the 1807 will of George HARKNESS, Meck. WB C, p.153).  Jesse was in Lancaster Dist., SC, in 1800 (age 26-45); Mecklenburg Co., NC, in 1810 (age 26-45), Maury Co., TN, in 1820 (over age 45).  They were the first residents of Cheeks Bend of the Duck River in Maury Co., TN.  Children: John Lillie Cheek (c.1802) m. Elizabeth RYON (RHYNE); Catherine Cheek (c.1814); Jesse Aaron Cheek (c.1821) m. Thirzey E. CRAIG; Jane Cheek (c.1825).
  5. Eli Cheek, b. 1775-1780, possibly in Anson Co., NC; d. unk. in Maury Co., TN.  Possibly married Mary HARKNESS daughter of George HARKNESS of Mecklenburg Co., NC (Eli CHEEK & wife Mary are named in the 1807 will of George HARKNESS, Meck. WB C, p.153).  Eli was in Lancaster Dist., SC, in 1800 (age 16-25) and 1810 (age 26-45), and Maury Co., TN, in 1820 (age 26-45), 1830 (age 50-59) and 1840 (age 60-69).  His widow may be the Polly CHEEK who is in the 1850 census of Maury Co., TN (age 74, b. in NC), with children or grandchildren Mary (c.1818), Elizabeth (c.1826), and Jeremiah (c.1824).  ("Polly" was a common nickname for Mary.)  Another daughter, Leannah, m. Nabe M. MCAFEE.  Another son may have been Eli A. CHEEK who m. Mary A. MCKEE. 


Little is known about John Cheek, Jr. ("John No. 2"), who is the presumed son of John Cheek, Sr., of Anson and Montgomery Co., NC.  Much of what is presented here is speculative.  This information should be used for purposes of further research, and not relied on as an established fact.  Unfortunately, almost all early records from Montgomery County, NC, were lost in a courthouse fire in 1842, making research particularly difficult.

"John No. 2" may be the John CHEEK who appears on tax lists in Rowan Co., NC, in 1762 and 1768.    The 1768 tax list of Rowan Co., NC, shows John CHEEK in Capt. Wright's Dist. of Rowan County with 2 "polls."  Also listed is Valentine VAN HOOSER, the brother-in-law of Randolph CHEEK.  Valentine Van Hooser (aka Van Hoose or Van Houser) had settled in Rowan County by 1759.  He owned land on the Yadkin River, in an area that later became Surry County.  Randolph Cheek also lived in Rowan County for time, based on a 1769 deed recorded in Anson County which refers to him as "Randolph Cheek of Rowan County".  Valentine Van Hooser left Rowan County in 1771 and moved to Tazewell, Virginia, which may explain why John and Randolph Cheek went back to their family in Anson County around that time.

On June 19, 1765, there is a record of a John CHEEK, Jr., who purchased 100 acres of land on Young's Island in Anson County from Joseph MURPHY.  (Anson DB 3, p.171.)  The name on this deed is transcribed in some sources as JOSEPH Cheek, Jr.

In 1773, John CHEEK, SR. entered a claim for 300 acres in Anson County on Davids (Davis) Creek southwest of the Pee Dee. (NC Archives Land Office Warrants & Plats, Folder No., Warrant No. 436.)  This is signficant because it is the first time we find a reference to a John Cheek "Sr." in Anson County -- evidence that there were now two John CHEEKS (an older and a younger) in the county who needed to be distinguished in the records.

In 1774, John CHEEK was ordered to do road work near the ford of the Little River in Anson County on July 12, 1774.  (Anson Court Minutes.)  Road work was a young man's job, so this may refer to "John No. 2" or even, possibly, a younger John Cheek ("John No. 3?") who could have been around 20 years old in 1774.  (Alternatively, this could be an order for John Cheek, Sr., to provide "hands" for the road work.)

Randolph Cheek also seems to have returned to Anson County by 1775.

On Sept. 3, 1779, John CHEEK, Jr., was granted 150 acres in Anson Co., NC, on both sides of the Rocky River. (NC Archives Land Office Warrants & Plats, Folder No., Grant No. 31, Book 30, p.194.)

The 1782 tax list shows John CHEEK, Sr., with 1182 acres in Montgomery Co., NC, & 200 acres in Anson Co., NC; John CHEEK, Jr. with 150 acres in Montgomery Co., NC; and Ranall (Randall) CHEEK with 300 acres in Montgomery Co., NC.

