Thomas Joines, Sr.,
& Mary Caudill

Thomas Joines, Sr., son of Ezekiel JOINES, was born between 1750-1760 and died Jan. 1834 in Wilkes Co., NC. Thomas married Mary Caudill, daughter of Benjamin CAUDILL, abt. 1779. She was born abt. 1760 and died after 1830.

Children of Thomas Joines & Mary Caudill:

  1. Susan Sarah Joines, b. July 5, 1780, Wilkes Co., NC; d. Mar. 2, 1872, Johnson Co., KY; m. Thomas CONLEY.
  2. Leah Joines, b. abt. 1785, Wilkes Co., NC; d. in Morgan Co., KY; m. John CONLEY; bur. Conley Cemetery, Crockett, Morgan Co., KY.
  3. Rachel Joines, b. abt. 1788, Wilkes Co., NC; d. 1850-1860, Wilkes Co., NC; m. William CAUDILL, son of Thomas A. CAUDILL, Oct. 26, 1811, Wilkes Co., NC (b. abt. 1790, d. 1850-1860). Children: William Caudill (c.1815), John Caudill (c.1820), Thomas Caudill (c.1826), Mary Caudill (c.1831).
  4. Lydia Joines, b. before 1790, Wilkes Co., NC; d. bef. 1835; m. Edmund CONLEY.
  5. +Martha "Patsy" Joines, b. abt. 1782, Wilkes Co., NC; d. bet. 1860-1870, Alleghany Co., NC; m. William M. JENNINGS, son of Ludewick "Luke" JENNINGS & Letes TOWNSEN.
  6. Major Joines, b. Apr. 24, 1793, Wilkes Co., NC; d. May 6, 1889, Wilkes Co., NC; m. Sarah CAUDILL, daughter of Jeremiah CAUDILL & Sarah Jane ADAMS, Apr. 24, 1825, Wilkes Co., NC (b. 1801, d. 1886). Children: Elizabeth "Betsy" Joines (c.1826), Mary "Polly" Joines (c.1828), Pheraby Joines (c.1831), Wesley Joines (1832), Thomas Joines (c.1836).
  7. Celia Joines, b. abt. 1797, Wilkes Co., NC. Celia, age 63, is listed with her brother Major Joines in the 1860 census of Wilkes Co., NC, Lower Division, Trap Hill P.O. (HH#423).
  8. Moses Joines, b. Feb. 15, 1798, Wilkes Co., NC; d. July 14, 1884, McMinn Co., TN; m. Susannah HOPPERS, Mar. 20, 1820, Wilkes Co., NC (b. abt. 1800; d. Dec. 11, 1886); moved to McMinn Co., TN, before 1860; bur. Chestua Baptist Church, Madisonville, Monroe Co., TN. Children: Daniel H. Joines (1820), Mary "Polly" Joines (1824), Gabriel F. Joines (1825), Lydia Joines (1827), King M. Joines (1829), Leanore Joines (1831), John H. Joines (c.1837), Elizabeth Joines (1838).
  9. +Ezekiel Joines, b. June 2, 1800, Wilkes Co., NC; d. May 8, 1893, Wilkes Co., NC; m. Pheraby CAUDILL, daughter of Jeremiah CAUDILL & Sarah Jane ADAMS; bur. Joines Family Cemetery, Traphill, Wilkes Co., NC.
  10. +Thomas Joines, Jr., b. Jan. 15, 1802, Wilkes Co., NC; d. Mar.-Apr. 1868, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Lydia (Elidia) HOPPERS, daughter of Daniel HOPPERS & Anna Maria FENDER; bur. Thomas Joines Cemetery, Rd. 1133, Alleghany Co., NC.


Wildcat Rocks Overlook

Wildcat Rocks Overlook
Wilkes County, NC

Thomas Joines, Sr., the son of Ezekiel Joines of Wilkes County, NC, was born roughly 1750.  He may be the Thomas "JINES" whose name appears on the 1778 tax list of Rowan County.  He was in Wilkes County by September 1778, when William HILL recorded a claim to 100 acres on the Great Elkin River, adjoining the lands of "Thomas GOINS."  During the years 1778, 1779, and 1780, Thomas "GOINS" entered eight different land claims in Wilkes County, amounting to about six hundred acres, on the Great Elkin River, Big Elkin Creek, the east fork of the Roaring River, and the Northeast Prong Branch.

