Jonathan Stamper, Sr.
of Wilkes County, NC

Jonathan Stamper, Sr., son of son of Powell STAMPER & Mary BROOKS, was born Apr. 21, 1719, in Middlesex Co., VA, and died bef. April 1799 in Wilkes Co., NC. He married Rachel, last name unknown (possibly PARKS). She died between 1792-1799 in Wilkes Co., NC.

Children of Jonathan Stamper & Rachel:

  1. James Stamper, b. Nov. 4, 1750, Amherst Co., VA; d. Mar. 12, 1826, Morgan Co., KY; m. Sarah MOORE.
  2. Joshua Stamper, b. abt. 1753, Amherst Co., VA; d. 1822, Clark Co., KY; m. Jane WOODWARD (or WOODRUFF). Will proven in Clark Co., KY, July 9, 1822. One known son, Jonathan Stamper, who was a Methodist minister in Kentucky.
  3. Joel Stamper, b. May 17, 1755, Amherst Co., VA; d. Apr. 30, 1833, Wilkes Co., NC; m. Nancy CANNADAY (KENNEDY), July 29, 1780, Wilkes Co., NC.  Joel was a Revolutionary War veteran (NARA Pension File No. S3999). His name appears on a list of men in Capt. James McDaniel's Company, c.1782 (Montgomery Co., VA).
  4. Jonathan Stamper, Jr., b. abt. 1757, Amherst Co., VA; d. 1831, Ashe Co., NC; m. Mary "Polly" DAVIS. His name appears on a list of men in Capt. Cox's Company, c.1783 (Montgomery Co., VA).  Acquired 100 acres in the Cranberry Creek area of Ashe (later Alleghany) Co., NC, in 1812 (Alleghany Co., NC, DB 16, p.175.)  Will dated Apr. 9, 1822, proved Feb. 1831, Ashe Co., NC, refers to 300 acres of land, a wife and 8 children, but only son Job Stamper is identified by name: he received a mare named Yellow and a colt named Bounce. Execs: son Job Stamper & son-in-law John LONG; wits: A.B. MCMILLAN & Jon. MCMILLAN.
  5. +Frances "Franky" Stamper, b. Feb. 14, 1767, Amherst Co., VA; d. 1850-1860, Ashe Co., NC; m. Jesse TOLIVER, son of John TOLIVER, Apr. 1782, Wilkes Co., NC (b. 1756; d. Mar. 4, 1838).
  6. Jesse Stamper, b. 1765, Amherst Co., VA; d. 1826-1830; m. Barbara DEVAIT. Said to have been a dwarf.
  7. Jacob Stamper, b. Dec. 15, 1762, Amherst Co., VA; d. June 15, 1834, Owen Co., KY; m. Susan.  Jacob was a Revolutionary War veteran (NARA Pension File No. 16544).  His name appears on a list of men in Capt. James McDaniel's Company, c.1782 (Montgomery Co., VA).
  8. Susannah Stamper, b. Aug. 22, 1767, Amherst Co., VA; d. Aug. 10, 1845, Lawrence Co., IN; m. John Pleasant BURTON.


1833 map of Wilkes Co., NC

Part of Wilkes County, NC
from an 1833 map

Jonathan Stamper, Sr., was and his family were among the first settlers in the area that became Wilkes County, North Carolina.  They arrived around 1767 from Amherst County, Virginia, according to a Revolutionary War pension application filed by Jonathan's son Joel Stamper (NARA Pension File No. S3999).  Joel testified that he was born in Amherst County, VA, on May 17, 1755, and came with his father to Wilkes County at 12 years of age.  Another son, Jacob Stamper, filed a pension application which states he was born in Amherst County, VA, on December 15, 1762, and came to Wilkes County "sometime afterward."  (NARA Pension File No. S16544.)

The Stampers initially settled on Bugaboo Creek, near the present-day town of Ronda, NC.  They moved into the mountains in the upper Roaring River area during the 1780's.  Tax records indicate that Jonathan Stamper, Sr., and some of his sons also owned land across the state line in what was then Montgomery (later Grayson) County, Virginia.  Jacob Stamper's pension application describes an incident during the war when he crossed the New River spy on the Tories and convinced his brother "who lived near the Tories' rendevous and was familiar with their maneuvers and intentions" to accompany him to the American forces.  The beginning of the Revolutionary War in this part of the country was mainly war between Patriots (Whigs) and Loyalists (Tories).  There were enough Tories in Montgomery (Grayson) County to stage a successful revolt in the summer of 1779 against the local militia commanders (the "Tory Rebellion" was put down in 1780).

Most researchers believe that Jonathan Stamper, Sr., was the son of Powell Stamper and Mary Brooks of Middlesex County, VA.  Jonathan's birthdate (April 21, 1719) comes from the records of Christ Church Parish in Middlesex County.  However, there is no other record of Jonathan until 1763 when his name appears in a deed in Amherst County, VA.

