Adam Crouse
of Ashe Co., NC

Adam Crouse, son of Johann Wendel KRAUS & Anna Marie PFEIL, was born abt. 1772 in Lancaster Co., PA, or Surry Co., NC, and died 1830 in Ashe Co., NC. He married Elizabeth, last name unknown. Adam and Elizabeth Crouse are believed to be buried at the Major Joines Cemetery on Road 1133 (Pine Swamp Road) near Whitehead, Alleghany Co., NC. A gravestone was erected at this cemetery by Adam's great-grandson Levi Jackson (L.J.) Joines, which shows an incorrect birth date of 1752.

Children of Adam Kraus & Elizabeth:

  1. +Stephen Crouse, b. Oct. 9, 1793, Wilkes Co., NC; d. Jan. 6, 1851, Ashe Co., NC; m. Elizabeth WAGONER, possibly the daughter of Henry WAGONER (b. bet. 1790-1800; d. aft. 1856).
  2. +Jacob A. Crouse, b. May 7, 1794, Wilkes Co., NC; d. 1859, Ashe (Alleghany) Co., NC; m. Nancy FENDER, daughter of Nimrod FENDER & Sarah SUMERS (b. abt. 1799; d. bet. 1850-1860).
  3. Martin Crouse, b. abt. 1797, Wilkes Co., NC; d. Apr. 13, 1883, Jasper Co., IL; m. Susanna WAGONER; bur. Devore Cemetery, Bogota, Jasper Co., IL.  They moved to Owen Co., IN, in 1834 and Jasper Co., IL, abt. 1880. Had 15 children.
  4. Wendall Winfield Crouse, b. Jan. 31, 1798, Wilkes Co., NC; d. Mar. 14, 1859, Owen Co., IN; m. Anna WAGONER.
  5. +Benjamin Crouse, b. 1800, Ashe Co., NC; d. Apr. 6, 1891, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Wady CHEEK, daughter of Richard CHEEK & Jane "Jennie" ANDREWS, abt. 1826 (b. 1807; d. Oct. 11, 1865); bur. Henderson Crouse Cemetery, Doughton Park Campground, Road 1131, Alleghany Co., NC.
  6. Adam Crouse, Jr., b. Mar. 22, 1802, Ashe Co., NC; d. June 30, 1886, Buchanan Co., MO; m. Judith JOHNSON, daughter of Thomas JOHNSON, Jr., & Lucy EDWINS of Wilkes Co., NC (b. Mar. 20, 1802; d. ?).


Adam Crouse and his brothers Henry Crouse and Jacob Crouse (c.1775) were early residents of Ashe (Alleghany) County, NC.  They probably arrived in the early 1790's when the area was still part of Wilkes County.  We know that Adam was in Wilkes County by Nov. 16, 1794, when his son Jacob was baptised at the Shiloh Lutheran Church in Stokes County.  The baptismal record states that Jacob was the son of Adam and Elizabeth KRAUS "of Wilkes County".  Adam, Jacob, and Henry are listed in the first census of Ashe County in 1800.  They lived in the vicinity of Pine Swamp Creek and the No Head Branch of the Little River, probably on land that was originally acquired by their father Wendel KRAUS of Stokes County.

Some researchers believed that Adam Crouse's wife Elizabeth was a member of the Wagoner family (also spelled Waggoner) who were also of German descent.  This is based on close associations such as land transactions between the Crouse and Wagoner families.  However, there is no direct evidence that Elizabeth was a Wagoner.


Feb. 4, 1796. Wilkes Co., NC. Adam CROWS, Jacob CROWS, Windal CROWS, and others ordered to view a road from Glade Creek to Daniel HOPPERS. (Wilkes Court Minutes.)

1800 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.74: ADAM CROUSE
3 w/m under 10 1 w/f under 10
1 w/m 26-45 1 w/f 26-45
No slaves  

Dec. 14, 1802. Ashe Co., NC. Land grant to Adam CROWS, 200 acres on Little River on the south side of Peak Mountain. Entered May 12, 1802. (Land Grant No. 346; Entry No. 382; Land Grant Book 116:309.)

1803. The estate of Wendel KRAUS was administered in Stokes Co., NC. The estate file contains a list of people who owed money to Wendel Kraus at the time of his death. Adam Crouse and Jacob Crouse are both listed; they each owed their father $127 for 200 acres of land.

Aug. 24, 1805. Stokes Co., NC. Heirs of Wendel KROUSE to Henry LONG, 2 adjacent 100-acre tracts of land in Stokes Co., NC, on Lashes Creek and Muddy Creek. Signed: John KRAUSE, Andrew KRAUSE, Henry KRAUSE, Adam KRAUSE, Geo KRAUSE, Jacob KRAUSE, & Anna Mary (X) KRAUSE, all of Stokes Co. and Ashe Co., NC. (Stokes DB 5, p.93).

Nov. 28, 1809. Ashe Co., NC. Land grant to Adam CROWS, 140 acres on Little River adj. MORGAN's line and Bald Knob. Entered Mar. 20, 1809. (Grant No. 781, Entry No. 2142, Land Grant Book 127:121.)

1810 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.84: A. CROUS
1 w/m under 10 2 w/f under 10
2 w/m 10-15 1 w/f 10-15
1 w/m 16-25 1 w/f 26-45
1 w/m 26-45  
No slaves  

Nov. 12, 1810. Ashe Co., NC. Adam CROWS sold 100 acres to Adam BRINEGAR.

Dec. 14, 1811. Ashe Co., NC. Land grant to Adam CROWS, 100 acres on the south side of his old survey and Burnt Knob, south fork of Little River beg. at Adam BRINEGAR's line. Entered Mar. 20, 1809. (Grant No. 750, Entry No. 2141, Land Grant Book No. 126:125.)

Mar. 13, 1813. Ashe Co., NC.  Adam KROUSE witnessed a deed from John KROUSE and Andrew CROUSE of Stokes Co., NC, adm'rs of the estate of Windell KROUSE, dec'd, to Henry WAGGONER, for a tract of land on the waters of Little River.

1815 Tax List, Ashe Co., NC. Adam CROUSE, 690 acres, value $350, 1 white person, Little River.

1820 Census, Ashe Co., NC, p.6: ADAM CROWS
1 w/m 16-18 2 /wf 10-16
2 w/m 16-25 1 w/f 26-45
1 w/m 26-45  
3 slaves  

Mar. 19, 1830. Ashe Co., NC. Adam CROWS sold 200 acres to Joseph ALEXANDER.

3rd Sat. in Aug., 1830. Adam KROUS and wife Elizabeth were received into membership by the Little River Primitive Baptist Church, Sparta, NC.

May 23, 1843. Jacob A. CROUSE & William EDWARDS posted a bond for the adminstration of the Estate of Adam CROUSE, dec'd. (Ashe Co., NC, Estate Records; click here)