Jacob A. Crouse &
Nancy Fender

Jacob A. Crouse, son of Adam & Elizabeth CROUSE, was born May 7, 1794, in Wilkes (Ashe) Co., NC, and died bef. Feb. 1859 in Ashe (Alleghany) Co., NC. He married Nancy Fender, daughter of Nimrod FENDER & Sarah SUMERS. She was born abt. 1799 in Wilkes (Ashe) Co., NC, and died between 1850-1860 in Ashe (Alleghany) Co., NC.

Children of Jacob A. Crouse & Nancy Fender:

  1. +Sarah Crouse, b. bet. 1815-1820, Ashe Co., NC; d. bet. 1850-1858, Ashe Co., NC; m. Samuel WILLEY (b. Dec. 27, 1803; d. Nov. 10, 1886); bur. Henry McDaniel Crouse Cemetery, Alleghany Co., NC.
  2. +Elizabeth Crouse, b. Apr. 20, 1817, Ashe Co., NC; d. Jan. 29, 1881, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Frederick L. WOLFE (b. Sept. 25, 1815; d. Feb. 16, 1881); bur. Wolf Cemetery, Alleghany Co., NC.
  3. John Crouse, b. July 17, 1824, Ashe Co., NC; d. May 21, 1858, Ashe Co., NC; m. Christina WAGONER, daughter of Henry WAGONER & Sarah HOPPERS (b. Nov. 7, 1822; d. Apr. 4, 1898); bur. Henry McDaniel Crouse Cemetery, Alleghany Co., NC. Children: Henry McDaniel Crouse (1844) m. Martha Emeline HIGGINS; Matilda Emma Crouse (1846), Isom Freelin Crouse (1849), Susan Frances Crouse (1852), Floyd Crouse (1855), Theodocia "Dasha" Crouse (1857) m. Wesley Burris ANDREWS.
  4. Martin Crouse, b. abt. 1830, Ashe Co., NC; d. Apr. 5, 1910, Benton Co., AR; m. Nancy WILLEY, daughter of Andrew WILLEY & Mary WOLFE (b. Jan. 1830; d. aft. 1900).
  5. Susanna Crouse, b. abt. 1832, Ashe Co., NC; d. 1881, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Calloway JOINES, son of Thomas JOINES, Jr., & Lydia HOPPERS, Jan. 7, 1852, Ashe Co., NC (b. June 1832; d. 1912); bur. Thomas Joines Cemetery, Alleghany Co., NC.
  6. Daniel Crouse, b. abt. 1832, Ashe Co., NC; d. late 1865, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Elizabeth MOXLEY, daughter of Zachariah MOXLEY & Susanna WAGONER (b. abt. 1832; d. aft. 1866). Daniel Crouse was one of several men in Alleghany County reportedly killed by "bushwhackers" near the end of the Civil War. See Mountain Mourning by Cyrus Stoneman (2007).
  7. Nancy Crouse, b. June 1833, Ashe Co., NC; d. Oct. 25, 1924, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Andrew Jackson SPURLIN, son of John SPURLIN & Mary WILLEY (b. June 30, 1829; d. Feb. 19, 1923); bur. Henry McDaniel Crouse Cemetery, Alleghany Co., NC.
  8. Solomon Crouse, b. abt. 1845, Ashe Co., NC; d. May 1864 in the Civil War; m. Sarah Jane BILLINGS, Jan. 8, 1864, Alleghany Co., NC (b. Aug. 13, 1844; d. Oct. 3, 1939). Sarah remarried to Jacob ESTEP (EASTEP) in 1866 and they moved to Hardin Co., IA, and from there to Texas. Sarah is buried at the Crandall Cemetery in Kaufman Co., TX.


There were several men named Jacob CROUSE (KRAUS, CROWS) in Ashe County, NC, around the same time period, and trying to sort them out can be confusing.  Jacob A. CROUSE who married Nancy FENDER was probably the son of Adam CROUSE and his wife Elizabeth (last name unknown, although some speculate she was a WAGGONER), based on the following baptismal record from Shiloh Lutheran Church, present-day Forsyth County, NC:

November 16, 1794 Jacob KRAUS born may 7, 1794, Son of Adam and Elizabeth KRAUS from Wilkes Co. Was baptized by Pastor KRAMSCH. Sponsors: George & Christina GERBER.