Jonathan Stamper died testate in Wilkes County in 1799.  His will, dated Dec. 17, 1793, was proved in the April term 1799; it names his wife Rachel and son Jesse, and refers to other children who are not identified (Wilkes Co., NC, Will Book 1, p.509).  Jonathan's personal property was sold at an estate sale in June 1799, raising a total of £354.2.5.  Because the will granted Rachel a life estate in the personal property, she may have predeceased her husband sometime between 1782 and 1799.  The purchasers at the estate sale included Jesse Stamper, Jacob Stamper, Joel Stamper, James Stamper, Jonathan Stamper, John Burton, Jesse Toliver, Moses Toliver, William Reeves, George Reeves, Reuben Parks, and others who were probably friends and neighbors of the Stampers.  The final settlement of the estate was filed Nov. 4, 1802, by the adminstrator Jonathan Stamper.  (Wilkes Will Book 2, p.79.)

Jonathan's wife Rachel has not been positively identified but her last name may have been MOORE or PARKS (sources conflict).  For more information about the Stampers, see the books The Stampers: Looking Back, by Sadie Stamper Greer (self-published, 1999), and Stamper Footprints: Eleven Generations, by Betty Stamper Latham (Heritage Books, 1995).


Apr. 21, 1719. Middlesex Co., VA. Birthdate of Jonathan STAMPER son of Powell & Mary STAMPER; baptised May 24, 1719 (records of Christ Church Parish).

Mar. 7, 1763. Amherst Co., VA. John FREEMAN & wife Abigail to Jonathan STAMPER, 200 acres on Stonehouse Creek, for £40. (Amherst Co., VA, DB A, p.103.)

1767. Stamper family arrives in what was then Rowan County, NC (see Rev. War pension applications filed by Joel and Jacob Stamper) and settles on Bugaboo Creek.

Surry Co., NC, established from Rowan County in 1770.

1771 Tax List, Surry Co., NC: Jonathan STAMPER

1772 Tax List, Surry Co., NC: Jonathan STAMPER

1772, Surry Co., NC: Jonathan STAMPER served as a constable.

1777 Tax List, Surry Co., NC, Capt. Benjamin Cleveland's Dist.: Jonathan STAMPER

Wilkes Co., NC, established from Surry County in 1777.

1778, Wilkes Co., NC. Jonathan STAMPER granted a license to operate an ordinary (inn). Richard ALLEN and Benjamin CLEVELAND, securities.

May 30, 1778. Wilkes Co., NC. Jonathan STAMPER enters 320 acres on Bugaboo Creek against the Old Mill to CANADY's (KENNEDY's) line, incl. Jonathan STAMPER, Jr.'s, improvement. (Wilkes Land Entry Book, No. 130.)

Oct. 24, 1778. Wilkes Co., NC. George PARKES enters 150 acres on Bugaboo Creek about a mile above Jonathan STAMPER's. (George PARKES marked out, Wm. TOLBEY written in.) (Wilkes Land Entry Book, No. 480.)

Feb. 6, 1779. Wilkes Co., NC. Jonathan STAMPER, SR., enters 100 acres on the waters of Bugaboo Creek at his other entry. (Wilkes Land Entry Book, No. 799.)

Nov. 8, 1779. Wilkes Co., NC. Thomas PAYNE, Jr., enters 100 acres on the waters of Big Bugaboo Creek on Jonathan STAMPER's line. (Wilkes Land Entry Book, No. 1273.)

Dec. 31, 1779. Wilkes Co., NC. John BAKER enters 200 acres on a fork of Cranberry Creek on north side branch, runs into creek north side of Turkey Knob including the good land. (John BAKER & Solomon BAKER marked out; Jonathan STAMPER written in.) (Wilkes Land Entry Book No. 1457.)

Mar. 5, 1780. Wilkes Co., NC. Land Grant to Jonathan STAMPER, 314 acres Bugaboo Creek, line between STAMPER and Andrew CANADA (CANNADY). (Wilkes DB A-1, p.267.)

1781 Tax List, Montgomery Co., VA
• Jonathan STAMPER, 300 acres on Steep Hill Branch
• Jacob STAMPER, 200 acres on Brush Creek
• Joel STAMPER, 100 acres on Muddy Branch
• Powell STAMPER, 200 acres on Chestnut Ridge
1782 Tax List, Montgomery Co., VA
• Jonathan STAMPER, SR.
• Jonathan STAMPER, JR.
• Isaiah STAMPER
• Powell STAMPER

July 25, 1783. Wilkes Co., NC. Wm. LENOIR to Jonathan STAMPER, 30 acres north side of New River at mouth of Fighting Creek, for £10. Land granted LENOIR by state, Oct. 23, 1782. Wits: Richard ALLEN, Rowland JUDD. Signed: Wm. LENOIR. (Wilkes DB A-1, p.279.)

Note: the above land was located in the part of Wilkes County that later became Ashe, then Alleghany County. It was probably very close to the Virginia state line where a bend of the New River dips into North Carolina. This was probably near the land that the Stampers owned in what was then Montgomery (now Grayson) County, VA.

July 26, 1783. Wilkes Co., NC. Jonathan STAMPER to Andrew CANADY, £70 Virginia money, 150 acres Bugaboo Creek. Pine marked in the presence of John TOLIVER. Signed: Jonathan (X) STAMPER. (Wilkes DB A-1, pp. 264-265.)

