James Cheek, Jr.,
of Franklin Co., MO

James Cheek, Jr., son of James CHEEK & Ann MAYO, was born bet. 1765-1770 in North Carolina and d. 1840-1850 in Franklin Co., MO. He married (1) Nancy, last name unknown, bef. 1790. He married (2) Lydia Willians, Apr. 24, 1817, Gibson Co., IN. She was born abt. 1785 and died aft. 1850 in Franklin Co., MO.

Children of James Cheek, Jr. & Nancy:

  1. Hannah Cheek, b. 1785-1795; d. ? ; m. Solomon KUYKENDALL, Jan. 13, 1809, Christian Co., KY. The marriage record states her parents were James & Nancy CHEEK; bondsman was Joel CHEEK (a cousin? brother?). Solomon KIRKENDOLPH is listed in the 1810 census of Christian Co., KY, p.75, immediately following James CHEEK, then no further records.
  2. Nancy Elizabeth Cheek,b. abt. 1815, TN; d. aft. 1860, AR?; m. Joseph SPENCE (SPENCER), June 27, 1842, Franklin Co., MO (b. ?; d. bef. 1850). Children: Sarah Spence(r) (c.1834), Jane Spence(r) (c.1838), Mary Spence(r) (c.1848).  Nancy Eliza and her children moved to Arkansas with her brother James CHEEK and were living with him in 1860 in Franklin Co., AR.

Children of James Cheek, Jr. & Lydia Williams:

  1. Celia Ann Cheek, b. abt. 1818, Kentucky, d. aft. 1850, MO?; m. Pinkney (Finley) LARIMORE, Jan. 7, 1838, Franklin Co., MO (b. abt. 1818; d. aft. 1850). Living in Morgan Co., MO, in 1850. Children: Thomas Larimore (c.1840), John Larimore (c.1842), Catherine Larimore (c.1843), Richard Larimore (c.1847), Joseph Larimore (c.1850).
  2. James Cheek, b. abt. 1822, Franklin Co., MO; d. 1892, Johnson Co., AR; m. (1) Isabella, last name unknown (b. abt. 1822; d. bef. 1860); (2) Ruthie RISLEY; (3) Mary WARREN (b. abt. 1836; d. aft. 1900). Living in Pulaski Co., MO, in 1850; Franklin Co., AR, in 1860; and thereafter in Johnson Co., AR. (Thanks to Pat Munroe for providing info on this family.)  Children: Catherine Cheek (c.1842), Prudence Cheek (c.1844), Lucinda Cheek (c.1848), Nancy Ann Cheek (c.1848), Martha J. Cheek (c.1849), Mary Jane Cheek (c.1860), Nathaniel Cheek (c.1862), Angeline "Lina" Cheek (c.1865), John Cheek (c.1868), James Cheek (1868), Emaline Cheek (c.1872), Isabella Cheek (1883), Allie Cheek (1885).


James Cheek, Jr., left Laurens District, South Carolina, sometime after 1800 with his older brother Lewis Cheek.  James Jr. and Lewis are believed to be sons of James Cheek, Sr., of Laurens Dist., SC, mainly because of geographic proximity in the 1800 census.  Their relationship to James Cheek, Sr., is somewhat speculative.

James Jr. and Lewis Cheek lived for a time in Christian County, KY, and then Gibson County, IN.  James Jr. arrived in Franklin County, Missouri, prior to 1830.  (Lewis went to Lawrence County, IL.)  James married twice and appears to have died between 1840-1850.  His widow, Lydia, then age 65, is listed in the 1850 census of Franklin County, MO.


Sept. 7, 1796. Laurens Dist., SC. James CHEEK witnessed a deed from Jesse HIGGINS to James HUGHES of Abbeville, SC, 83 acres on the south side of Beaverdam Creek of the Enoree River, granted 1791, adj. James KILGORE, Dr. ROSS, heirs of Arthur BRATCHER. Recorded Mar. 19, 1804. Other witnesses were William PUTMAN and James SAXON, J.P. (Laurens Deed Book H, p.17.)

Feb. 1, 1799, Christian Co., KY. James CHEEK received a land grant for 150 acres in Christian Co., KY, on the east fork of the Pond River. On Nov. 4, 1807, he was granted another 100 acres in this same location. (Bk 6, p.158, Bk 7, p.130; see W.R. Jillson, The Kentucky Land Grants (Gen. Pub. Co., 1971), Part 1, p.237.)  Note, there was also an Elias or Ellis CHEEK who obtained a land grant for 200 acres on the Tradewater Creek in Christian Co., KY, on Apr. 6, 1799 (Bk. 2, p.173), and then another 100 acres on the Tradewater Creek on June 20, 1805. (Kentucky Land Grants, supra, Part 1, p.444.)  It's not clear how Ellis fits in. James had a brother named Ellis, but he remained in Laurens Dist., SC.

1800 Census, Laurens Dist., SC, p.17: JAMES CHEEK
1 w/m 16-25 2 w/f under 10
  1 w/f 16-25

1810 Census, Christian Co., KY, Hopkinsville Twp., p.75: JAMES CHEAK
1 w/m 26-45 1 w/f 16-25

Oct. 4, 1811, Christian Co., KY. James CHEEK was bondsman for the marriage of Winney CHEEK and Basel BARNETT in Christian Co., KY.

Note: Winney Cheek listed on p.75 of the 1810 census of Christian Co., KY. Her household consisted of one white female under age 10, one white female 26-45 and one white female over 45. It is possible she was the widow of the Ellis CHEEK who obtained land in Christian Co., KY, in 1799 and 1804.  Winnie and Bazel Barnett went to Gallatin Co., IL, where the 1850 census (Eagle Pct., p.399) shows Winnie Barnett, age 70, born in SC, and her husband Bazel Barnett, age 60, born in NC.

1820 Census, Gibson Co., IN, p.255: JAMES CHEEK
2 w/m under 10 1 w/f 26-45
1 w/m 26 -45  

1830 Census, Franklin Co., MO, Boeuf Twp: JAMES CHEEK
2 w/m 5-9 1 w/f under 5
1 w/m 60-69 1 w/f 10-14
  2 w/f 15-19
  1 w/f 40-49

1840 Census, Franklin Co., MO, Boeuf Twp.: JAMES CHEEK, SR.
1 w/m 70-79 2 w/f under 10
  1 w/f 20-29
  2 w/f 30-39
  1 w/f 50-59

1850 Census, Franklin Co., MO, Dist. 31, p.101:
CHEEK, Lydia, 65, MO
SPENCE, Eliza, 35, MO
-- Sarah, 16, MO
-- Jane, 12, MO
-- Mary 2, MO