William S. Crouse
& Jane Fender

William S. Crouse, son of Jacob CROUSE & Jane FENDER, was born abt. 1818 in Ashe Co., NC, and died July 28, 1878, in Alleghany Co., NC. He married Jane Fender, daughter of John FENDER & Martha TOLIVER, abt. 1839. She was born Feb. 20, 1824, in Ashe Co., NC, and died 1892 in Alleghany Co., NC. William and Jane Crouse are buried at the Melvin Edwards Cemetery, Road 1416, Alleghany Co., NC.

Children of William S. Crouse & Jane Fender:

  1. John Andrew Crouse, b. July 14, 1840, Ashe Co., NC.
  2. James Allen Crouse, b. Nov. 28, 1841, Ashe Co., NC.
  3. Susannah Anne "Susan" Crouse, b. June 8, 1843, Ashe Co., NC; d. Feb. 12, 1928, in Sioux Co., NE; m. (1) Richard Clifford EDWARDS, Jr., son of Richard Clifford EDWARDS, Sr., & Mary "Polly" FENDER, Jan. 31, 1858, Ashe Co., NC (b. Feb. 1, 1830; d. Dec. 29, 1874); m. (2) Preston R. COX, son of John R. COX & Mary "Polly" ANDREWS, Mar. 11, 1877, Alleghany Co., NC (b. abt. 1856; d. aft. 1930 in Nebraska).
  4. Jacob C. Crouse, b. Aug. 28, 1845, Ashe Co., NC; d. Mar. 26, 1925, Alleghany Co., NC; m. (1) Elvira Jane EDWARDS, daughter of Solomon Osborne EDWARDS, Sr., & Mazy MCMILLAN, Dec. 10, 1868, Alleghany Co., NC (b. Aug. 4, 1843; d. Feb. 1912); m. (2) Mary BEAR, abt. 1913 (b. abt. 1887; d. ?).  Elvira Jane Edwards was the widow of Wiley P. MAXWELL, Sr., who was killed in Oct. 1864 in a skirmish at Killen's Branch between the Home Guard and "bushwhackers."  Children: Plato Vance Crouse (c.1870), Cad Lee Crouse (1871), Cora Crouse (1876), Dora May Crouse (1880), John Everett Crouse (1882), Emory Crouse (c.1884), Anna Jane Crouse (c.1886), Charlie Franklin Crouse (1887), Carlie Osborne Crouse (1887), Jimmie Effie June Crouse (1914), Flora May Crouse (1920).
  5. Solomon Crouse, b. Dec. 2, 1846, Ashe Co., NC; d. Nov. 27, 1939, Alleghany Co., NC; m. Martha JENNINGS, daughter of William JENNINGS, Jr., & Cynthia CAUDILL, Jan. 8, 1864, Alleghany Co., NC (b. Nov. 14, 1850; d. Jan. 30, 1931) [divorced].  Martha Jennings remarried to Enoch R. COX of Grayson Co., VA.  Children: William Crouse (c.1868, d. young), John Morris Crouse (c.1871).
  6. Francis Crouse, b. Aug. 18, 1848, Ashe Co., NC; d. Oct. 19, 1856, Ashe Co., NC.
  7. Sarah Crouse, b. Nov. 4, 1850, Ashe Co., NC; d. Feb. 1, 1941, Coos Co., OR; m. William Isom CAUDILL, son of Josiah CAUDILL & Matilda WAGONER, Feb. 5, 1866, Alleghany Co., NC (b. Mar. 19, 1841; d. Feb. 27, 1902, Howard Co., NE).
  8. Irene Martha Crouse, b. Apr. 1, 1852, Ashe Co., NC; d. Sept. 14, 1942; m. James Melvin EDWARDS, son of Solomon Osborne EDWARDS, Sr., & Mazy MCMILLAN, Nov. 7, 1868, Alleghany Co., NC (b. June 12, 1848; d. Jan. 18, 1914); bur. Melvin Edwards Cemetery, Road 1416, Alleghany Co., NC.  Children: John Rufus Edwards (1874), Sarah Jane Edwards (1882), Granville Edwards (1884), Mazy Edwards (1887), Thomas Edwards (1888), Atha Edwards (1890), Ruby Edwards (1896).
  9. Margaret Jane Crouse, b. Mar. 13, 1857, Ashe Co., NC; m. John F. HOLBROOK, son of David HOLBROOK & Margaret M. CROUSE, Mar. 22, 1874, Alleghany Co., NC.  Children: George L. Holbrook (c.1875), David C. Holbrook (c.1877), William J. Holbrook (1880).
  10. Mary Frances Crouse, b. Feb. 5, 1864, Alleghany Co., NC; d. June 5, 1963, Harford Co., MD; m. her 1st cousin (once removed), John Ellis MOXLEY, son of Adam J. MOXLEY & Jane EDWARDS, Jan. 9, 1879, Alleghany Co., NC (b. Sept. 26, 1860; d. Dec. 24, 1939); bur. Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery, Harford Co., MD.  Children: Thomas W. Moxley (1879), Jesse A. Moxley (1881), Frances Jane "Jennie" Moxley (1883), Berry C. Moxley (1886), Mack Coy Moxley (1889), Ellis L. Moxley (1891), Mary M. Moxley (1893), David C. Moxley (1897), Truely N. Moxley (1898), Verna Zell Moxley (1901).
Photo of William 
S. Crouse & Jane Fender Crouse

