Robert Tynes Cheek
of Warren County, NC

Robert Tynes Cheek, son of William CHEEK & Sarah BLAKE, was born between 1770-1774 in Bute Co., NC, and died 1841 in Warren Co., NC. He married Mary Hinton Alston, daughter of James ALSTON & Sarah KEARNY, Apr. 11, 1802, in Warren Co., NC. She was born Oct. 22, 1782, and died 1864 in Warren Co., NC.

Children of Robert Tynes Cheek & Mary Hinton Alston:

  1. Elbert Alston Cheek, b. Feb. 14, 1803, Warren Co., NC; d. 1873, Warren Co., NC; m. Susan B. HAYES, daughter of William HAYES & Martha HARRISON, June 1, 1825, Warren Co., NC (bond May 30, 1825); reportedly buried in a family cemetery in what is now Vance Co., NC. Will was recorded in Warren Co., NC, in 1873 (WB 51, p.67). Children: Robert Tynes Cheek (1828), William Hayes Cheek (c.1832), Virginia H. Cheek (c.1832), Mary Hinton Cheek (1833), John Cheek (1838), E.R. Cheek (f, c.1841), Harriett Cheek (c.1844), Elbert Alston Cheek Jr. (c.1847), Hugh H. Cheek (c.1851).
  2. Hinton Tynes Cheek, b. June 27, 1805, Warren Co., NC; d. Aug. 3, 1806, Warren Co., NC.
  3. James Augustus Cheek, b. 1806, Warren Co., NC; d. Dec. 5, 1862; m. Emily COFIELD. Will recorded in Warren Co., NC, in 1863. (WB 50, p.76.) Children: Augustus A. Cheek (c.1835), Mary C. Cheek (c.1838), Elizabeth A. Cheek (c.1840), William Cheek (c.1844), Thomas Cheek (c.1846).
  4. Emily Mckinsie Cheek, b. Aug. 11, 1808, Warren Co., NC; d. Jan. 12, 1876, Warren Co., NC; m. John Alexander BURT, Oct. 9, 1830, Warren Co., NC (b. unk.; d. 1845-1850). Children: William Burt (c.1832), Mary A. John Burt (c.1839), Alpins Burt (c.1841), Solumuth B. Burt (c.1843), Elizabeth Burt (c.1845).
  5. Ellen T. Cheek, b. July 19, 1810, Warren Co., NC; d. Oct. 28, 1818, Warren Co., NC.
  6. Matilda Hinton Cheek, b. Oct. 30, 1812, Warren Co., NC; d. July 20, 1881, Warren Co., NC; m. Dr. Thomas Jefferson PITCHFORD, Mar. 15, 1833, Warren Co., NC. Children: John Calhoun Pitchford (1834), Robert Tynes Pitchford (1835), Rev. James Alston Pitchford (1837), Thomas Jefferson Pitchford (1838), Sterling Tynes Pitchford (1840), Elizabeth Ridley Pitchford (1842), Mary Alston Pitchford (1844), Samuel Waite Pitchford (1846), William Pitchford (1848), Nancy Pitchford (1849), Emily Rebecca Pitchford (1851), Ann Hinton Pitchford (1852), unk. infant (1854), Carolina Matilda Pitchford (1856).
  7. John Skinner Cheek, b. June 24, 1815, Warren Co., NC; d. 1880, Warren Co., NC; m. (1) Eliza EDMONDS; (2) Clementine BAGWELL. Will recorded 1880 in Warren Co., NC (WB 51, p.152). Children: Dr. Benjamin Alston Cheek (1838), Mary Cheek (c.1842), Elizabeth Darian Cheek (c.1846), William B. Cheek (c.1854), Alicia Cheek (c.1855), Charity Cheek (c.1861), Henrietta Cheek (c.1864), Caty Cheek (c.1866), John S. Cheek (c.1868), Robert Lee Cheek (1870).
  8. Caroline C. Cheek, b. Nov. 2, 1817, Warren Co., NC; d. abt. 1890, Warren Co., NC; m. James Turnbull TWITTY, May 6, 1836, Warren Co., NC. Children: Robert Tynes Twitty (c.1838), Mary A. Twitty (c.1840).
  9. Flavius Josephus Cheek, b. May 10, 1821, Warren Co., NC; d. Jan. 12, 1896, Halifax Co., NC; m. Frances Louise or Louisa Frances JOHNSTON, daughter of Willis & Margaret JOHNSTON, Aug. 16, 1843 (b. abt. 1825; d. 1892). Their marriage is recorded in the family Bible of Wm. Willis & Margaret Binford Johnston, published in Mary Ladd Binford, Supplement to Binford Family Genealogy (1934), pp.26-27. F.J. CHEEK's will is recorded Halifax WB 7, pp.178-179.
  10. Darian Dawson Cheek, b. Jan. 15, 1823, Warren Co., NC; d. Nov. 12, 1848, Warren Co., NC; m. Thomas Alexander MONTGOMERY, Oct. 25, 1843, Warren Co., NC. Children: Walters A. Montgomery (c.1845), Robert C. Montgomery (c.1846), Alfred A. Montgomery (c.1848).
  11. Dr. William Alston Cheek, b. Aug. 10, 1825, Warren Co., NC; d. 1897, Madison Co., MS; m. Angeline A. CLANTON, May 19, 1846, Warren Co., NC; bur. Cheek-Hayes Cemetery, Farmhaven, Madison Co., MS. His will was recorded in Warren Co., NC, in 1897 (WB 51, p.539.) Child: Landon Cheek (c.1847).


