Meredith Cheek &
Peggy Ann Reeves

Meredith Cheek, son of Richard M. CHEEK & Frances "Frankie" CROUSE was born May 10, 1843, in Ashe Co., NC, and died Aug. 17, 1924, in Alleghany Co., NC. He married Margaret Ann "Peggy" Reeves, daughter of Hardin REEVES & Frances TOLIVER, Mar. 3, 1876, in Alleghany Co., NC. She was born May 17, 1848, in Ashe Co., NC, and died Jan. 24, 1918, in Alleghany Co., NC. Meredith and Peggy Cheek are buried at the Meredith Cheek Cemetery, Vox community, Alleghany Co., NC.

Children of Meredith Cheek & Margaret Ann "Peggy" Reeves: none.


Civil War: Meredith CHEEK joined the Crab Creek District, 96th NC Militia, and was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. on Dec. 26, 1861. Subsequently, he enlisted as a private in Co. I, 61st North Carolina Infantry Regiment. He was age 20 at enlistment on May 3, 1862. On rolls Nov. 15, 1862, and Apr. 15, 1863. Hospitalized on June 25, 1863, at Wilmington, NC, with debility. Returned June 8, 1863. Hospitalized on July 14, 1863, at Wilmington, NC, with intermittent fever. Furloughed on Aug. 11, 1863, for 30 days. AWOL on Sept. 15, 1863. Furloughed on Jan. 29, 1864, for 30 days. Returned on Mar. 15, 1864. Wounded in shoulder on May 31, 1864, at Cold Harbor, VA. Wounded in thigh on July 30, 1864, at Petersburg, VA. AWOL on Aug. 1, 1864. (Source: "Ashe and Alleghany County in the Civil War" by Jeff Weaver; American Civil War Soldiers,

Mar. 3, 1876. Meredith CHEEK, age 27, son of Richard M. & Frances Cheek, m. Peggy REEVES, age 26, daughter of Hardin REEVES & Frances TOLIVER. (G.H. Latham, Alleghany County Marriages (Heritage Books, 1996).)

1880 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, Glade Creek Twp. (HH#30):
-- Margaret A., 26, wife, NC NC NC

1890 Land Tax List, Grayson Co., VA, Old Town Dist.:
MEREDITH CHEEKS, JR. (NC): 22 acres on the Little River

1900 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, Glade Creek Twp (HH#69):
MEREDITH CHEEK, b. May 1846, age 54, m. 30 years, NC NC NC
-- Margarette, b. Mar 1849, age 51, m. 30 years, no children, NC VA NC
1910 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, Glade Creek Twp., p.3 (HH#43):
MEREDITH CHEEK, 66, m. 29 yrs, NC NC NC, farmer
-- Peggie A, wife, 56[?], m. 29 yrs, 0 children, NC NC NC
1920 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, Glade Creek Twp., p.12 (HH#232):
MERIDTH CHEEK, 75, widowed, NC NC NC
REEVES, Sell[?], nephew, 19, NC NC NC
TUCKER, Lula, servant, Mu, 24, NC NC NC

Death Certificate: MARGARET ANN CHEEK, age 69, b. 17 May 1848, Alleghany Co., NC; d. 24 Jan. 1918, Glade Creek Twp., Alleghany Co., NC; father: Hardin REEVES; mother: __ TOLIVER; burial: Cheek graveyard. (

Death Certificate: MERDIETH CHEEK, age 81, b. 10 May 1843, NC; d. 17 Aug 1924, Glade Creek Twp., Alleghany Co., NC; spouse: Peggie Ann REEVES; father: Richard CHEEK; mother: Frankie CROUSE; burial: home cemetery. (

Meredith Cheek & Peggy Ann Reeves Cheek

Meredith Cheek Cemetery, Alleghany County, NC
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Gravestone of Meredith Cheek Gravestone of Peggy Ann Reeves Cheek
MAY 10, 1843
AUG. 17, 1924
Rest, soldier, rest thy
warfare is over
Wife of
Born 1847
Died 1917
Weep not she is not dead
but sleepeth.

Deed Abstracts

Mar. 15, 1881. Meredith CHEEK, Sr., & wife Sarah to Meredith CHEEK, Jr., & wife Margaret Ann, 12 acres on the Little River adj. corner of Meredith CHEEK, Sr., & Meredith CHEEK, Jr., a branch, & the State Line, for $100. Signed: Meredith (X) CHEEK, Sarah (X) CHEEK. Wits: Jacob BROWN, Isom EDWARDS. Proved Mar. 3, 1898 (ack'd). Reg. May 6, 1898. (Alleghany DB 12:132-133.)

Feb. 10, 1894. R.M. CHEEK to Meredith CHEEK, Jr., 7 ½ acres adj. R.M. CHEEK, Meredith CHEEK, Jr., a road, & a branch, for $5. Signed: R.M. CHEEK. Wits: M.F. JOHNSON, J.C. MCGRADY. Proved Mar. 3, 1898. Reg. May 21, 1898. (Alleghany DB 12:134.)

Apr. 4, 1898. Richard CHEEK, Sr., to Meredith CHEEK, Jr., 53 acres beg. on west bank of Little River, adj. Meredith CHEEK & Meredith CHEEK, Sr., for $160. Signed: R.M. CHEEK. Wits: C.M. CHEEK, J.T. CHOAT. Proved Apr. 27, 1898. Reg. May 6, 1898. (Alleghany DB 12:130.)

Jan. 24, 1899. Richard CHEEK & wife Martha to Meredith CHEEK Jr., J.L. JOINES & C.M. CHEEK, 1 acre in Glade Creek Township adj. the Pleasant Home Church lot, Richard CHEEK, & J.L. JOINES, for $12. 1/4 interest to Meredith CHEEK, 1/4 to J.L. JOINES, and 1/4 to C.M. CHEEK. Signed: Richard CHEEK, Martha (X) CHEEK. Witness: Barney EVANS. Proved Jan. 27, 1899. Reg. Apr. 13, 1899. (Alleghany DB 13:9.)

Jan. 6, 1903. Richard CHEEK & wife Martha, Meredith CHEEK & wife Margaret, & S.A. CHOATE & wife Laura, to Reed M. EDWARDS, one acre in Glade Creek Twp., adj. Richard CHEEK, Jr. & the Pleasant Home Church lot, for $150. This deed is to convey a three-fourth interest in said Pleasant Home store house lot and 3 bldgs. theron. Signed by all 6 grantors. Proved Jan. ?, 1903. Reg. Jan. 15, 1903. (Alleghany DB 16:556.)

June 21, 1913. Meredith CHEEK, Solomon WILLEY, & Wm. MOXLEY, Building Committee of Pleasant Home Church, to R.M. EDWARDS, 1/4 acre adj. R.M. EDWARDS & Pleasant Home Church lands, for $25. Signed by the grantors. Proved June 21, 1913 (ack'd). (Alleghany DB 27:275.)