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July 3, 1805. Richard CHEEK and Jennie ANDREWS posted a marriage bond in Orange Co., NC; bondsman Jesse CATE.

1816. Orange Co., NC. Jane CHEEK the wife of Richard CHEEK brought an action for assault and battery against Richard's brother-in-law Charles JONES. Jane Cheek claimed that Charles Jones approached her while she was in the fields gathering persimmons, and struck her unconscious with a sassafras stick. There was apparently "ill blood" between the two families. Charles Jones denied the allegations. Witnesses testified that Mrs. Cheek was prone to "fits." (NC Archives, CR 073.326.1, Orange Co., NC, Criminal Papers.) (more…

Nov. 22, 1817. Orange Co., NC. Josiah TURNER, Sheriff, to John MCKERALL, 125 acres land of Robert CHEEK, Sr., on New Hope Creek adj. Burrows ESTRIDGE, George REEVES, and others, land of Robert CHEEK, Sr. sold to satisfy an execution recovered by Charlie JONES for £20 and £29.18.6 costs, also an execution obtained by Richard CHEEK for $100 with interest from Sept. 20, 1817 and £3.15.3 costs. (Orange DB 16, p.260).  [It's not clear what this was about, but there seems to have been some kind of dispute going on within the Cheek family. Richard Cheek and his family left Orange County soon after.]

1820 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.24: RICHARD CHEEKS
Data Analysis
1 w/m under 10 b.1810-1820 = Richard (1817)
2 w/m 10-16 b.1804-1810 = Henderson (1804), Chesley (1810)
1 w/m 26-45 b.1775-1794 = Richard (c.1780)
3 w/f under 10 b.1810-1820 = Martha (1809), Pinkey (1815), Gilley (1818)
1 w/f 10-16 b.1804-1810 = Wady (1807)
1 w/f 26-45 b.1775-1794 = Jennie (c.1785)
no slaves

1820 Tax List, Ashe Co., NC: RICHARD CHEEK

1823. Orange Co., NC. Richard CHEEK is mentioned in court records of a lawsuit brought by John MCKERRAL against Stanford CHEEK, concerning land formerly belonging to father Robert CHEEK, Sr. (NC Archives Folder No. CR.07.325.136, Orange Co., NC, Civil Actions Concerning Land.) (More…)

Oct. 21, 1823. Ashe Co., NC. Nimrod FENDER to Richard CHEEK, 200 acres on Little River & Crab Creek adj. John WILLIAMS. [Price blank.] Signed: Nimrod (X) FENDER. Wits: Matthias HARTEN [HARDIN], David FENDER. (Alleghany DB 1:17)

1830 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.30: RICHARD CHEEKE
Data Analysis
1 w/m 5-10 b.1820-1825 = Meredith (1823)
1 w/m 10-14 b.1815-1820 = Richard (1817)
1 w/m 20-29 b.1800-1810 = Henderson (1804)
1 w/m 50-59 b.1770-1780 = Richard (c.1780)
1 w/f 10-14 b.1810-1815 = Martha (1809), Pinkey (1815)
2 w/f 15-19 b.1815-1820 = Gilley (1818)
1 w/f 40-49 b.1780-1790 = Jennie (c.1785)
no slaves  

No longer in the household in 1830:
• Wady (m. Benjamin CROUSE abt.1826)
• Chesley (m. Phoebe WOODRUFF abt. 1830)

1840 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.8: RICHARD CHEAK
Data Analysis
2 w/m under 5 b.1835-1840 = 2 unknown males
2 w/m 15-19 b.1820-1825 = Richard (1817), Meredith (1823)
1 w/m 50-59 b.1770-1780 = Richard (c.1780)
1 w/f 20-29 b.1810-1820 = Gilley (1818)
1 w/f 40-49 b.1780-1790 = Jennie (c.1785)
no slaves  

No longer in the household in 1840:
• Martha (m. Alexander RICHARDSON abt.1834)
• Pinkey (m. John J. BLEVINS abt. 1835)
• Henderson (m. Lucy BRYAN in 1835)
1850 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, p.254 (HH#239):
RICHD CHEAK, age 70, farmer, $300, NC
-- Jane, age 65, NC
(Note: listed between Chesley CHEEK and Maradith CHEEK)
1860 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, p.417 (HH#529):
RICH'D CHEEK, 76, farmer, $300, $800, NC
-- Jane, 70, NC

1860 Census, Agricultural Schedule, Alleghany Co., NC: RICHARD CHEEK, 50 acres improved land, 150 acres unimproved land, value of farm $300, value of farm implements $5, 0 horses, 0 asses/mules, 2 milch cows, 0 working oxen, 6 other cattle, 8 sheep, 20 swine, value of livestock $140. (Source: New River Notes)  Listed next to his son-in-law Alexander RICHARDSON.

