Henry Edwards
of Orange County, NC

Henry Edwards, son of John EDWARDS, Sr. & Mary STOKES, was born abt. 1759, probably in Orange Co., NC, and died June 19, 1850, in Orange Co., NC. He married Elizabeth Lindsey, daughter of John LINDSEY & Mary ROBERTSON. She was born Oct. 14, 1764, and died Sept. 10, 1850, in Orange Co., NC. Henry and Elizabeth are buried at the Edwards-Cabe Cemetery in Bingham Twp., Orange Co., NC, although their original gravestones can no longer be found. A memorial marker was erected by a descendant in 2004.

Children of Henry Edwards & Elizabeth Lindsey:

  1. Delilah Edwards, b. abt. 1782 in Orange Co., NC; d. 1851 in Orange Co., NC; m. Thomas LLOYD, son of Stephen LLOYD, Sr., & Martha "Polly" MORRIS, Dec. 18, 1805, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1773; d. 1839). Children: Children: Sidney S. Lloyd (1807), Cynthia A. Lloyd (1808), Elizabeth Lloyd (c.1810), Thomas Major Lloyd (1812), Frances Lloyd (1814), Saurin Orsborn Lloyd (1818), Atlas Jackson Lloyd (1821), Sephronia C. Lloyd (c.1823), Cornelia A. Lloyd (c.1826).
  2. Mary "Polly" Edwards, b. abt. 1783, Orange Co., NC; d. May 1866, Orange Co., NC; m. Stephen LLOYD, Jr., son of Stephen LLOYD, Sr., & Martha "Polly" MORRIS, Oct. 20, 1800, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1782; d. 1864). Children: Nancy Lloyd (c.1801), Delilah "Dilly" Lloyd (1804), Henry Buchanan Lloyd (1808), Sarah Lloyd (c.1810), Stephen S. Lloyd (1813), Chesley Page Lloyd (1818), Elizabeth Lloyd (1820), Manley C. Lloyd (c.1824).
  3. Nathan Edwards, b. abt. 1784, Orange Co., NC; d. bef. 1844, Orange Co., NC; m. Sarah "Sally" BREWER, daughter of Thomas Sackfield BREWER & Nancy LLOYD, Dec. 15, 1806, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1789; d. bef. 1838). Children: Nancy Edwards (c.1807), Rosanna Edwards (c.1809), Mary Edwards (1811), Wesley Edwards (c.1813), William Edwards (c.1815), Thomas C. Edwards (c.1817).
  4. Susannah Edwards, born abt. 1792, Orange Co., NC; d. aft. 1850, Orange Co., NC; m. (1) James MOORE, Dec. 24, 1812, Orange Co., NC (d. abt. 1820 in Chatham Co., NC); (2) Allen M. ROBERTSON, Jan. 1, 1822, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1794; d. aft. 1850). Children: Ruffin T. Moore (1814), Alvis Jackson Robertson (c.1822), Nathaniel Pinkney Robertson (c.1824), Elizabeth Robertson (c.1825), Louisa M. Robertson (1830), Permelia A. Robertson (1834).
  5. John Edwards, b. abt. 1795, Orange Co., NC; d. __; m. Nancy STEVENS, Jan. 3, 1821, Orange Co., NC.  John is named in Henry Edwards 1844 will, but he is not listed in the census in Orange Co., NC, aft. 1830.
  6. Sarah Ann Edwards, b. abt. 1798, Orange Co., NC; d. aft. 1880 in Fricks Gap, Walker Co., GA; m. Willam G. CAREATHERS, Nov. 5, 1816, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1795; d. bet. 1870-1880). They moved to Walker Co., GA, bef. 1850. Note, although this surname is more commonly spelled "Caruthers" or "Carruthers," several branches of the family from Orange Co., NC, used "Careathers." Children: Mary A. Careathers (c.1819), Algernum Harry Careathers (c.1820), Samuel R. Careathers (c.1822), Cynthia Ann Careathers (1824), Martha J. Careathers (c.1829), William Henry Careathers (c.1829), Nancy A. Careathers (1831), Emily Careathers (c.1834), Sarah S. Careathers (c.1836).
  7. Henry Edwards, Jr.,, b. Dec. 14, 1799, Orange Co., NC; d. Sept. 22, 1885, Burke Co., NC; m. (1) Mary Willis SNIPES, Jan. 13, 1820 (b. Feb. 22, 1803; d. Apr. 26, 1844); (2) Henrietta R. HARDIE, Jan. 12, 1848, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1810; d. aft. 1850); bur. Methodist Cemetery, Burke Co., NC. Children: James Sanford Edwards (1821), Thomas Franklin Edwards (1823), Britain Algeron Edwards (1825), John Wesley Edwards (1826), Thomas Henry Edwards (1830), Sidney Franklin Edwards (1832), Martha Ann Edwards (1835), Edwin Skidmore Edwards (1838), William Dela Fletcher Edwards (1841), Henry Atlas Edwards (1844).
  8. Elizabeth Edwards, b. Mar. 31, 1802, Orange Co., NC; d. Jan. 12, 1892, Orange Co., NC; m. (1) John CAREATHERS, Oct. 17, 1826, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1797; d. bef. 1848); (2) John CABE, Jan. 27, 1847, Orange Co., NC (b. abt. 1798; d. aft 1850); bur. Antioch Cemetery, Orange Co., NC. Note, although this surname is more commonly spelled "Caruthers" or "Carruthers," several branches of the family from Orange Co., NC, used "Careathers." Children: William Gaston Careathers (1831), Sarah Ann Careathers (1840).
  9. Lindsey Edwards, born Dec. 8, 1804, Orange Co., NC; d. Dec. 19, 1862, Walker Co., GA; m. Sarah MARSH, daughter of William H. MARSH & Sarah STEWART, Dec. 8, 1823, Chatham Co., NC (b. Mar. 17, 1801; d. Jan. 18, 1863). Children: Mariah L. Edwards (1824), Wady A. Edwards (c.1827), Emily P. Edwards (c.1832), Robert D. Edwards (c.1835), Mary A. H. Edwards (c.1838), Sarah P. Edwards (1840), Edwin Griff Major Edwards (c.1844).