The Shiloh Lutheran Church was located in Stokes (now Forsyth) County, NC.  This area was originally settled by the German-speaking Moravians (Bohemian Brethren) from Pennsylvania, who founded the settlement of Wachovia in 1753.  They were joined by thousands of Germans of other religious faiths.  Many German surnames can be found in Ashe and Alleghany County, such as Crouse (Kraus), Fender (Finter), Hoppers (Hoppes), Grubb (Grube), Shupe, Roop, and Vaught.

The 1820 census of Ashe County, NC, includes 4 men named Jacob CROWS:

Nimrod FENDER also appears on page 28 of the 1820 census.  Therefore, it seems likely that the younger Jacob CROWS on p.28 is a probably the Jacob A. Crouse who married Nancy Fender.  The older Jacob CROWS on page 28 is probably Jacob A. Crouse's uncle Jacob Crouse (c.1775) who married Sarah Edwards.

Jacob A. Crouse is listed in the census of Ashe County, NC, from 1820 (probably) through 1850.  He was 57 years old in 1850, so probably born 1793-1794.  He died in 1859 based on estate records.


1820 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.28: JACOB CROWS
1 w/m 18-25 2 w/f under 10
  1 w/f 16-25

The following might be Jacob A. Crouse in 1830. The older man and woman in the household might be his parents. He is listed next to Nimrod FENDER, which suggests they were neighbors:

1830 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.29: JACOB KROUCE, SR.
2 w/m under 5 2 w/f 10-14
2 w/m 5-9 1 w/f 15-19
1 w/m 40-49 1 w/f 30-39
1 w/m 60-69 1 w/f 60-69

1840 Census: not listed. There is a Jacob CROUSE, Jr., in Ashe Co., NC, but his age (30-39) is not consistent with Jacob A. CROUSE who would have been at least 47 years old in 1840 (based on the 1850 census).

May 23, 1843. Jacob A. CROUSE & William EDWARDS posted a bond for the adminstration of the Estate of Adam CROUSE, dec'd. (Ashe Co., NC, Estate Records; click here)

1850 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.246 (HH#135):
JACOB A. CROUSE, 57, farmer, $1000, NC
-- Nancy, 51, NC
-- Susan, 18, NC
-- Nancy, 16, NC
-- Solomon, 5, NC

Feb. 28, 1859. Daniel CROUSE, Alford [Alfred] MOXLEY, & John CROUSE posted a $1,000 bond for the administration of the Estate of Jacob A. CROUSE, dec'd.  Click here

Sept. 5, 1859. Callaway JOINS [JOINES] to Martin CROWSE [CROUSE], 120 acres on Jewel Swamp Creek adj. Richard EDWARDS, John CROWS, for $450. "The mineral is to be divided equal among the heirs of Jacob A. CROWS decst on the top of the knob at the old diggings." Signed: Callaway JOINES. Wits: T.C. DOUGLAS, Jane DOUGLAS. (Alleghany DB 1:47.)

Mar. 6, 1861. Daniel CROUSE, Adm'r of Jacob CROUSE, dec'd, to Jesse TOLIVER, 68 acres on Jewel Swamp Creek adj. the ford of a branch, a road, & William CROUSE, for $204 & in consideration of a title made by the said Jacob CROUSE, dec'd, for the conveyance of said land to Hezekiah WILLEY. Signed: Daniel (X) CROUSE. Wits: C.H. DOUGHTON, Wm. EDWARDS. Proved Dec. 7, 1885, by C.H. DOUGHTON. Reg. Dec. 25, 1885. (Alleghany DB 6:138.)

Aug. 11, 1866. Martin CROUSE to Henry RICHARDSON, 120 acres on Jewel Swamp Creek, adj. Richard EDWARDS, John CROUSE, for $500. "The mineral is to be divided equal among the heirs of Jacob A. CROUSE Deceased on the top of the knob at the old Digings." Signed: Martin (X) CROUSE. Wits: D. HOLBROOK, William (X) HODGES. Proved Jan. term 1868 by David HOLBROOK. (Alleghany DB 1:230.)