Solomon Toliver &
Margaret Blevins or Calloway

Solomon Toliver, son of Jesse TOLIVER & Frances "Franky" STAMPER, was born May 13, 1804, Ashe Co., NC, and died abt. 1865, Alleghany Co., NC. He married Margaret, abt. 1826.  She was probably Margaret Ann Blevins, daughter of John BLEVINS & Catherine COX of Grayson Co., VA, but some sources say Margaret CALLOWAY.  She was born Oct. 25, 1800, in Grayson Co., VA, and died Nov. 25, 1895, in Alleghany Co., NC. She may be the "Peggy Ann Blevins Toliver" buried at the Van Reeves Cemetery on Reeves Road (Rd. 1332) in Alleghany Co., NC. There is also a Solomon Toliver and unnamed wife buried at the Guy Crouse Cemetery on Road 1403 in Alleghany Co., NC (no dates on stones).

Children of Solomon Toliver and Margaret Ann Blevins:

  1. +Frances Toliver, b. Dec. 6, 1827, Ashe Co., NC; d. Oct. 3, 1895, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Hardin REEVES, son of Jesse REEVES & Margaret "Peggy" COX, abt. 1844 (b. Oct. 11, 1816; d. May 7, 1903).
  2. +Margaret Toliver, b. June 20, 1829, Ashe Co., NC; d. Nov. 29, 1918, Alleghany Co., NC; m. George Reeves COX, Sr., son of David COX & Lucy REEVES, abt. 1851 (b. July 5, 1809; d. Aug. 6, 1893); bur. George R. Cox Cemetery, Road 1409, Alleghany Co., NC.
  3. Phebe Toliver, b. Sept. 24, 1830, Ashe Co., NC; d. Feb. 2, 1910, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Taliaferro (Toliver) S. HIGGINS, son of Hiram HIGGINS & Mary "Polly" WILLIS, abt. 1849 (b. Apr. 24, 1824; d. June 20, 1904); bur. Crab Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Alleghany Co., NC. No children.
  4. Calvin J. Toliver, b. July 9, 1832, Ashe Co., NC; d. Sept. 9, 1919, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Elizabeth Alice COX, daughter of John R. COX & Mary "Polly" ANDREWS, May 1, 1882, Alleghany Co., NC (b. Nov. 21, 1859; d. Aug. 8, 1941); bur. J.R. Cox Cemetery, Alleghany Co., NC.
  5. Calloway Toliver, b. July 8, 1834, Ashe Co., NC; d. Sept. 20, 1862, Shepherdstown, VA (Civil War).
  6. Melvin B. Toliver, b. Oct. 23, 1835, Ashe Co., NC; d. ?; m. Amanda __, abt. 1866 (b. abt. 1845; d. ?)
  7. Malinda Toliver, b. June 18, 1837, Ashe Co., NC; d. Feb. 15, 1906, Alleghany Co., NC; m. George McMillan REEVES, abt. 1859 (b. June 12, 1836; d. May 16, 1897); bur. Van Reeves Cemetery, Reeves Road, Alleghany Co., NC.
  8. Alexander Hamilton Toliver, b. July 12, 1839, Ashe Co., NC; d. ?; m. Ellen TURNER, daughter of William & Elizabeth TURNER, June 7, 1869, Alleghany Co., NC (b. abt. 1851; d. ?)
  9. Granville Toliver, b. Apr. 14, 1841, Ashe Co., NC; d. May 3, 1863, Chancellorsville, VA (Civil War).
  10. Sarah Ann Toliver, b. Nov. 6, 1843, Ashe Co., NC; d. aft. 1880; m. John Andrew CROUSE, son of Henry CROUSE & Mahala unknown, abt. 1862 (b. abt. 1841; d. 1870-1880). Children: Laura Crouse (1863) m. William A. EVANS, Rosie Ennice Crouse (1865) m. Calvin J. COX, Guy Crouse (c.1868), Vick Crouse (c.1874), Willie Crouse (c.1876).
  11. Clark "Nuckels" Toliver [twin], b. Aug. 4, 1846, Ashe Co., NC; d. 1900; m. Elizabeth BURCHETT.
  12. Creed Toliver [twin], b. Aug. 4, 1846, Ashe Co., NC; m. Frances Irene BURCHETT.