Henry Edwards, born about 1759, was the youngest son of John Edwards, Sr. of Orange County, NC.  His father obtained a land grant in Orange County in May 1759, so Henry may have been the only child in the family who was actually born in Orange County.  His oldest brother, John Edwards, Jr., was already married with at least two children who were older than their uncle Henry!

Henry probably married his wife Elizabeth LINDSEY about 1781 based on the ages of their children.  They eventually settled on 520 acres of land given to Henry by his father.  This land was located on Collins Creek, a stream which arises in Orange County a few miles northwest of Chapel Hill, and flows south toward the Haw River in Chatham County.  Henry died in 1850 at the age of 90 or 91; his wife died three months later.  A letter about Henry Edwards appeared in the Raleigh Star & North Carolina Gazette on July 8, 1846, page 1, col. 4:

Raleigh Star & North Carolina Gazette
July 8, 1846, page 1, col. 4

For the Star.

Before the Revolutionary war, a Mr John Edwards came from the banks of Buckskin Creek, near Petersburg, Va., and settled on Collins' Creek, in Orange county, N. C.  At the time Mr. Edwards settled in Orange, his nearest neighbor was four miles to the East and his next nearest neighbor was ten miles in the same direction.  Mr. Edwards made a small farm and lived by farming and hunting.  He died over one hundred years old.  His son Henry Edwards, sen. is now living on the original settlement, and is 87 years old, having a wife 81 years old; they having lived together 66 years.  Mr. Henry Edwards never has taken but one dose of medicine.  He has over 100 children, grandchildren, and great grand children, who also have children.  Mr. Henry Edwards has a nephew older than himself, living in the same neighborhood, viz Allen Edwards.  This gentleman was 89 years old last May.  His wife, Charity, is 91 years old, and has been married 63 years.  She is still exceedingly lively and loves a good joke.  This, indeed, is a remarkable family for good health and long life.  They live plain and work hard, and thereby they have doubtless perpetuated their lives and preserved their health.  Plain living, hard work, honesty and long life generally go together.  Yours truly, E. L. P.

Thanks to Gerald Collins for providing much of the info about this family!


1790 Tax List, Orange Co., NC, Caswell Dist.: Henry EDWARDS, 1 white poll, 1 black poll, no acres

Feb. 25, 1793. John EDWARDS to Henry EDWARDS, 520 acres. Wit: Ezekiel BREWER. (Orange Co., NC, Register of Deeds.)  [Note, this was probably the 520 acres on Collins Creek that John Edwards, Sr., obtained by land grant on Feb. 20, 1793. (Land Grant No. 1092).]

Oct. 20, 1793. Henry EDWARDS is named in the will of his father-in-law John LINDSEY of Orange Co., NC, dated Oct. 20, 1793, proved Feb. 1794. (Orange Co., NC, WB B, p.275.)

July 14, 1794. Henry EDWARDS obtained a land grant for 146 acres on Collins Creek in Orange Co., NC. (Orange Land Grant No. 1108.)

