Joshua McGowan Cox
& Ruth Osborne

Joshua McGowan Cox, son of David COX, Sr., & Margaret Ann MCGOWAN, was born Jan. 20, 1766, in Botetourt Co., VA, and died Dec. 20, 1820, in Grayson Co., VA. He married Ruth Osborne, daughter of Enoch OSBORNE & Jane HASH. She was born Dec. 26, 1770, in Botetourt Co., VA, and died Nov. 13, 1851, in Grayson Co., VA. Joshua McGowan Cox and Ruth Cox are buried at the Osborne Fort Cemetery in Grayson Co., VA.

Children of Joshua McGowan Cox & Ruth Osborne:

  1. John Cox, b. abt. 1788, Wythe (Grayson) Co., VA; d. 1850, Grayson Co., VA; m. Eleanor "Nellie" WARD, Sept. 13, 1821, Grayson Co., VA (b. abt. 1800; d. May 8, 1870); bur. Osborne Fort Cemetery in Grayson Co., VA. Children: Jesse G. Cox (1825), Joshua R. Cox (1827), Benjamin Franklin Cox (c.1832), Nathan Cox (1832), Ruthann Jane Cox (1834), Andrew J. Cox (c.1835), Polly Ann Cox (c.1835), Enoch W. Cox (1837), Seraphina Cox (c.1842), Aras Bishop "Little Doc" Cox (1845).
  2. David "River Dave" Cox, b. Nov. 28, 1790, Wythe (Grayson) Co., VA; d. Sept. 14, 1878, Grayson Co., VA; m. Irena Jane DOUGHTON (b. Sept. 27, 1793; d. Mar. 9, 1883); bur. Cox's Chapel Cemetery on Road 708, Grayson Co., VA. Children: Troy Cox (1812), Cynthia Cox (c.1813), Joshua D. Cox (1818), Mary "Polly" Cox (c.1822), Enoch W. Cox, Sr. (1820), Irena Cox (c.1829), Margaret "Peggy" Cox (c.1833), Ruth Cox (c.1835), Joseph B. Cox (c.1838), Isom Cox (1839).
  3. Hardin Cox, b. Jan. 5, 1796, Grayson Co., VA; d. Oct. 18, 1867, Grayson Co., VA; m. Nancy REEVES; bur. Osborne Fort Cemetery in Grayson Co., VA. Children: David Nathan Cox (1823), Enoch R. Cox (c.1825), Elbert S.F. Sevier "Squire" Cox (c.1826), Hardin Cox, Jr. (1828), Ruth Jane Cox (1831), Mary "Polly" Cox (c.1836), Joshua McGowan "Mack" Cox (1837).
  4. Margaret "Peggy" Cox, b. abt. 1799, Grayson Co., VA; d. bet. 1870-1880, Alleghany Co., NC; m. (1) Jesse REEVES, son of George REEVES, Jr., & Jane OSBORNE (d. 1833); (2) Charles H. DOUGHTON, abt. 1835 (b. Dec. 23, 1803; d. Jan. 28, 1903). Children: +Hardin Reeves (1816), George D. Reeves (1818), Joshua Reeves (1822), Enoch B. Reeves (c.1827), Jane Reeves (c.1829), Isom Reeves (1830), Cynthia Reeves (1831), David Reeves (c.1833), Fleming Doughton (c.1836), Jesse Doughton (c.1838), Joseph B. Doughton (1840).
  5. Hannah Cox, b. 1800, Grayson Co., VA; d. 1876, Grayson Co., VA; m. Solomon OSBORNE, son of Enoch OSBORNE, Jr., & Polly LIVESAY, Feb. 14, 1822, Grayson Co., VA (b. abt. 1803; d. 1876). Children: Nancy Osborne (1822), Mary "Polly" Osborne (1825), Jane Osborne (c.1829), Isom Osborne (1830), Enoch C. Osborne (1835), Joshua Straley Osborne (c.1840).
  6. Jane "Jennie" Cox, b. 1803, Grayson Co., VA; d. bef. 1850, Grayson Co., VA; m. Benjamin WARD, June 3, 1820, Grayson Co., VA (b. abt. 1796; d. aft. 1850). Children: Hannah Ward, Ruth Ward, Joshua Ward (c.1822), Seraphina Ward (c.1829), Eleanor "Nellie" Ward (c.1832), Margaret Booth "Peggy" Ward (c.1834), Phoebe Jane Ward (c.1840).
  7. Samuel B. Cox, b. June 29, 1810, Grayson Co., VA; d. Dec. 11, 1882, Grayson Co., VA; m. Elizabeth Bourne THOMAS, daughter of Jonathan THOMAS & Patience BOURNE, June 25, 1832, Grayson Co., VA (b. July 12, 1812; d. Oct. 26, 1883); bur. Samuel B. Cox Cemetery in Bridle Creek, Grayson Co., VA. Children: Margaret Ann "Peggy" Cox (1834), Hardin Cox (1836), Sarah Emeline Cox (1838), Melville Beveridge Cox (1840), Thomas Marion Cox (1842), Hannah Caroline Cox (1845), Jincey (Ginsey) Louisa Cox (1847), James Everett Cox, M.D. (1849), Ruth America Cox (1850), Benjamin Rush Floyd Cox (1852), McMillin Cox (1856).
  8. Isom Cox, b. July 23, 1812, Grayson Co., VA; d. Oct. 26, 1883, Grayson Co., VA; m. Jane "Jincey" PHIPPS, daughter of Joseph PHIPPS & Nancy MCMILLAN, Mar. 5, 1835, Grayson Co., VA (b. Jan. 23, 1818; d. June 20, 1891); bur. Bridle Creek Methodist Church Cemetery in Grayson Co., VA. Children: Haywood Cox (1838), Joseph Cox (c.1840), Hannah Emeline Cox (1842), Drusilla Cox (c.1846), Nancy Jane Cox (1849), Elizabeth Cox (1852), Ruth Cox (c.1855), Joshua Orville Cox (1856), John Letcher Cox (c.1860), Margaret Robena Cox (1861).