Thomas Joines was a Revolutionary War veteran.  In 1832, Thomas "JINES" of Wilkes County gave a statement in support of a pension application filed by Jasper BILLINGS (National Archives Pension File No. W10295) in which he declared that he and Jasper fought together in the Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina.

"Thomas JINES who being first duly sworn according to law, deposeth and saith that he served with Jasper BILLINGS the above applicant during the three month tour mentioned in the foregoing declaration as having been performed under Capt. Alexander GORDEN to Camden where they joined Genl. GREENE and thence by Thompsons Fort to Eutaw Springs where the engagement was fought and from thence to Salisbury N.C. guarding the prisoners taken at the Eutaw Springs and where they were discharged…" [Signed by Thomas (X) JINES, his mark.]

There are no other records of Thomas Joines' Revolutionary service.  However, it has been passed down through the family that Thomas had a brother named Major Joines who died in the Battle of Eutaw Springs.  See the Joines/Joynes Family History Page by Eldon Dean Joines.

Thomas Joines probably came to North Carolina in the 1770's from Delaware with his father Ezekiel Joines.  There is an Ezekiel JOYNES who was part of a tax dispute in Sussex County, DE, in 1759 that resulted in the murder of Sheriff William OUTTEN.  (See this description of the incident by Carolyn Spence.)  Ezekiel Joynes was one the tax protesters but was not involved in the murder.  He remained in Sussex County until 1771 when he sold his land to John CLOWES and left the area.  (See records posted here by Joyce Newman).  He may be the Ezekiel "JONES" on the 1778 tax list of Rowan County, NC, Capt. Lyon's District.

The name of Ezekiel Joines' first wife (i.e., the mother of Thomas Joines) is unknown, although some sources claim her last name was PRUITT (verification needed).  "Ezikil GOINS" married Sarah GUNTER on July 14, 1779, in Rowan County, NC.  Ezekiel Joines (Jones, Gines) appears on the 1787 state census of Wilkes County, NC, the tax lists of 1795 and 1797, and the federal census of 1790 and 1800.  He deeded 100 acres of land on Cub Creek to "Edmond JOINES alias Edmund GUNTER" in July 1803, shortly before his death.  (Wilkes DB C, p.519.)  Edmund (who is also named in Ezekiel's will) was probably a son born before Ezekiel and Sarah were married.  Ezekiel's will was recorded in Wilkes County in August 1803.

Ezekiel's son Thomas Joines married Mary CAUDILL about about 1779 based on the ages of their children.  Her father, Benjamin CAUDILL, is said to have settled in Wilkes County by 1784.  I have had difficulty finding much documentation on Benjamin Caudill; there are many posted family trees on the Caudill family, but details are conflicting and appear to contain a lot of unverified claims and assumptions.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has documented information on Benjamin Caudill.

Thomas and Mary Joines lived in the Blue Ridge mountains of Wilkes County probably around Traphill, on the upper branches of the Roaring River or Big Elkin Creek.  Thomas Joines died in 1834; his burial place is unknown.

1833 map of Wilkes Co., NC

Part of Wilkes County, NC
from an 1833 map


1778 Tax List. Rowan Co., NC: THOMAS JINES

Sept. 14, 1778. Wilkes Co., NC. William HILL entered 100 acres on the Great Elkin River adj. Arthur CRITCHFIELD & Thomas GOINS. [Wm. HILL marked out, Thomas GOINS written in.] (Wilkes Land Entry Book No. 406.)

Nov. 5, 1778. Wilkes Co., NC. Thomas GOINS entered 100 acres on Big Elkin, conditional line between GOINS & Elijah HEDDEN, including the improvement. (Wilkes Land Entry Book No. 494.)

Nov. 10, 1778. Joseph VAWN (VAUGHN?) entered 100 acres on branch that runs into east fork of the Roaring River. (Joseph VAWN marked out, Thomas GOINES written in. (Wilkes Land Entry Book No. 497)

Sept. 30, 1779. Thomas GOINS entered 50 acres on the main branch that runs by Randolph HOLBROOKS toward HOLBROOKS line. (Wilkes Land Entry Book No. 1219.)

Sept. 30, 1779. Thomas GOINS entered 50 acres on the northeast prong of the branch that runs by Randolph HOLBROOKS. (Wilkes Land Entry Book No. 1220.)

Oct. 1, 1779. Thomas GOINS entered 100 acres on the branch between John BURGEY (AMBURGEY) & PARMELY. (WilkesLand Entry Book No. 1221.)