During the 1780's, several land grants were issued to John CHEEK and John CHEEK, Sr.  By this time, it is not clear whether the original John CHEEK was still living. If not, John Sr. may be "John No. 2" and John Jr. may be a younger "John No. 3."  These grants are:

There are two John CHEEKS on the 1787 State Census of Montgomery Co., NC, but curiously, none in the 1790 census.

John No. 2 becomes harder to trace after 1787.  It is possible, however, that he and his family moved across the state line to York District, SC.  There is some evidence of a relationship between the various Cheeks in the counties of Anson, Montgomery, and Mecklenburg in North Carolina, and York & Lancaster Districts in South Carolina, as discussed in more detail in the notes under John "of Anson" Cheek.

Although there is a John Cheek on the 1790 census of Anson Co., NC, his household consisted of 1 white male over 16, 5 white males under 16, and 4 white females.  This suggests he was a younger individual with several young children in this household (although other interpretations are possible, such as grandchildren or children by a second wife).  Based on the number of children, he was probably in his 30's.  So, this may be a "John No. 3" who was probably born roughly 1755.

The 1790 census of York Dist., SC, p.29, has a John CHEEK with 3 white males over 16 and 5 white females.  This suggests an an older individual with adult children in the household (2 sons over age 16, a wife and 4 daughters).  So, this may be "John No. 2" who was probably born around 1740.  Jeremiah CHEEK and Silas CHEEK, perhaps John's sons, are also listed on p.29 of the 1790 Census of York District.  Jesse and Eli could be the sons who were still living with John Cheek.

There are no Cheeks listed in the 1790 census of Montgomery Co., NC.

John's wife could be the Nancy CHEEK who joined the Sugar Creek Church (now Flint Hill Baptist Church) in York District, SC, in 1794, transferring her membership from Montgomery Co., NC.  (However, it is also possible that this Nancy was the wife of Randolph Cheek who also seems to have moved to the area before 1800.)  "Saturday July the 12th met according to apopintment, after a Sermon from Hosea VI. 3 by Bro Davis COLLINS, set in conference, received Sister Nancy CHEEK by virtue of a letter of recommendation from the Baptist Church in Montgomery County, N. Carolina under the pastoral care of the Revd. Edmund LILLY."  (SC Mag. of Ancestral Research, Vol. XVII, No. 3, Summer 1989, p.136.)  This proves that Nancy Cheek came to the Catawba area from Montgomery County, NC.  The Rev. Edmund Lilly (b.1728, d. 1808-1815) was a large landowner in Anson and Mongtgomery Counties who also served as pastor of the Rocky River Baptist Church.  Rev. Edmund Lilly's son John Lilly was married to Eleanor Dumas, a daughter of Benjamin Dumas who was a neighbor of John Cheek, Sr.  (See Anson DB C-1, pp. 330-331, deed from Benjamin DUMAS to Jeremiah DUMAS dated Oct. 15, 1757, refers to land on north side of Pee Dee River adj. John CHICK's line.)  (Info on Rev. Edmund Lilly is from The McLendons of Anson County by Rosalind McLendon Redfearn.)  Note that Jesse Cheek of Maury County, TN, who is believed to be a son of John No. 2, had a son named John Lillie Cheek.

One of the founding members of the Sugar Creek Church was a man named William Pettus.  Other early names associated with the Sugar Creek Church include Weathers, Knox, Polk, and Jackson.  Based on the 1790 census, the Cheeks resided the same general vicinity of York District as several families with these surnames, and were possibly close neighbors.  William Pettus, George Pettus, Isaac Weathers, Isham Weathers, Willis Weathers, John Polk, Joseph Jackson, and Henry Jackson are all listed on the same page of the 1790 census as John, Jeremiah, and Silas Cheek.  The Pettus and Weathers families also had close connections to the family of William Cheek of Warren County, NC.  William Cheek's grandson John Cheek Smith, son of John Smith & Mary Cheek (who were founding members of the Sugar Creek Chuch) married Sarah Pettus, a daughter of Capt. George Pettus.  In addition, William Cheek's granddaughters Elizabeth and Mary Goodrich, daughters of Matthew and Phoebe (Cheek) Goodrich, married a Weathers and a Jackson, respectively.

John Cheek's wife may be the "Widow CHEEK" on the 1800 census of Lancaster Dist., SC, and the "Agness CHEEK" on the 1810 census of Lancaster Dist., SC.  "Nancy" was a common nickname for Ann or Agnes.