Jacob Crouse &
Sarah Edwards

Jacob Crouse, son of Johann Wendel KRAUS & Anna Marie PFEIL, was born abt. 1775 in Surry Co., NC, and died before 1840 in Ashe Co., NC. He married Sarah Edwards, daughter of David EDWARDS, Sr., & Elizabeth MORRIS, abt. 1797. She was born abt. 1780 in Orange Co., NC, and died 1870-1880 in Alleghany Co., NC.

Children of Jacob Crouse & Sarah Edwards:

  1. +Candace Crouse, b. abt. 1798, Wilkes Co., NC; d. aft. 1880, Alleghany Co., NC; m. John M. WOODRUFF, son of John Allen WOODRUFF & Jane MCBRIDE, abt. 1822 (b. abt. 1792; d. 1850-1860).
  2. +John A. Crouse, b. abt. 1800, Ashe Co., NC; d. 1874, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Jane COX, abt. 1825 (b. abt. 1807; d. aft. 1880).
  3. David Crouse, b. abt. 1802, Ashe Co., NC; d. abt. 1876, Wilkes Co., NC; m. Mary HOLLOWAY, June 2, 1818, Wilkes Co., NC (b. abt. 1803, d. ?).
  4. Jacob B. Crouse, b. abt. 1804, Ashe Co., NC; d. Oct. 18, 1889, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Margaret "Peggy" WILLEY, abt. 1832. Children: William Crouse (c.1833), Hiram Crouse (c.1835), Haywood Crouse (c.1837), Charles Monroe Crouse (1840), Allen Crouse (c.1841), John Crouse (c.1843), Doctor Martin Crouse (c.1845), Sarah Catherine Crouse (1848).
  5. Sarah Crouse, b. July 10, 1807, Ashe Co., NC; d. Jan. 25, 1890, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Martin GAMBILL, son of William GAMBILL & Cynthia COX, abt. 1839 (b. Jan. 14, 1801; d. Oct. 14, 1879); bur. Bethany Church, Alleghany Co., NC. Children: Frances Gambill (c.1840), Cynthia Gambill (c.1842), James M. Gambill (1843), Robert G. Gambill (1844).
  6. +Elizabeth Crouse, b. Apr. 19, 1809, Ashe Co., NC; d. May 14, 1887, Alleghany Co., NC; m. James Carr ANDREWS, son of John ANDREWS & Mary CHEEK, abt. 1825 (b. Dec. 24, 1802, Orange Co., NC; d. Oct. 2, 1893); bur. James Andrews Cemetery, Rd. 1428, Alleghany Co., NC.
  7. Charles Crouse, b. abt. 1811, Ashe Co., NC; d. 1892, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Martha "Patsy" ANDREWS, daughter of John ANDREWS & Mary Cheek (b. 1813; d. 1897).  No known children.
  8. +Margaret Crouse, b. Nov. 26, 1813, Ashe Co., NC; d. May 3, 1907, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Lorenzo D. ANDREWS, son of William ANDREWS, Jr. & Abi CHEEK, abt. 1833 (b. 1813; d. 1890); bur. Mountain View Baptist Church, Alleghany Co., NC.
  9. Henry Crouse, b. abt. 1815, Ashe Co., NC; d. abt. 1862; m. Mahala, last name unknown. Children: Martin Crouse (c.1835) m. Nancy WOLFE; Nancy Crouse (c.1837), Elizabeth Crouse (c.1839), John Andrew Crouse (c.1841) m. Sarah Ann TOLIVER; Sarah Crouse (c.1843), Mary Crouse (c.1846), Cynthia Crouse (c.1850), Charity Crouse (c.1854).
  10. +William S. Crouse, b. abt. 1818, Ashe Co., NC; d. July 28, 1878, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Jane FENDER, daughter of John FENDER & Martha TOLIVER, abt. 1839 (b. Feb. 20, 1824; d. 1887); bur. Melvin Edwards Cemetery, Road 1416, Alleghany Co., NC.
  11. +Frances "Franky" Crouse, b. 1826, Ashe Co., NC; d. Dec. 8, 1893, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Richard M. CHEEK, son of Richard CHEEK & Jennie ANDREWS, abt. 1842 (b. abt. 1817; d. Jan. 26, 1902); bur. Meredith Cheek Cemetery, Alleghany Co., NC.


Jacob Crouse (c.1775) of Ashe (Alleghany) County, NC, was the son of Johann Wendel KRAUS and Anna Marie PFEIL of Stokes County, NC.  The Krauses were Pennsylvania Germans originally from Lancaster County, PA.  They migrated to North Carolina in the early 1770's and settled near the Moravian settlement of Wachovia.  Their surname is spelled various ways in early records, including Krouse, Krows, Crows, Crowse, and Crouse.  In the 1790's, Jacob Crouse and his brothers Henry Crouse and Adam Crouse moved across the Blue Ridge into what was then the western part of Wilkes County (later Ashe, later Alleghany County).