William S. Crouse
& Jane Fender Crouse

Photo courtesy of Len Chapel


1850 Census, Ashe Co., NC (HH#194):
WM CROWS, 33, farmer, $800, NC
-- Jane, 23, NC
-- John, 10, NC
-- James, 8, NC
-- Susan, 6, NC
-- Jacob, 4, NC
-- Solomon, 3, NC
-- Francis, 2 (f), NC
-- Sally, 20, NC
1860 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, p.210/p.420 (HH#601):
WM KROWS, 44, farmer, $4,000, $2,600, NC
-- Jane, 38, NC
-- Solomon, 12, NC
-- Sallie, 10, NC
-- Mattie, 8, NC
-- Jane, 6, NC

1860 Census, Agricultural Schedule, Alleghany Co., NC: WM. KRAUS, 200 acres improved land, 504 acres unimproved land, value of farm $4,000, value of farm implements $200, 9 horses, 0 asses/mules, 7 milch cows, 0 working oxen, 12 other cattle, 40 sheep, 50 swine, value of livestock $1,315. (Source: New River Notes)

1870 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, Gap Civil Twp. (HH#131):
WILLIAM CROUSE, 52, farmer, NC
-- Jane, 42, NC
-- Margarett, 13, NC
Jack HARDEN, 13, NC
Isaac CROUSE, 18 B, dom. servant
1880 Census, Alleghany Co., NC, Gap Civil Twp., p.262:
Minnie CAUDILL, granddau, 8, NC NC NC

1892. The will of Jane CROUSE dated Dec. 16, 1891, recorded 1892, names her sons James, Jacob, and Solomon, son John Andrew CROUSE's heirs, daughters Susan COX, Martha EDWARDS, M.J. HOLBROOK, & Mary MOXLEY.  Executor: friend J.W. BLEVINS. Wits: P.C. HIGGINS, W.H. COLLINS. (Alleghany WB A, p.136; NC Archives Box No. C.R.004.508.6.)

Deed Abstracts

Sept. 4, 1856. Martin JENNINGS to William CROWSE [CROUSE], 177 acres on Jules [Jewel] Swamp Creek a branch of Little River, adj. a road, Thornton JENNINGS, Wiley FENDER, Richard CHOAT, for $400. Signed: Martin JENNINGS. Wits: Thomas DOUGLAS, Henry (X) WOODRUFF. Proved July 10, 1869, by Thos. DOUGLAS. (Alleghany DB 1:393.)

July 9, 1863. Wm. CROUSE to J.A. CROUSE, 150 acres adj. a wagon road, Richard EDWARDS, a branch, the old ridge road, & the wagon ford, for $650. Signed: Wm. CROUSE. Wit. T.C. DOUGLAS, L.D. ANDERS. (Alleghany DB 1:136.)

Dec. 27, 1872. Morgan EDWARDS & wife Elisabeth P. to Richard EDWARDS & Wm. CROUSE, [mortgage deed], 60 acres on Little River adj. bank of Mockeson [Moccasin] Creek, a little swamp, a branch, the old field, a hollow, the old orchard, the sandy ford, Chesley CHEEK, Morgan EDWARDS, for $300. To be void if Richard EDWARDS & Wm. CROUSE have no trouble or damage as a result of being security for Morgan EDWARDS to Abraham BRYAN in the sum of $300. Signed: Morgan EDWARDS, E.P. EDWARDS. [No wits.] Proved June 25, 1873 (ack'd); W.P. HOLBROOK, D.C. [Deputy Clerk]. (Alleghany DB 2:33.)