Shady Oaks, a.k.a. Cheek-Twitty House
Warrenton, NC (built abt. 1812)

Robert Tynes Cheek (also spelled Robert Tines Cheek) was a prominent citizen of Warren County, NC.  He owned a sizeable plantation outside Warrenton which he inherited from his father, called "Shady Oaks."  The antebellum plantation house, constructed in about 1812, is known as the Cheek-Twitty House because it was later owned by Robert's grandson, Robert Twitty.  The house was extensively restored in the 1980's and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Robert Tynes Cheek also operated the first hotel in Warrenton, NC, known as Eagle Tavern and later Cheek Hotel.

Robert T.'s wife, Mary Hinton Alston, was the daughter of James Alston and Sarah Kearney of Warren County, NC.  Some of Robert T. and Mary (Alston) Cheek's children are listed in The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina by Joseph A. Groves (Franklin Printing, 1901), p.275.

According to the 1860 census, Robert T. Cheek's widow owned real estate (land and buildings) valued at a total of $35,750, which is the equivalent of $775,000 in 2006 dollars.


Oct. 14, 1797. Robert T. CHEEK is named in his father William CHEEK's will. William left him "the plantation whereon I now live on both sides of the creek" as well as 21 slaves and all stock, household and kitchen furniture. Robert served as co-executor of the will with his mother Sarah. The will was proved in Feb. 1800. (Warren WB 10, pp.213, 217.)

1800 Census, Warren Co., NC, p.753: ROBERT CHEEK
1 w/m 26-451 w/f under 10
 1 w/f 16-25

Apr. 14, 1802. Warren Co., NC. Robert T. CHEEK and Mary H. ALSTON posted a marriage bond; bondsman: James KEARNY.

1804-1805. Robert T. CHEEK served as a justice of the peace in Warren Co., NC. (See Warren WB 12, p.239; WB 13, pp.38, 42, 173.)

May 28, 1805. Robert T. CHEEK and Philip ALSTON were security for Solomon ALSTON, who posted a £20,000 bond for the administratration of the estate of James ALSTON, dec'd. (Warren WB 13, p.84.) [James ALSTON was Robert T. CHEEK's father-in-law.] Aug. 28, 1805, Robert T. CHEEK was appointed guardian of Sally, Charity, James, and Augustin ALSTON, minor orphans, and posted two guardianship bonds of £2,000 each. (Warren WB 13, pp.144, 152.) Dec. 4, 1805, Robert T. CHEEK and Randol CHEEK, among others, purchased wild hogs, corn and fodder from the estate of James ALSTON. (Warren WB 13, p.229, and Will Book 14, p.119.) Feb. 20, 1806, account of property of Sally, Charity, James and Augustin ALSTON, filed by Robert T. CHEEK, their guardian. (Warren WB 13, p.283.) Feb. 1807, Robert T. CHEEK guardian of Sally B., Charity, James, and Auguston ALSTON filed an accounting for board, schooling, etc. (Warren WB 14, p.8.)

Nov. 24, 1806. Allotment of support for widow & family of Jesse PERSON, dec'd, made by R.T. CHEEK along with S. ALSTON, Philip ALSTON & William ALSTON. (Warren Will Book 13, p.399.) On Dec. 24, 1806, R.T. CHEEK and others returned the inventory and account of sales from the estate of Jesse PERSON. (Warren WB 14, p.5.)

