William Cheek
of Madison Co., GA

William Cheek, son of James CHEEK & Ann MAYO, was born Sept. 29, 1752, probably in Edgecombe Co., NC, and died Apr. 16, 1845, in Madison Co., GA. He married (1) Mary "Polly" Vines, June 8, 1773, in Laurens Dist., SC. She was probably born in the early 1750's and died bef. 1792 in Laurens Dist., SC. He may have married (2) Priscilla Ann Sartain, Feb. 1792, in Laurens Dist., SC. She died bef. 1821. He married (3) Sintha (Cynthia) Coker, Sept. 13, 1821, in Elbert Co., GA. She was born between 1790-1800 and died Nov. 17, 1860, in Jackson Co., GA.  William Cheek is buried at the Carroll's Methodist Church in Franklin Co., GA.

Children of William Cheek & Mary "Polly" Vines:

  1. Maybe James Cheek, b. abt. 1775, Laurens Dist., SC; d. 1850-1860, Heard Co., GA. He appears on the 1819 tax list of Franklin Co., GA; the 1830 census of Franklin Co., GA (age 50-59); 1840 census of Franklin Co., GA (age 60-69), and the 1850 census of Heard Co., GA (age 75, b. in SC). Children: Mary (1805), John (c.1807), Sarah Ann (c.1813), Elizabeth (c.1815), William (c.1815).
  2. William Cheek, b. abt. 1782, Laurens Dist., SC; d. 1868, Hart Co., GA; m. Sally, last name unk. (b. abt. 1776; d. aft. 1850). Children: William Freeman Cheek (c.1808), Pleasant Cheek (c.1810), John Vines Cheek (c.1811), Sally Cheek (c.1814), Nancy Ann Cheek (c.1815), David W. Cheek (c.1818), James R. Cheek (c.1821), Roland B. Cheek (c.1822), Larkin S. Cheek (c.1829), Samuel Hymer Cheek (c.1830), Job B. Cheek (c.1835).
  3. John Vines Cheek, b. abt. 1784, Laurens Dist., SC; d. 1867, Franklin Co., GA; m. Elizabeth Malsie HILLIARD (b. abt. 1790; d. 1870-1880). Children: James Freeman or Franklin Cheek (c.1808), Roland B. Cheek (c.1814), Ellis Cheek (c.1817), Burgess H. Cheek (c.1818), Elizabeth Cheek (c. 1820), John Cheek (c.1827, m. Lavina ELROD - moved to Clay Co., NC), Larkin Cheek (c.1829).
  4. Ellis Cheek, b. abt. 1788, Laurens Dist., SC; d. abt. Feb. 1870, Hart Co., GA; m. Dorcas ATTAWAY, abt. 1812 (b. abt. 1795; d. 1881); bur. Cheek Cemetery, Bowersville, Hart Co., GA. "Mr. [Ellis] CHEEK was a native of South Carolina, a farmer, and came to Georgia and settled in Franklin county about 1820." (Memoirs of Georgia, Vol. I (So. Hist. Assoc. 1895), p.687.) Children: William Chesley Cheek (1813), Oliver Ellis Cheek (c.1815), Roland Burwell Cheek (c.1816), Samuel Perryman Cheek (1818), Priscilla Cheek (c.1820), Joseph Attaway Cheek (1821), Christiana Cheek (1825), John Bramlet Cheek (c.1827), Willis Hymer Cheek (c.1830), Cynthia Matilda Cheek (c.1832), James A. Cheek (c.1832), Carolina Cheek Jane Cheek (c.1833), Isaac Marion Cheek (1834).
  5. Maybe Isaiah Cheek, b. abt. 1790-1800; Laurens Dist., SC; listed in the 1830 census of Franklin Co., GA (age 30-39) ; reportedly d. abt. 1843 in Georgia.

Children of William Cheek & Priscilla Ann Sartain:

  1. Rowland (Roland) Cheek, b. abt. 1797, Laurens Dist., SC; d. July 7, 1863, Franklin Co.?, GA; m. Henrietta, last name unk. (b. abt. 1807; d. aft. 1850). Children: Virgil Cheek (c.1824), Milton C. Cheek (c.1824), John M.D. Cheek (c. 1826), Elizabeth Cheek (c.1828), Harriett R. Cheek (c.1828), Preston Cheek Vandiver Cheek (c.1832), Grace C. Cheek (c.1834).
  2. Burgess Cheek, b. Nov. 11, 1794, Laurens Dist., SC; d. Feb. 17, 1875, Sumter Co., GA; m. Millie COCKER, Nov. 19, 1818, Elbert Co., GA (b. 1797; d. Dec. 1886); bur. Cheek Cemetery, Plains, GA. Death notice published in the Southern Christian Advocate, Mar. 17, 1875. "Father Burgess Cheek died in Sumpter county, Ga., February 17th 1875, in the 81st year of his age. He lived many years in Franklin county, Georgia. T. H. Stewart." Children: William Jasper Cheek (c.1820), Priscilla Cheek (c.1822), Isaac Newton Cheek (c.1824), Nancy Aminda Cheek (c.1826), Henry A. Cheek (c.1828), Elisha H. Cheek (1829), Mary Rebecca Cheek (c.1831), Miley Martha Cheek (c.1833), John Burgess Cheek (c.1836), Rowland Washington Cheek (1837), Eli Bennett Cheek (c.1842).
  3. Willis Cheek, b. abt. 1800, Laurens Dist., SC; d. 1872, Franklin Co., GA; m. (1) Susannah WILLIAMS (b. abt. 1800; d. 1866); (2) Sarah Hazelton MITCHELL, Dec. 1, 1867, Franklin Co., GA (b. abt. 1845; d. 1880); bur. Carroll Methodist Church, Franklin Co., GA. Children: William P. Cheek (c.1824), Martha M. Cheek (c.1829), Russell A. Cheek (1830), Sarah M. Cheek (c.1834), Rolling C. Cheek (c.1837), Oliver P. Cheek (c.1839), Susan B. Cheek (c.1841), Caroline S. Cheek (c.1844), Christian M. Cheek (1846); Thomas Washington Cheek (1868), Benjamin Willis Cheek (1869).
  4. William Freeman Cheek, b. abt. 1802, Laurens Dist., SC; d. aft. 1850, Franklin Co., GA; m. Elizabeth CAPE, Sept. 20, 1831, Elbert Co., GA (b. abt. 1809; d. aft. 1850). Children: James R. Cheek (c.1831), Selia Cheek (c.1833), Jackson Cheek (c.1834), Daniel L. Cheek (c.1836), Dennis Cheek (c.1838), Madison W. Cheek (c.1840), Elizabeth Cheek (c.1842), William W. Cheek (c.1844), Thomas Cheek (c.1846), Mary M. Cheek (c.1848).

Children of William Cheek & Sintha Coker:

  1. Major Lewis Cheek, b. Nov. 11, 1822, Elbert Co., GA; d. abt. 1891; m. Barbara CRIDER, Jan. 31, 1839 (b. 1828; d. Feb. 28, 1853). Children: Russell Harrison Cheek (c.1843), Polly Arrena Cheek (c.1845), Isaiah Joshua Cheek (c.1847), Alsa Tarpley Cheek (1850).
  2. Charles Wootson Cheek, b. Jan. 21, 1826, Georgia; d. Oct. 27, 1857, Jackson Co., GA; m. Sarah Adaline BATES, Apr. 4, 1845, Franklin Co., GA (b. Feb. 7, 1829; d. Aug. 11, 1863). Children: Lydia Permeady Cheek (1847), Major Cheek (1850), James Alexander Cheek (1851), Syntha Samantha Cheek (1852), Charles Edward Cheek (1854), Christopher Columbus Cheek (1857).


Gravestone of William Cheek

William Cheek Memorial
Franklin Co., GA

William Cheek was the oldest son of James and Ann Cheek, who moved to South Carolina from Orange County, NC, around 1765.  Although James Cheek was a Quaker, William seems to have parted from the faith and servied in Revolutionary War along with his brother Ellis Cheek.  William Cheek's pension application states that he enlisted in 1777 in the militia in Laurens District, SC, under Capt. William BARREY [BERRY], and served two 3-month tours of duty on the Indian border under Col. John HUNTER.  In 1779, he again volunteered at Laurens under Capt. Lewis DUVAL and Col. Benjamin KILGORE.  He served alternate 3 month tours on the Indian border for four years.  He states that he was born Sept. 29, 1752, in North Carolina and lived in Laurens Dist., SC, until 1804, from there to Pendleton Dist., SC, and moved in 1818 to Franklin Co., GA.  Testified to by Rev. John BRAMLETT and Joseph ATTAWAY.  (National Archives File No. W1141).

William received a veteran's pension in 1832 in Franklin Co., GA.  He is listed as a Revolutionary Pensioner in 1840 in Madison Co., GA.  His third wife, Sinthia COKER, received a widow's pension after William's death in 1845.

Some sources identify him as "William Martin CHEEK," but I have not been able to find documentation for his middle name.  Also, there does not seem to be very good documentation regarding his 2nd wife, Priscilla SARTAIN.