Joshua McGowan Cox was the oldest son of David Cox, Sr., and Margaret Ann McGowan of Grayson County, Virginia.  According to B.F. Nuckulls, Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County, Virginia (1914), Ch. IX, "Joshua Cox, married Miss Ruth Osborne, and settled on Bridle Creek, in a rich and fertile valley, which industry and enterprise have developed into fine farming lands.  Joshua Cox was a good citizen, and did much towards advancing the best interest of his neighborhood.  They reared five sons, John, David, Harden, Samuel, and Isom; also three daughters, Hannah, Jennie, and Margaret.  … Joshua McGowan Cox and family lived at the old family residence, near Independence."

In Reminiscences by C. Phipps (1922), the author wites about the early families who lived on Bridle Creek in Grayson County.  He recalls, "Joshua Cox lived below the [Joseph] Fields place; his land joined Fields.  He had a family of five noted sons and three daughters: Hardin, David, John, Samuel, and Isom; Jennie, his oldest daughter, married Charles Doughton; Hannah married Solomon Osborne: Ruth, married Ben Ward."


Nov. 20, 1793. Grayson Co., VA, Land Plat Book. "JOSHUA COX, asee of P. GAINS, asee of John PHILIPS asee of Michael RYAN by virtue of a land office treasury warrant for 2,000 acres No. 17912 and dated the 21st day of July 1783 enters 50 acres of land on Hash's Mill Creek beginning at Benjm. PHIPPS line and running so as to include an old Choppery and the forks of sd. Creek for quantity."

1794 Personal Property Tax List, Grayson Co., VA: JOSHUA COX, 1 white male over 16, 2 horses.

1805 Personal Property Tax List, Grayson Co., VA: JOSHUA COX, 1 white male over 16, 1 horse.

1810 Tax List, Grayson Co., VA: JOSHUA COX, 1 white tithe, 4 horses.

1820 Census, Grayson Co., VA, p.44: JOSHUA COX
2 w/m under 101 w/f 10-15
1 w/m over 451 w/f 16-25
 1 w/f over 45

1828 Tax List, Grayson Co., VA: RUTH COX, 1 white tithe, 1 slave over 12, 1 horse

1830 Census, Grayson Co., VA, p.250: RUTH COX
2 w/m 15-191 w/f 60-69

1835 Tax List, Grayson Co., VA: RUTH COX, 0 white tithes, 1 black tithe, 1 horse.

1850 Census, Grayson Co., VA (HH#713):
ISOM COX, 38, farmer, $3500, VA
-- Jincy, 31, VA
-- Haywood, 12, VA
-- Joseph P., 10, VA
-- Hannah E., 8, VA
-- Drucilla, 4, VA
-- Nancy, 1, VA
-- Ruth, 80, VA