Ssolomon Toliver, a son of Jesse and Franky (Stamper) Toliver, was born May 13, 1804.  His birthdate is recorded in the Jesse Toliver family Bible.  His wife Margaret was probably Margaret BLEVINS, daughter of John BLEVINS & Catherine COX of Grayson County, VA, although some unverified sources identify her as Margaret CALLOWAY.  John Blevins' family Bible proves that his daughter Margaret, b. 1800, married a Toliver, and this Margaret is exactly the right age to be the wife of Solomon Toliver.  Other sources claim that Margaret, daughter of John Blevins, was married first to George Toliver, son of John Toliver of Wilkes County, NC.

Margaret died in 1895 at the age of 95 years and five months.  She might be the "Peggy Ann Blevins Toliver" buried at the Van Reeves Cemetery in Alleghany County (Peggy was a common nickname for Margaret).  Margaret and Solomon Toliver's daughter Melinda (Toliver) Reeves and son-in-law George McMillan Reeves are also buried at this cemetery.  There is also a Solomon Toliver and unnamed wife buried at the Guy Crouse Cemetery on Road 1403 in Alleghany County (Guy Crouse was the son of Solomon's daughter Sarah).  This can't be a second wife of Solomon because because Solomon predeceased Margaret by 30 years.  Perhaps she is an unknown first wife who died young.  Unfortunately there are no dates on the stones, so it remains a bit of a mystery.

1830 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.9: SOLOMON TOLIVER
1 w/m 20-293 w/f under 5
 1 w/f 20-29

1840 Census: not listed

1850 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.240 (HH#44):
SOLOMON TOLLAVER, 46, farmer, $900, NC
-- Margaret, 50, NC
-- Margaret, 19, NC
-- Calvin, 18, NC
-- Callaway, 16, NC
-- Melvin, 14, NC
-- Malinda, 12, NC
-- Alex, 10, NC
-- Granville, 8, NC
-- Sarah, 6, NC
-- Clark, 4, NC
-- Cread, 4, NC
-- Franky, 82, NC
BROWN, Lydia, 16, VA
1860 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, p.414 (HH#506):
SOLOMON TOLLAVER, 56, farmer, $2300, $3200, NC
-- Margaret, 60, NC
-- Calvin, 25, NC
-- Calloway, 23, NC
-- Melvin, 22, NC
-- Alexander, 21, NC
-- Granville, 19, NC
-- Sarah, 16, NC
-- Clark, 13, NC
-- Cread, 13, NC
BENGE, Lizy, 16, NC

1860 Census, Slave Schedule, Alleghany Co., NC, p.2:
Solomon TOLLAVER, 1 Black male age 25

1860 Census, Agricultural Schedule, Alleghany Co., NC: S. TOLLAVER, 200 acres improved land, 300 acres unimproved land, value of farm $2,300, value of farm implements $150, 18 horses, 0 asses/mules, 10 milch cows, 0 working oxen, 15 other cattle, 40 sheep, 50 swine, value of livestock $1,710. (Source: New River Notes)

1866. The estate of Solomon TOLIVER was probated in Alleghany Co., NC, in 1866. (NC Archives Box No. CR.004.508.27.)

1870 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, Gap Civil Twp. (HH#117):
MARGARETT TOLIVER, 69, keeping house, VA
-- Alexander, 31, at home, NC
-- Ellen, 19, at home, NC << Alexander's wife
-- Clark, 24, at home, NC
BERCH, Sarah, 20, at home, NC

1880 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, Gap Civil Twp. (Hardin Reeves, HH#41):
Margaret TOLIVER, 80, mother-in-law, NC NC VA

Deed Abstracts

Jan. 25, 1847. John GAMBILL to Allen TOLIVER, 103 acres adj. DUNCAN? & Solomon TOLIVER, for $800. Signed: John GAMBILL. Wits: C.H. DOUGHTON, Hardin COX. Proved by C.H. DOUGHTON [cut off]. (Alleghany DB 8:437.)

Oct. 28, 1862. H.S. REEVES, W.P. MAXWELL, Solomon TOLIVER, Enoch REEVES, & George REEVES posted a $15,000 bond for H.S. REEVES, Clerk of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions. Wit: A.B. MCMILLAN, Chairman. (Alleghany DB 1:117.)