July 26, 1783. Wilkes Co., NC. Jonathan STAMPER to Thomas ROBBINS, 157 acres Bugaboo Creek where Jonathan STAMPER formerly dwelt, upper part 314 acres tract, for £120 Virginia money. Wits: Edward FINCH, Richard ALLEN, John MORGAN. Signed: Jonathan (X) STAMPER. (Wilkes DB A-1, p.266.)

Oct. 29, 1784. Wilkes Co., NC. Thomas ROBINS to Richard ALLEN, 157 acres Bugaboo Creek, for £130. Pine marked in presence of John TALIFERO [TALIAFERRO]. Upper part 314 acre tract entered by Jonathan STAMPER, including improvement where STAMPER formerly dwelt. Wits: John BROWN, Benjamin HERNDON, James FLETCHER. Signed: Thomas ROBINS. (Wilkes DB B-1, pp.349-359.)

1785, Wilkes Co., NC. George WHEATLEY, Jr. to Jonathan STAMPER, 150 acres south side GAMBILL's fork Roaring River, conditional line between ALEXANDER and STAMPER, including STAMPER's plantation, for £100. Wits: George WHEATLEY, Sr., Randol ALEXANDER, Moses WHEATLEY. SIgned: George (X) WHEATLEY, Jr. (Wilkes DB C-1, pp. 86-87.)

1787 Tax List, Wilkes Co., NC, Capt. Johnson's Dist.:
• Jonathan STAMPER, SR., 150 acres, 1 poll
• Joel STAMPER, 200 acres, 1 poll
• Jonathan STAMPER, JR., 340 acres, 1 poll
• Jacob STAMPER, 120 acres, 1 poll

Nov. 10, 1787. Wilkes Co., NC. Randolph ALEXANDER to George WHEATLEY, 52 acres south fork Roaring River. Wits: George WHEATLEY, Sr., Jonathan STAMPER, Mason WHEATLEY. (Wilkes DB D, p.435.)

1787, Wilkes Co., NC. Jonathan STAMPER to Peter WHITAKER of Montgomery Co., VA, 30 acres mouth of Fighting Creek, for £15. Wits: George WHEATLEY, George WHEATLEY, Jr., Mason WHEATLEY. SIgned: Jonathan (X) STAMPER. (Wilkes DB C-1, pp.89-90.)

Note: this appears to be the land that Jonathan Stamper purchased from William B. Lenoir on July 25, 1783 (see above).

May 18, 1789. Wilkes Co., NC. Land grant to Jonathan STAMPER, JR., 200 acres Roaring River at Martin GAMBILL's upper line. (Wilkes DB B-1, p.457.)

1790 Census, Wilkes Co., NC, 6th Company, p.121: Jonathan STAMPER
2 white males over 16
0 white males under 16
2 white females
1 slave

Oct. 26, 1790. Wilkes Co., NC. Court Minutes. Ordered that the Iron Works Road now ending at Long Bottom on Roaring River be extended to Widow Gambill's. Jonathan STAMPER [probably Jr.], Joel STAMPER, and others appointed to a jury for that purpose.

Oct. 3, 1796. Wilkes Co., NC. Land grant to Charles GORDON, Sr., for 61,227 acres, mentions Jonathan STAMPER's line on the south fork of the Roaring River, Joel STAMPER's line, and others. (Wilkes DB B-1, pp.548-550.)

Dec. 13, 1798. Wilkes Co., NC. Land grant to Jonathan STAMPER, 300 acres on Thomas JOHNSON's line. (Wilkes Co., NC, Deed Book D, p.600.)

1797 Tax List, Wilkes Co., NC, Capt. Nall's Dist.:
Jonathan STAMPER, 300 acres, no polls (over 60 years of age)
Joel STAMPER, 200 acres, 1 poll
Jonathan STAMPER, JR., 100 acres, 2 polls
Jesse STAMPER, 250 acres, 1 poll
Jacob STAMPER, 322 acres, 1 poll

1799 Tax List, Wilkes Co., NC, Capt. Johnson's Dist.: Jonathan STAMPER, 300 acres, 1 poll

Will of Jonathan Stamper

Dated Dec. 17, 1793; proved April term, 1799
Wilkes Co., NC, Will Book 1, p.509

In the name of God Amen. I Jonathan STAMPER Sr. of Wilkes County North Carolina am very old but in good health and sound memory I give my soul back to him that gave it to me my body to the earth to be buried. My will and desire is that all my just debts be paid. I lend all my estate and personal to my beloved wife Rachel Stamper during her life or widowhood. I give and bequeath my son Jesse STAMPER the Land and Plantation whereon I now live, one negro boy by the name of James and the bed he now lyeth on and if the said Jesse dies without a lawful heir of his body my will and desire is that his estate be equally divided amongst the rest of my children. My will and desire is that the negroes may not be sold out of the family. Given from me under my hand and sealed with seal and dated the Seventeenth day of December 1793

Jonathan (X) STAMPER


Duly proven in open court by William SEBASTIAN.

William B. LENOIR, CC