Regarding William's 3rd wife, his Revolutionary War pension papers contain the following note: "Soldier married in Elbert Co., GA Sept 13, 1821, Miss Sinthia or Sintha COKER.  She was allowed pension on an application executed 27 May, 1853 while a resident of Franklin Co., GA.  She died in Jackson CO., GA 17 Nov. 1860.  Son L.M. CHEEK was their only living child in 1860.  Grandchildren MJ CHEEK, Lyni CHEEK, Samanthia CHEEK and Columbus CHEEK children of Charles W. CHEEK, their son who died prior to 1860."  (Information kindly provided by descendant Jessie Cheek.)  Sintha (COKER) may have been a daughter of Jacob COKER of Elbert Co., GA, but this does not appear to be documented.


Feb. 4, 1773. William CHEEK, Thos. HAMTON, & George BUCKELEW witnessed a deed from James CHEEK & wife Ann of (old) Berkeley Co., SC, to Samuel PEARSON, 421 acres on Beaver Dam Branch on north side of the Saluda River, being part of 550 acres granted to James CHEEK on June 3, 1765. Ack'd by Thos. HAMTON before Robert CUNNINGHAM, JP, on Nov. 5, 1772. (Charlotte Deeds Vol. B-4, pp.255-260.)

Note: the formation of South Carolina's counties and districts was quite complicated. Early records concerning land in what is now Laurens Co., SC, might refer either to Berekely County (one of the original royal counties; not to be confused with present-day Berkeley County) or the "96 District" (established 1762) or Laurens Dist. (established 1785 basically as a sub-district of the 96 District).

Sept. 29, 1784. William CHEEK had a plat (survey) prepared for 100 acres on Warrior's Creek and the Saluda River in the 96 Dist. of SC. (South Carolina Archives, unrecorded plat for land not granted, Series S213197, Box 1, Item 196.)

June 4, 1790. William CHEEK obtained a plat for 150 acres on a branch of Warrior's Creek. (South Carolina Archives, Plats for State Land Grants 1784-1868, Series S213190, Vol. 25, p.95.)

1790 Census, Laurens Dist., SC, p.446: WILLIAM CHECK
1 white male over 16
5 white males under 16
2 white females

Sept. 22, 1792. Laurens Dist., SC. William CHEEK obtained a plat for 126 acres on a branch of Beaverdam Creek. (South Carolina Archives, Plats for State Land Grants 1784-1868, Series S213190, Vol. 28, Page 337.)

July 6, 1793. Laurens Dist., SC. WM CHEEK purchased property from the estate of Samuel MILLS. ("Laurens Co. Estate Book A-1," South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. VII, No. 4, Fall 1979.)

1800 Census, Laurens Dist., SC, p.13: WILLIAM CHEEK
3 w/m under 102 w/f under 10
2 w/m 10-151 w/f 10-15
1 w/m 16-251 w/f 26-45
1 w/m over 45 

Dec. 18, 1801. Laurens Dist., SC. Wiliam CHEEK purchased property from the estate of Austen MOORE. ("Laurens Co. Estate Book A-1," South Carolina Magainze of Ancestral Research, Vol. XII, No. 3, Summer 1984.)

Nov. 24, 1804. Laurens Dist., SC. William CHEEK sold 100 acres to Jacob NABOURS. Priscilla CHEEK released her dower.

1807 Tax List, Franklin Co., GA: WILLIAM CHEEK is listed. He also appears on tax lists in Franklin Co., GA, in 1810, 1811, 1818, and 1819. The 1810 Georgia census has not survived.

1820 Census, Elbert Co., GA, Capt. Maxwell's Dist., p.195: WILLIAM CHEEK, SR.
1 w/m 18-251 w/f 10-15
1 w/m 26-451 w/f 16-25
1 w/m over 451 w/f 26-45
3? slaves 

Mar. 20, 1821. Elbert Co., GA. William CHEEK, Isaiah CHEEK, and Lewis CAPE witnessed a deed from Frederick DEAN to David BALLENDER.

1827. Three of William CHEEK's sons appear to have obtained land in the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery. Rowland CHEEK and James CHEEK both won land in Elbert Co., GA, and John CHEEK won land in Franklin Co., GA. (Source: Martha Lou Houston, Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827 (Columbus, GA: Walton-Forbes Co., 1928).)

1830 Census, Elbert Co., GA, p.131: WILLIAM CHEEK
1 w/m under 51 w/f 30-39
1 w/m 5-9 
1 w/m 70-79 
4 slaves 

1835. WILLIAM CHEEK appears on the 1835 Rev. War pension roll for Franklin Co., GA. Private, SC Militia; pension started July 30, 1833; $80.00 annual allowance; $240.00 amount received; age 82

1840 Census, Madison Co., GA, Harrison Dist., p.53: WILLIAM CHEEK
1 w/m 15-191 w/f 40-49
1 w/m 80-89 
3 slaves 
Veteran: William Cheek, age 89

1841 Pensioner Census. William CHEEK, age 89, Madison Co., GA.

1860 Census. "Cinthice CHEEK," age 65, was living with her son Major L. CHEEK in Cunningham, Jackson Co., GA.