Feb. 5, 1780. Thomas GOINS entered 50 acres near Big Elkin Creek adjoining his old entry, contrary to Thomas PAYNES entry. (Wilkes Land Entry Book, No. 1595.)

Feb. 5, 1780. Thomas GOINS entered 100 acres near Samuel SCRITCHFIELD's line, towards John FIDDLER's. (Wilkes Land Entry Book No. 1596).

Feb. 5, 1780. Thomas GOINS entered 100 acres near Elisha HEDDINS line, down Big Elkin Creek. [Thomas GOINS marked out, Timoty IZELL written in.] (Wilkes Land Entry Book No. 1597.)

1787 State Census, Wilkes Co., NC, Capt. Johnson's Dist.: THOMAS JOINES
1 w/m age 21-60
No w/m under 21 or over 60
5 white females
No black persons

Apr. term 1789. Thomas JOINS purchased property from the estate of Jesse GREER, deceased. (Wilkes WB 1, p.257.)

Jan. 5, 1789. Deed from Thomas JOINES of Surry Co., NC, to Henry JOINES, 639 acres in Wilkes Co., NC, on middle fork of Roaring River called Jones Fork, including Thomas JOINES' improvement. Signed: Thomas JOINES. Wits: Elisha HEADEN, Frederick LEWIS, Samuel HEADEN. (Wilkes DB C-1, pp.94-95.)

Oct. 31, 1789. Thomas JOINS witnessed a deed from Charles WALKER of Franklin Co., GA, to Ezekiel JOINS for 200 acres in Wilkes Co., NC, on Cub Creek, adj. Frances HARDGRAVE, Wm. SMITH & Benj. JOHNSON. £110. Others wits: Geo. DAYIN, Wm. JOHNSON. (Wilkes DB B-1, p.243.)

1790 Census, Wilkes Co., NC, 6th Co.: THOM. JOINES
1 white male under 16
1 white male over 16
7 white females
No slaves

Feb. 23, 1795. Thomas JINES witnessed a deed from George PAYNE to James CAUDELL, Jr., 200 acres on Roaring River. Other wits: Turner HAMPTON, Francis HARDGRAVE. (Wilkes DB C-1, p.242.)

Feb. 23, 1795. Thomas JINES witnessed a deed from George PAYNE to James CAUDELL, Jr., 50 acres on School House Branch of Roaring River. Other wits: Turner HAMPTON, Francis HARDGRAVE. (Wilkes DB C-1, p.243.)

1800 Census, Wilkes Co., NC: THOMAS JOINS
2 w/m under 103 w/f 10-16
1 w/m over 451 w/f 26-45
No slaves

1800 Tax List, Wilkes Co., NC: Thomas JOINES, 140 acres, 1 poll

May term 1801. Wilkes Co., NC. Inventory of the estate of George PAYN, 126 acres of land and notes on Willis ALEXANDER, Thos. JOINS & John JOINS; inventory returned by Wm. GILREATH. (Wilkes WB II, p.40.)

July 6, 1802. Ezekiel JOINES wrote his will and it was recorded Aug. term, 1803. Whole estate to wife Sarah for her life or widowhood, and upon her death or remarriage the property be divided equally between Thomas JOINES, Sayer [Sarah] ROBERTS, Piety PARSONS, and "Edmund JOINES alias Edmund GUNTER." Exec'rs: John R. JOHNSON & Edmund JOINES alias Edmund GUNTER. Signed: Ezekiel (X) JOINES. Wits: Sarah (X) JOHNSON, Ben JOHNSON, Edmund JOINES. (Wilkes WB 2, pp.95-96.)

1810 Census, Wilkes Co., NC, p.260: THOMAS JINES
1 w/m under 102 w/f 16-25
2 w/m 10-151 w/f over 45
1 w/m 16-251 w/m over 45

1820 census, Wilkes Co., NC, p.536: THOMAS JOINES
1 w/m 10-151 w/f 26-45
1 w/m 16-251 w/f over 45
1 w/m 26-461 w/m over 45

1830 Census, Wilkes Co., NC: THOMAS JOINES
1 w/m 40-491 w/f 30-39
1 w/m 70-791 w/f 60-69

1834. Thomas Joines' estate was probated in Wilkes Co., NC, in 1834. His estate papers are located in the NC Archives, Wilkes County Original Estates 1777-1945, CR.104.508.27. Thomas' wife, Mary (Caudill) Joines, is probably the female age 60-69 in Thomas Joines' household in the 1830 census. She is not listed in any subsequent census, so presumably she died between 1830 and 1840.