1810 Census, Warren Co., NC, p.179: ROBERT T. CHEEK
2 w/m under 102 w/f under 10
2 w/m 16-252 w/f 10-15
1 w/m 26-451 w/f 26-45
48 slaves1 w/f over 45

1811 Tax List, Warren Co., NC, Fishing Creek Dist.: ROBERT T. CHEEK, 1,860 acres, 18 slaves

1814 Tax List, Warren Co., NC, Fishing Creek Dist.: ROBERT T. CHEEK

Nov. 20, 1818, the following advertisement appeared n the Raleigh Register: "We, the undersigned having engaged the Rev. Thomas COTTRELL and his Lady, to teach a Female School in Warren County and within one and a half miles of the Shocco Spring, respectfully invite Parents and Guardians of Female children to aid them in the Institution, by sending them there…" Signed: H.G. WILLIAMS, Joseph HAWKINS, Hill JONES, Wm. K. KEARNEY, Robert T. CHEEK, and Whitmel ALSTON. (Source: Charles Lee Coon, North Carolina Schools and Academies 1790-1840 (1915), p.604.)

1820 Census, Warren Co., NC, Warrenton Twp., p.818: ROBERT T. CHEEK
2 w/m under 103 w/f under 10
1 w/m 10-151 w/f 26-45
1 w/m 16-18 
1 w/m 16-25 
1 w/m over 45 

Dec. 26, 1820. David H. NEWELL of Warren Co., NC, writes his will, naming "friend Robert T. CHEEK" as executor. Recorded Aug. 1821. [Note: David NEWELL was married to Robert T. CHEEK's niece, Nancy CHEEK, the daughter of John CHEEK.]

1830 Census, Warren Co., NC, Shocco Dist., p.603: ROBERT T. CHEEK
1 w/m under 51 w/f 5-9
2 w/m 10-14 1 w/f 10-14
1 w/m 20-291 w/f 15-19
1 w/m 40-491 w/f 20-29
71 slaves1 w/f 40-49

Dec. 1836. Deed from William BOBBITT to Hixey MOORE refers to 48 acres belonging to heirs of Joshua BOBBITT, land adjoining John B. POWELL, Robert T. CHEEK, and Bettie's heirs. (Warren Deed Book 27, p.280.)

1840 Census, Warren Co., NC, p.236: ROBERT T. CHEEK
1 w/m 5-91 w/f 15-19
1 w/m 20-291 w/f 50-59
1 w/m 30-39 
1 w/m 70-79 
38 slaves 

May 10, 1841. Robert T. CHEEK died in Warren Co., NC. A death notice appeared in the Raleigh Weekly. (Source: Jim Hecht, Warren County Deaths from Raleigh Newspapers.)  R.T. CHEEK's will was recorded in Warren Co., NC, in May 1841; names wife Mary Hinton CHEEK, sons Elbert Alson CHEEK, John S. CHEEK, Dr. William A. CHEEK, Flavious J. (Joe) CHEEK, and James CHEEK; daughters Emily M. BURT, Darian Cheek MONTGOMERY, Matilda Hinton CHEEK, Caroline CHEEK; grandsons Robert Tynes CHEEK, Robert Tynes PITCHFORD, Robert Tynes BURT, and Robert Tynes TWITTY (each grandson who bore his name received $500); will refers to 1,409 acres of land, "Shady Oaks" plantation, many lots in Warrenton including hotel property, 72 slaves, 100 bales of cotton and cash money. (Warren WB 37, p.480.)

1850 Census, Warren Co., NC, Warren Dist., p.62 (HH#875):
MARY F. CHEEK, 67, $5,000, NC

1850 Census, Slave Schedule, Warren Co., NC, Warrenton Dist., p.484:
MARY H. CHEEK, 20 slaves

1860 Census, Warren Co., NC, Warrenton Dist. (HH#205):
M.H. CHEEK, 78, f, farmer, $6,750, $29,000, b. in Warren NC
M. POYTHREP, 22, f, Warren NC

1860 Census, Slave Schedule, Warren Co., NC, p.41:
M.H. CHEEK, 25 slaves

The will of Mary H. CHEEK was recorded in Warren Co., NC, in 1864. (WB 50, p.114.)

photo of William Hayes Cheek

Col. William Hayes Cheek
1st NC Cavalry Reg. CSA
Grandson of Robert T. Cheek