May 21, 1861. Richard CHEEK, Sr., to Meredith CHEEK, 90 acres on Crab Creek of Little River, adj. Chesley CHEEK & Virginia line, for $100. Signed: Richard (X) CHEEK. Wits: Taliaferro S. HIGGINS, A. RICHISON [RICHARDSON], Richard CHEEK. (Alleghany DB 1:177.)

Apr. 25, 1862. Richard CHEEK, Sr., to Meredith CHEEK, 95 acres on Crab Creek adj. the State line, for $100. Signed: Richard (X) CHEEK. Wits: Alexander RICHARDSON, Eli C. RICHARDSON. Proved Apr. 18, 1881, by Eli C. RICHARDSON. (Alleghany DB 5:80.)

Sept. 13, 1862. Richard CHEEK, Sr., to Richard M. CHEEK, 34 acres on Crab Creek of Little River adj. Chesley CHEEK & the bank of a branch, for $75. Signed: Richard (X) CHEEK. Wits: A. RICHARDSON, E.C. RICHARDSON. Proved July ?, 1869, by E.C. RICHARDSON. (Alleghany DB 1:265.)

Mar. 20, 1863. Richard CHEEK Sr. to Meredith CHEEK, 100 acres on Crab Creek of Little River, adj. the Virginia line, for $100. Signed: Richard (X) CHEEK, Sr. Wits: A. RICHARDSON, E.C. RICHARDSON. (Alleghany DB 1:178.)

June 30, 1863. Samuel COX to Callaway COX, both of Grayson Co., VA, 125 acres on Crab Creek adj. Virginia line, David COX, CHEEK, & an agreed line between Samuel COX & Richard CHEEK, Sr., for $100. Signed: Saml COX, Sr. Wits: T.C. DOUGLAS, Samuel COX, Jr. (Alleghany DB 1:137.)

Dec. 12, 1864. William BILLINGS to Richard EDWARDS, 125 acres on Crab Creek adj. the Virginia line, RICHARDSON, TOLIVER, CHEEK, an old path, & agreed line between Samuel COX & Richard CHEEK, Sr, for $750. Signed: William (X) BILLINGS. Wits: Haywood COX, John BLEVINS. Proved Sept. 10, 1869, by John BLEVINS. (Alleghany DB 1:320.)

Will of Richard Cheek

Dated Dec. 27, 1864; Proved April 1866
NC Archives Box No. CR.004.508.4
Alleghany Co., NC, Will Book 1, p.19
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To all whom it may concern I Richard CHEEK of the county of Alleghany and the state of N Carolina do hereby make this my Last will and Testament that is to say I will and bequeath to my wife Jinny CHEEK my lands to have and gold and silver plenty to her during her natural Life, at her Death I will and bequeath to my sons Richard CHEEK & Meredith CHEEK [struck out: my Lands] to be divided as follows begining on a stake in the middle of the first old field east of the House running a north and south Line through the Land Richard CHEEK to have the eastern Part & Meridith CHEEK the western Part & at the death of my wife I want my heirs to choose three disinterested free Holders & have said Lands valued & Richard & Merideth CHEEK to pay a proportionable part to Each one of my heirs my money what is Left at the death of my wife Jinny CHEEK to be Equally divided between my Heirs Richard CHEEK Meredith CHEEK Henderson CHEEK Gilly EDWARDS Wady CROWS Pinky BLEVINS Martha RICHARDSON and Heirs of Chesley CHEEK, dec'd one cow & six Hogs to be sold in October 1865 and the money Equally divid among the above named Heirs, my House Hold Kitchen furniture one bed & stead & bed cloths Enough for the bed to be Equally Divided between my four Daughters Gilly EDWARDS Wady CROWSE Pinky BLEVINS & Martha RICHARDSON.

Given under hand this the (27) twenty seventh day of December 1864.

Richard (X) CHEEK his mark


State of North Carolina Alleghany County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions April term 1866

The within will is duly proven in this court by the oaths of James ANDERS & Wm H. JOINES the subscribing witnesses there to and ordered to recorded.