Jacob married Sarah EDWARDS, daughter of David EDWARDS, Sr., around 1797.  A list of their children appears in an affidavit dated Mar. 24, 1892, recorded in Alleghany Co., NC, Deed Book 33, pp. 524-525.  The affidavit was prepared by Jacob and Sarah's nieces Sarah (EDWARDS) CHOATE, Nancy (EDWARDS) FENDER, and Jane (EDWARDS) DUNCAN.  In the affidavit, the three women state that "the children of their aunt Sallie Crouse [were] Candace who married John WOODRUFF, David CROUSE, Jacob CROUSE, John CROUSE, Charles CROUSE, William CROUSE, Sally who married Martin GAMBILL, Betsy [married] James ANDERS, Margaret married Lorenza ANDERS, Frankie married Richard CHEEK."


photo of trees in Alleghany County

Feb. 4, 1796. Wilkes Co., NC. Adam CROWS, Jacob CROWS, Windal CROWS, and others ordered to view a road from Glade Creek to Daniel HOPPERS. (Wilkes Court Minutes.)

1799 Tax List, Wilkes Co., NC, Brewer's Dist.: Jacob CROWSE, 200 acres, 1 poll.

Oct. 7, 1799. Ashe Co., NC. Wendal CROUSE to Jacob CROUSE, 200 acres on east side of Pine Branch, for £40. Wit: Henry WAGGONER. Proved May 1801. (Ashe DB A, p.82).

1800 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.75: JACOB CROUSE
2 w/m under 10 3 w/f under 10
1 w/m 26-45 1 w/f 26-45

Nov. 26, 1802. Ashe Co., NC. Young EDWARDS obtained a land grant on Glade Creek in Ashe County adjoining Jacob CROUSE. Entered May 13, 1800. (Land Grant No. 289.) Reg. May 6, 1914. (Alleghany DB 28:47.)

1803. The estate of Wendel KRAUS was administered in Stokes Co., NC. The estate file contains a list of people who owed money to Wendel Kraus at the time of his death. Adam Crouse and Jacob Crouse are each listed owing $127 for 200 acres of land (each).

Apr. 10, 1803. Ashe Co., NC. Eli CLEVELAND to Jacob CROUSE, 50 acres of land on the Little River, for $30. (Ashe DB B, p.169).

Aug. 24, 1805. Stokes Co., NC. Heirs of Wendel KROUSE to Henry LONG, 2 adjacent 100-acre tracts of land in Stokes Co., NC, on Lashes Creek and Muddy Creek. Signed: John KRAUSE, Andrew KRAUSE, Henry KRAUSE, Adam KRAUSE, Geo KRAUSE, Jacob KRAUSE, & Anna Mary (X) KRAUSE, all of Stokes Co. and Ashe Co., NC. (Stokes DB 5, p.93).

May 1809. Ashe Co., NC, Court Minutes: Jacob CROWS [CROUSE] & others ordered to view and lay off a road "from the Elk Spur Road to the North Carolina line in a direction to Point Hope Furnace to turn off at Frank BRYANS then the nearest and best way to the Virginia line to go to the furnis on Peach Bottom."

1810 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.13: J. CROUSE
3 w/m under 10 1 w/f 10-15
1 w/m 10-15 1 w/f 26-45
1 w/m over 45 2 w/f under 10
no slaves  

1815 Tax List, Ashe Co., NC, Williams Dist.: JACOB CROUSE, 325 acres, $300, 1 poll

1820 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.28: JACOB CROWS
2 w/m under 10 1 w/f under 10
1 w/m 10-15 2 w/f 10-15
1 w/m 16-18 1 w/f over 45
1 w/m 16-25  
1 w/m over 45  

Note: The 1820 Census of Ashe County, NC, includes four men named Jacob CROWS:

The older Jacob CROWS on p.28 is the only one who is the right age to be Jacob CROUSE (c.1775).  He is listed next to David CROWS, probably his son.  The younger Jacob CROWS who appears on p.28 is probably Jacob A. CROUSE (c.1793) who married Nancy FENDER, daughter of Nimrod Fender (who is also listed on p.28).  Jacob A. Crouse is believed to be a son of Adam CROUSE, who was the brother of Jacob Crouse (c.1775).  It can be challenging to separate all of the different Jacob Crouses in Ashe and Alleghany County.

Nov. 28, 1822. Ashe County, NC. Morgan BRIAN (BRYAN) received a land grant of 100 acres in Ashe County adjoining Thomas BRIAN, Jacob CROUSE, and Young EDWARDS. Entered May 8, 1820. (Land Grant No. 1103.) Reg. Aug. 20, 1892. (Alleghany DB 9:88.)

1830 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.29: JACOB KROUCE, SR.
2 w/m under 52 w/f 10-14
2 w/m 5-91 w/f 15-19
1 w/m 40-491 w/f 30-39
1 w/m 60-691 w/f 60-69

Note: Jacob Crouse probably died before 1840.  His widow, Sally CROUSE (age 60-69) is listed in the 1840 census of Ashe County.  Her name is next to the name of James ANDERS, probably her son-in-law James Carr ANDREWS (m. Elizabeth Crouse).

1840 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.28: SALLY CROUSE
1 w/m 15-19 1 w/f 15-19
  1 w/f 60-69

Note: In the 1850-1860 census, Sarah was living with her daughter Margaret and son-in-law Lorenzo D. Andrews.  In 1880, she was 93 years old and living with her daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law James Carr Andrews.

1850 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.243 (Lorensa Anders, HH#81): Sarah CROUSE, 70, NC

1860 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, p.417 (Lorensa Anders, HH#521): Sarah KROWS, 83, NC

1870 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, Glade Creek Twp. (James Anders, HH#108): Sally CROUSE, 93