Jesse Toliver -
Bible Records

In 1842, four years after Jesse Toliver's death, his widow Franky applied for benefits as a Revolutionary War veteran's widow. On May 31, 1847, Franky's son Solomon Toliver filed a declaration in support of her application stating, "he has the Bible in his possession contains the family Record which was made more than 25 years ago by the Request of Jesse TOLIVER, Sr." He provided a list of the names and birthdates of the ten Toliver children, and also enclosed four actual pages from the family Bible. This important document, which is preserved in Jesse's pension file in the National Archives, identifies Jesse's wife as Franky STAMPER (born Feb. 14, 1767) and gives the names and birthdates of Jesse and Franky's ten children, as well as numerous grandchildren.

Children of Jesse and Franky Toliver, from the Bible record:

  1. Jane TOLIVER, born July 6, 1783
  2. Susanah TOLIVER, born Feb. 14, 1785
  3. Sarah TOLIVER, born May 9, 1786
  4. John TOLIVER, born June 20, 1788
  5. Martha TOLIVER, born Mar. 13, 1797
  6. Jacob TOLIVER, born July 26, 1799
  7. Allen TOLIVER, born July 18, 1802
  8. Solomon TOLIVER, born May 13, 1804
  9. Starling TOLIVER, born Mar. 13, 1806
  10. Hiram TOLIVER, born Mar. 10, 1808

It's interesting to note that three different individuals listed on these Bible pages have a birthdate of March 13th: Martha Toliver (March 13, 1797), Starling Toliver (March 13, 1806), and John Fender (husband of Martha Toliver) (March 13, 1794). This may just be a coincidence, but it could mean that the actual birth dates weren't known and March 13th was used as an estimate. Solomon Toliver states in his declaration in 1847 that the Bible record "was made more than 25 years ago by the Request of Jesse TOLIVER, Sr.," which indicates two things: Jesse Toliver probably did not make the record himself (in fact he was probably illiterate, because he always signed his deeds with a mark), and the record was made around 1822 or earlier, but perhaps some years after the births of Toliver children who were born from 1783 to 1808.

Bible Records of Jesse Toliver

From his Revolutionary War Pension File
NARA Pension File No. W4086
Digital image

Page 1. On what appears to be the first page in the sequence, the name "John Toliver J" is written at the very top above the Bible page number 679. "Jesse Tolivers" is written in the same handwriting before the pre-printed words, "Family Record." The left-hand column lists the births of Jesse and Franky Toliver's children. The right-hand column, in different handwriting, lists the births of nine of the children of Solomon and Margaret Toliver. Note that the pre-printed heading says "Deaths", but the dates listed are births.

John Toliver J

Jesse Tolivers FAMILY RECORD


Jane Toliver was bornd
July the 6 1783
Susan Toliver was bornd
Febuary 14 1785
John Toliver was
bornd June the 2
1788 Sary Toliver
was bornd May the
9 1786
Jacob Toliver was bornd
July the 26 1799
Allen Toliver was
bournd July 18
Marthy Toliver
was bournd March
13 1797
Solomon Toliver was
born May the 13 1804
Starling Toliver
was bornd March
13 1806


Franky Toliver was Born
December the 6th A.D. 1827
Margaret Toliver was Born
June the 20th A.D. 1829
Phebe Toliver was Born
September the 24th A.D. 1830
Calvin Toliver was Born
July the 9th A.D. 1832
Callaway Toliver was Born
July 8th A.D. 1834
Melvin Toliver was Born
October 23 A.D. 1835
Malinda Toliver was Born
June the 18th A.D. 1837
Alexander H. Toliver was Born
April the 12th A.D. 1839
Gravill Toliver was Born
April the 12th A.D. 1841
Clark Toliver was Born
August the 4 A.D. 1846
Creed Toliver was Born
August the 4 A.D. 1846

Page 2. The second page in the sequence gives the birthdate of Jesse Toliver's wife Franky Stamper and their youngest child (Hiram Toliver b. 1808), followed by the first nine children of John Fender and Martha Toliver. Three other miscellaneous grandchildren are listed in the right-hand column. Franky Toliver (b. 1829) may be the daughter of Allen Toliver and Susan Finger.  Jacob Toliver (b. 1831) was the son of Starling Toliver and Millie Ann Spurlin.  Allen Toliver (b. 1837?) may be a son of Hiram Toliver.




Frankey Stamper was
bornd the 14 day of
February the 1767
Hirum Toliver was bornd
March the 10 day 1808


Charity Fender was
Bornd December the 8
1813 Allen Fender
was Born April
the 8 1815 Franky
Fender was Bornd
March the 6 1817
Sary Fender was bornd
December the 25 1818
Nimrod Fender was
Born October the 27
1820 Jesse Fender was
October the 2 1822
Jane Fender was
born February the 20
1824 John Fender
was born March
the 13 1794


Nancy Fender was
bornd February 10th 1826

Toliver was
born November
22nd 1829
Susan Fender was
born August the 7


Jacob Toliver
was bornd February
the 17th 1831
Allen Toliver
Born July 7 1837[?]

Page 3. The third page contains another list of Solomon and Margaret Toliver's children. The image is very faint. In the left-hand column, someone, perhaps Solomon Toliver, calculated the ages of the children in 1838, which was the year Jesse Toliver died. The reason for this calculation is unknown.




Frances Tolliver B. DC 6 1827 / 11

Frances Tolliver was born the 6
of December 1827 / 11 years old

Margaret Tolliver was born the
20 of June 1829 / [?] years old

Phebe Tolliver was born the 24
of September 24 1830 / 8 years

Calvin Tolliver was born 9th of
July 1832 / 6 years old

Callaway Tolliver was born the 8
of July 1834 / 4 years old

Melvin Tolliver was born the 23
of October 1835 / 3 years old

Malinda Tolliver was born the
18[?] of June 1837 / 1 year old

Alexander Hamilton
Tolliver was born
July 12th 1839

Granvill Tolliver was born
April the 14th 1841


Sarah Ann Toliver
was Born the 6th Day
of November A.D. 1843

Page 4. The last page has only two entries. Jacob Toliver (b. 1831) was a child of Starling Toliver and Millie Ann Spurlin.  Jesse Toliver (b.1832) may have been child of Allen Toliver and Susan Finger.




Jacob Tolliver was
born February the 17 1831

Jesse Tolliver was
born August 19th