Nov. 27, 1862. William TOLIVER to Solomon TOLIVER, 35 acres on New River adj. Joseph DOUGHTON & a cove, for $255. Signed: William (X) TOLIVER. Wits: C.H. DOUGHTON, A.H. TALIAFER. Proved Dec. 23, 1885, by C.H. DOUGHTON. (Alleghany DB 7:121.)

Mar. 15, 1863. Solomon TOLIVER to Alexander RICHARDSON, 25 acres on Crab Creek of New River [sic], adj. said RICHARDSON, Chesley CHEEK, & COX, for $125. Signed: Solomon TOLIVER. Wits: Isaac EDWARDS, E.C.C. RICHARDSON. (Alleghany DB 1:153.)

Jan. 25, 1864. Pleasant C. HIGGINS, T.S. HIGGINS, Solomon TOLIVER, & T.C. DOUGLAS, posted a $4,000 performance bond for P.C. HIGGINS, constable of Crab Creek District. Wit: R. GAMBILL. (Alleghany DB 1:148.)

Dec. 28, 1867. C.J. TOLIVER, M.B. TOLIVER, A.H. TOLIVER, Hardin REEVES & wife Franky, G.R. COX & wife Margaret, T.S. HIGGINS & wife Phebe, G. Mc. REEVES & wife Belinda, & John A. CROUSE & wife Sarah, to Creed TOLIVER, 123 acres on Dog Creek beg. on top of a ridge by a path, adj. Wm. TOLIVER, for $233. Signed: M.B. TALEFERO, George R. COX, Hardin REEVES, George Mc. REEVES, Taliaferro S. HAGINS, Malinda REEVES, J.A. CROUSE, Phebe HIGGINS, Margaret COX, Franky CROUSE, Clark TALIAFERRO, C.J. TALIAFERO, A.H. TALIAFERO by C.J. TALAFERRO. Wit: C.H. DOUGHTON. Proved Feb. 6, 1877 (ack'd). (Alleghany DB 3:336.)

Dec. 28, 1867. Calvin TOLIVER, Melvin B. TOLIVER, Alexander TOLIVER by Calvin TOLIVER, Creed TOLIVER, George R. COX & wife Margaret, Hardin REEVES & wife Franky, George Mc. REEVES & wife Malinda, John A. CROWSE [CROUSE] & wife Sarah, & Toliver HIGGINS & wife Phebe, to Clark TOLIVER, heirs at law of Solomon TOLIVER, dec'd, 57 acres including the dwelling of the late Solomon TOLIVER, dec'd, adj. a road, a cond'l line, & the old line; for $1 & affection. Signed: M.B. TALIFER, George R. COX, C.P. TALIFER, Hardin REEVES, G. Mc. REEVES, J.A. CROWSE, Frances REEVES, Margaret (X) COX, Matilda REEVES, Sarah An CROWSE, Phebe (X) HIGGINS, Creed TALIFER, T.S. HIGGINS, A.H. TALIFER by C.J. TALIFER. Wit: C.H. DOUGHTON. Proved June 3, 1885, & June 5, 1885 (ack'd). Reg. June 16, 1885. (Alleghany DB 5:500.)

Dec. 28, 1867. C.J. TOLIVER, M.B. TOLIVER, Creed TOLIVER, Clark TOLIVER, G.R. COX & wife Margaret, Hardin REEVES & wife Franky, T.S. HIGGINS & wife Phebe, G. Mc. REEVES & wife Matilda, & J.A. CROUSE & wife Sarah, to Alexander H. TOLIVER, heirs of Solomon TOLIVER, dec'd, 113 acres on Burtons Creek, adj. a ridge, GAMBILL?, a cove, & the old line, for $233.60. Signed: M.B. TOLIVER, C.J. TOLIVER, Talifer S. HIGGINS, Hardin REEVES, G. Mc. REEVES, George R. COX, J.A. CROUSE, Frances REEVES, Sarah CROUSE, Matilda REEVES, Phebe HIGGINS, Margaret COX, Clark N. TOLIVER, Creed TOLIVER. Wit: C.H. DOUGHTON. Proved Sept. 9, 1876 (ack'd). (Alleghany DB 7:120.)