Deed Abstracts
of Alleghany County, NC

Alleghany County, North Carolina, was established in 1859 from Ashe County, which was established in 1799 from Wilkes County.  To find land transactions prior to 1859, you will generally need to search the records of either Ashe or Wilkes County.  However, a substantial number of early deeds were later recorded Alleghany County's deed books.  You can browse these abstracts by year, or use the every-name index.

Transcriber's Notes:
1857 map of Alleghany County

Alleghany County, 1857
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Organization of these abstracts. I arranged the abstracts chronologically because that made the most sense to me.  However, the deed books themselves are not in any particular order.  The clerks simply copied the deeds however they received them, which in some cases was years after the original transactions took place.  The first twenty deed books cover the following years:

Book In Use Oldest Deed
A-1 1859-1872 1816
B-2 1872-1881 1801
C-3 1875-1883 1809
D-4 1878-1882 1846
E-5 1879-1886 1828
F-6 1885-1886 1809
G-7 1885-1888 1801
H-8 1888-1892 1845
I-9 1892-1894 1782
J-10 1894-1896 1801
K-11 1896-1898 1810
L-12 1898-1899 1799
M-13 1899-1900 1797
N-14 1900-1901 1782
O-15 1901-1902 1817
P-16 1902-1903 1811
Q-17 1903-1904 1804
R-18 1904-1905 1797
S-19 1905-1905 1854
T-20 1905-1906 1805

In most cases, the deed's effective date is the date of the actual sale or other transaction. The abstracts also include the date the deed was "proven" (i.e., authenticated in court), and the date it was "registered" (copied into the deed book), if this information appears in the original deed.

I have omitted the names of government officials who appear repeatedly in deed certifications and registrations. These officials included:

  1. Allen GENTRY, Clerk of the County Court, 1859-1861
  2. Horton S. REEVES, Clerk of the County Court, 1862-1868
  3. Charles G. FOWLKES, Clerk of the County Court, 1866-1868
  4. William A.J. FOWLKES, Clerk of the Superior Court, 1864-1868
  5. Berry H. EDWARDS, Probate Judge/Clerk of the Superior Court, 1868-1873
  6. John J. GAMBILL, Probate Judge/Clerk of the Superior Court, 1873-1882
  7. R.S. CARSON, Probate Judge/Clerk of the Superior Court, 1882-1890

For the first few years of Alleghany County's existence, the court clerk was responsible for copying the deeds into the deed book. Later, this job was given to the Register of Deeds, often assisted by various Deputy Registers.

  1. Thomas EDWARDS, Register of Deeds, 1865-1868
  2. F.M. MITCHELL, Register of Deeds, 1868-1880
  3. F.G. MCMILLAN, Register of Deeds, 1880-1882
  4. F.M. MITCHELL, Register of Deeds, 1882-1886
  5. J.C. ROUP, Register of Deeds, 1886-1892


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