Apr. 2, 1796. Henry EDWARDS is named in the will of his father John EDWARDS, dated Apr. 2, 1795, proved Nov. 1801. (Orange Co., NC, WB D, p.56.)

May 19, 1800. Henry EDWARDS was the bondsman for the marriage of Willis LEE and Ruth LINDSEY. (Orange Co., NC, Marriage Bonds.)

1800 Census, Orange Co., NC, Hillsborough, p.506: HENRY EDWARDS
2 w/m under 10 2 w/f under 10
1 w/m 10-15 1 w/f 10-15
1 w/m 26-45 1 w/f 26-45
1 w/m over 45  
11 slaves  

1810 Census, Orange Co., NC, Hillsborough, p.792: HENRY EDWARDS
1 w/m under 10 1 w/f under 10
2 w/m 10-15 1 w/f 10-15
1 w/m over 45 1 w/f 16-25
10 slaves 1 w/f over 45

1820 Census, Orange Co., NC, p.310: HENRY EDWARDS
2 w/m 10-15 1 w/f 16-25
1 w/m over 45 1 w/f over 45
6 slaves  

Dec. 18, 1821. Henry EDWARDS obtained a land grant for 98 acres on Collins Creek. (Orange Co., NC, Land Grant No. 1969).

Apr. 10, 1826. Henry EDWARDS, Sr., of Orange Co., NC, deeds a Negro boy to John EDWARDS of Chatham Co., NC. Wits: Henry EDWARDS, Jr., Isaac DURHAM. Proved May Court 1826. (Orange Co., NC, WB E, p.112.)

1830 Census: not listed (there is a Henry Edwards on p.288 of the Orange Co. census, but at only 30-39 years old, he was probably Henry Edwards, Jr.)

1840 Census, Orange Co., NC, So. Div., p.266: HENRY EDWARDS
1 w/m 80-89 2 w/f 70-79
17 slaves  

1850 Census, Orange Co., NC, 1st Dist., p.275 (HH#1901):
HENRY EDWARDS, age 95? [might be 90], farmer, $850, b. in NC
-- Betty, age 85, NC

1850 Census, Orange Co., NC, 1st Dist., Slave Schedule: HENRY EDWARDS, 20 slaves

Sept. 18, 1850. The Hillsborough Recorder, "Died in this county, on the 19th of June last, Mr. Henry Edwards, in the 91st year of his age, and on the 10th Instant, Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards, relict of the late Henry Edwards."

Will of Henry Edwards

Dated July 20, 1844; Recorded Aug. 1850
Orange Co., NC, WB F, pp.466-467

In the name of God Amen, State of North Carolina, Orange County. I Henry EDWARDS Senr. of the county aforesaid being in health at present and of a sound mind, and memory thanks be to God for the same, but calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and that all man kind must die. I do hereby make & ordain this my last will & testament theretofore made by me revoking an disannulling all former wills and testaments heretofore made by me, I recommend my soul to God and my body to the dust. My will is that all my just debts be paid.

Item, I lend my beloved wife Elizabeth EDWARDS all my land and negroes and stock of every kind during her life or widowhood and after her death to be divided as follows.

I give and bequeath to my son Nathan EDWARDS and his lawful begotten children ten dollars.

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Delila LLOYD one hundred dollars.

Item I give and bequeath to my three grand sons of Nathan EDWARDS Deceased a certain tract of land whereon their father lived containing one hundred & twenty acres more or less and to my grand daughters of Nathan EDWARDS deceased Nancy, Rosanna & Mary daughters of said Nathan EDWARDS son of Nathan EDWARDS deceased one hundred dollars each.

Item, I give & bequeath to Thomas, Wesley and William EDWARDS son of Nathan EDWARDS deceased one hundred dollars each.

Item, I give & bequath to my son Lindsey EDWARDS all the rest of my land.

Item, I give & bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth CAREATHERS a certain negro woman named Feribee with her child Marion to her & her children forever

The rest of the property to be equally divided amongst the rest of my children to wit John EDWARDS, Henry EDWARDS, Lindsey EDWARDS, Mary LLOYD and Delila LLOYD, Susanna ROBERSON, Sarah CAREATHERS and Elizabeth CAREATHERS, the negros to be divided by lot and drawed for, otherwise if required.

And lastly I constitute and appoint my beloved son John EDWARDS and Henry EDWARDS Executors to this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by me in witness whereof I here unto set my hand and seal this 20th day of July and the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred & forty four.

[Signed] Henry EDWARDS {seal}

Signed sealed and published and acknowledged in presence of
Witness Eli CHEEK