Records of John Cheek, Sr.,
in Old Rapp./Essex Co., VA

Oct. 25, 1679. Old Rapp. Co., VA. John CHEEK witnessed a deed from Henry WHITE of Farnham Parish, Rapp. County, to Henry AUBERY of Cittenburn [Sittenburne] Parish of said County, for 7,000 pounds tobacco, 200 acres of land a part & parcel of a devident of land given to said Henry WHITE by John COX, dec'd, from which 200 acres is to be laid out from Col. Leroy GRIFFIN on the west side of Church Road & not extending over the road unless it cannot be laid out without taking away any of the cleared ground belonging to the plantations of said Henry WHITE on the south side of the Rappahannock River in Cittenburn Parish. 99-year-lease for one ear of Indian corn on the five & twentieth of December in every year if lawfully demanded. Signed: Henry WHITE, John WATERS. Wits: Thomas MUNDAY, John (X) CHEEK.  Same date, Henry WHITE executes a power of atty to Mr. Thomas GAINES; wits: John WATERS, Arabellah WATERS. Nov. 25, 1679, Henry AUBERY covenants that if Henry WHITE confirms the above sale upon reaching the age of 21 years, then John WATERS will be discharged from all covenants & agreements therein. Signed: Henry AUBERY. Wits: Thomas MUNDAY, John (X) CHEEK, John ALMOND. All of the above documents recorded Apr. 7, 1680. (Old Rapp. Deeds & Wills 1677-1682 Part II, pp.266-267.)

Sept. 25, 1683. Old Rapp. Co., VA. JOHN CHEEKE of Rapp. County to Richard HAYLE [or HAILE] of same, a gray mare colt with a star in its forehead -- mark described. Wits: Jno. MEADER, William MILLS. (Old Rapp. DB 1682-1686, p.151)

Apr. 2, 1684. Old Rapp. Co., VA. John CHEEKE sought compensation for nine days service for himself and his horse impressed by Col. John STONE to bring down corn and lumber belonging to the Rappahannock Indians from their fort to the waterside. (Old Rapp. County Orders 1683-1685, p.17; see also Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck, Virginia's Colonial Soldiers (Gen. Pub. Co., 1988).)

Aug. 7, 1690; Feb. 5, 1690, Apr. 1, 1691. Old Rapp. Co., VA. JOHN CHEEK served on a jury. (Old Rapp. Court Orders 1689-1692, pp.183-184, 203, 209, 210.)

Feb. 5, 1690/91. Old Rapp. Co., VA. JOHN CHEEK was paid for eight days attendance as a witness for John RATCLIFF in a case against John BENNETT. (Old Rapp. Court Orders 1689-1692, p.206.)

In 1692, Old Rappahannock County was abolished and split into Essex & Richmond Counties.

Jan. 13, 1696. The Essex County Court orders the constable Francis BROWN to attach any property belonging to John GLOVER in order to satisfy a debt of 200 pounds tobacco owed to William CONSTANTINE; John GLOVER having absented himself from the County. Francis BROWN reports back that he attached one gun and one pot and hooks in the hands of William COMPTON and one old bed tickin in the hands of John CHEEK. (Essex Deeds & Wills 1695-1699, p.111.)

Nov. 22, 1697. Essex Co., VA. JOHN CHEEK sworn in to serve on the Grand Jury for a year. (Essex County Orders 1695-1699, p.83.)

Feb. 8, 1698/99. Essex Co., VA. John CHICK witnesses the will of Andrew DYER of South Farnham Parish, Essex County. The will names son Andrew DYER (under age 21), wife Mary DYER and an unborn child. "My neck of land lying in the fork joining upon John CHICK's spring branch not be clearned or any timber fallen during my child or children's notage." Wife & son Andrew named executors. Wits: John (X) CHICK, Thomas WHEELER.  [The following note was written at the time the will was recorded:] "The evidences being dead, William FAUSETT who married the executrix makes oath he found the will amongst the said Andrew DYER his papers." (John F. Dorman, Essex Deeds and Wills No. 13, 1701-1711, p.66.)

Note: Based on surrounding entries in the will book, Andrew Dyer's will was recorded in approx. 1709.  The notation, "The evidences being dead" means that John Chick, one of the "evidences" or witnesses, must have died before 1709.  A will could not be recorded unless its authenticity was proven in court by the testimony of a witness.

Nov. 14, 1706. The will of John GATEWOOD of South Farnham Parish, Essex Co., VA, mentions 100 acres on John CHEEK's line "that I formerly bought of Edwin THACKER".  Also mentions 150 acres "part of land that I formerly bought of Capt. Richard HAILE, now decesed, being also part of 5,000 acres which did formerly belong unto Collo. Thomas GOODRICH, Mr. Henry AUBREY and Maj. George MORRICE [MORRIS], all deceased." (Essex Deeds and Wills No. 12, p. 328.)

Note: The above reference to "John Cheek's line" does not necessarily mean that John Cheek was still alive in 1706.  It could be a posthumous reference, or even a reference to land owned by John Cheek JR.  The land descriptions in deeds often mention neighboring landowners who had moved away or were deceased.  Land descriptions were often copied word-for-word from older deeds and might be years out of date.

(Thanks to Larry Cates for finding many of the above records!)

Anthony Cheek, father of John Cheek??

Anthony Cheek is found in the records in Old Rapp. and Lancaster Counties, VA, from 1657/58 to 1664.  The first record of John Cheek comes 15 years later, in 1679.  Researchers have often assumed, without further investigation, that Anthony Cheek was the father of John Cheek, but there is no proof of a connection.  Personally I am doubtful that Anthony Cheek was John Cheek's father, but the following records are provided for reference and further research.