Feb. 12, 1877. William CROUSE & wife Jane to Melvin EDWARDS & wife Martha, 73 acres on the Little River adj. the CROUSE Still House, the road, F.L. WOLFE, a branch, a meadow, for $300. Signed: William CROUSE, Jane (X) CROUSE. Wit: Floyd CROUSE. Proved Dec. 21, 1885, by Jane CROUSE & Floyd CROUSE. (Alleghany DB 7:23.)

Nov. 22, 1880. David HOLBROOK, Comm'r, to Floyd CROUSE, 56 acres on Jewel Swamp Creek, adj. Melvin EDWARDS, Susan COX, Freeland CROUSE, & Jane CROUSE's dower land, for $203.28; being a portion of the lands of William CROUSE, dec'd. Sold at public auction on Mar. 15, 1879, by virtue of a court order in a suit brought by Jacob C. CROUSE & others against Solomon CROUSE & others for the partition of lands of William CROUSE, dec'd. Signed: David HOLBROOK, Comm'r. Wit: W.C. FIELDS. Proved Dec. 4, 1885, by W.C. FIELDS. Reg. Dec. 26, 1885. (Alleghany DB 6:161.)

Jan. 26, 1884. David HOLBROOK, Comm'r, to J. Melvin EDWARDS, 101? acres on Jule [Jewel] Swamp Creek adj. Hezekiah WILLEY, E.H. BILLINGS, & the grave yard, for $931.21, sold by virtue of a judgment in the proceeding entitled Jacob C. CROUSE & other heirs of William CROUSE vs. Solomon S. CROUSE & other heirs. Public sale held Mar. 10, 1879. Signed: David HOLBROOK, Comr. Wits: John F. HOLBROOK, Solomon S. CROUSE. Proved Dec. 7, 1885. (Alleghany DB 7:21.)

Nov. 1, 1884. William C. CROUSE of Fremont Co., IA, to J. Melvin EDWARDS of Alleghany Co., NC, for $25, all of his interest in a tract of land in Alleghany Co. adj. J.M. EDWARDS, Floyd CROUSE, J.F. CROUSE, & others, known as Jane CROUSE dower, she being the widow of William CROUSE, dec'd, having a life estate in the said tract. The interest herein sold and conveyed is all the interest W.C. CROUSE has as one of the heirs of William CROUSE, dec'd, the said W.C. CROUSE being the only child & heir of James CROUSE, dec'd, who was a son of William CROUSE. Signed: W.C. (X) CROUSE. Wits: J.P. BRACH, S.S. CHOAT. Proved Nov. 4, 1884, by Wm. C. CROUSE, in Fremont Co., IA. Signed: J.P. BRACH, Notary Public. (Alleghany DB 7:25.)

The Cad Crouse Family Bible

Kindly shared by Keith W. Chambers

Keith W. Chambers, a descendant of William S. Crouse, is fortunate to own a family Bible containing information about William S. Crouse and Jane Fender and their children. The "Cad Crouse Bible" was given to Keith by his grandfather, John E. Crouse, who received it after the death of his brother, Cad L. Crouse. Cad was a primitive Baptist preacher for many years and used the Bible continually. The Bible is sweat stained and the leather cover has split from handling. Cad and John were both sons of Jacob C. Crouse. The Bible does not have any publication date and contains the following entries:

Photo of William 
Crouse Bible


John Andrew Crouse was born July 14th, 1840
James Allen Crouse was born Nov 28th, 1841
Susannah Crouse was born June 8, 1843
Jacob Crouse was born August 28,1845
Solomon Crouse was born December [??] [2nd], 1846
Francis Crouse was born August 18, 1848
Sarah Crouse was born November 4, 1850
Irene Martha Course was born April 1, 1852
William Crouse and Jane Fender was married June 30, [??]
Francis Crous deceased October 19, 1856
Marget Jane Crous was born March the 13, 1857

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John F. Holbr[??] Was born Nov 10th, 49 and Margaret Jane
Holbr[??] Was born March 18th, 57 [Holbrook]